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  1. taylor looked really good in the early rounds, wonder if his back didnt give him troubles in the last match. either that or he was just wore out. its possible with taylor still training that he didnt taper off for the Midlands. A lot of those scramble positions Taylor usually powers though but it looked like he had nothing in the gas tank. Not taking anything away from Dudley but Taylor should beat him easily.
  2. I was more impressed by Taylor, he seems to have added on quite a bit of mass. I think Taylor closes the gap more by the team trials. Still need to qualify the weight for the olympics.
  3. There is a lot of difference between UFC and College or High School weigh-ins. There is more similarities between UFC and Olympic/World Freestyle/Greco weigh-ins. The timeframe between UFC and oly/world is much larger, therefore making it possible to recover water/electrolytes/glycogen after making a hard cut. There is a science to it. The sauna-suits and diuretics is a bad idea. There are better ways to lose the water weight. The top tier UFC cutting specialists are expensive but most of the guys use them because if they mess up they could die. In college/highschool with the 1hr weigh-ins its a completely different thing. A wrestler cannot recover enough water/electrolytes/glycogen in 1 hour + the time it takes to get to their match. The nutrition aspect to things is much more important. Secondary is fine tuning and repeatedly making a weight. The more times a wrestler makes a weight the more the body acclimates to making the weight. Once the body is conditioned to do so the wrestler will perform better. It just takes time. Bottom line is, in HS and College there are safeguards and accountability built into the weight class systems. Some people might think they are a joke, but nobody is dying trying to make weight, at least as far as i have heard. If people want to take things to another level hooke them into a bf-comp machine and make sure they have a minimum water weight percentage when they weigh in. If they are not sufficiently hydrated they are scratched and lose their certification. Having matside in full gear weighins will just make for crappy wrestling. Just my two cents.
  4. I think the ref and the table got the rule wrong. If it was a Flagrant Misconduct post match then the ruling should be, DQ for OK ST, 6 points to SDSU, -1 pt for OK ST, and the match is recorded as an OK ST dq. Think maybe these guys would have a rulebook handy or something. Ive seen these sort of things happen in other duals and tournaments, they almost always get it wrong. Each team needs to have a rulebook/wrestling nerd make sure they get this stuff right so that the coaches and wrestlers dont have to worry about that side of things other than not leaving the mat till they get it right. Had teams done this it would have really changed things last year
  5. My 2 cents. Taylor is stronger and bigger, but still adjusting to 86kg and has a ways to go yet. My guess is his back was bothering him the whole day, and he injured it worse in his first match. I have a bad back, and flying absolutely sucks, could not even imagine flying into AZB. Had to be a nightmare. If its a spasm/disk type thing its gonna be an issue for him in his training. There is only one way to be able to keep training and heal the back problem, its not exactly legal. Otherwise its either anti-inflamitorys and ice, and not being able to train for weeks or months.
  6. holy crap, what a match by steiber. gets td and laced down 0-6, gets a td lace, down 6-4, gets a few tds, then pins him with a bar half. wow. just wow.
  7. If you said you did it I believe you. In my quoted statistic the case study was a guy who was already quite large. Height and frame wise. My only point was that Dake will be undersized at 86kg, and won't have enough time to pack on enough mass. Taylor might be able to because he has a bigger frame and hasn't been free weight training. I would love it, however, if I am wrong.
  8. As of late ive been wondering about the injury aspect of college wresting, and not saying its from over training but that strength training via free weights might not be a good fit for westling in some/most cases. David Taylor said in flo's video he couldnt lift weights and I dont ever remember him being sick or injured. Maybe there is something to it. It could be just that kids are pushing too hard using too much weight. I dont follow David Taylor's career very closely.
  9. Off topic - Women are different from guys, rousey would be at a distinct disadvantage going up a weight. She shouldn't do it. But she would be able to suck down to her normal weight it would just take her longer to pack on muscle to go up a weight, a lot longer.
  10. I don't know much about how international wrestlers certify at a weight but if it's pretty relaxed then it's possible for Dake to suck down, but id hire a pro cause it could kill him. Eating and lifting could cause them both to grow height and frame wise. I don't have any inner knowledge of what Kyles weights are I'm just speculating. I think Taylor based off of his flo videos is done at 74. After 2016 I think they both are done with 74. They both will be to big.
  11. I can't remember where I found that. Keep in mind that 8lbs if muscle will increase a guys ability to store glycogen and water. So 8 pounds will probably translate to 15 pounds or so on the scale. I don't know much about Lesnar other than his accomplishments on the mat and in the ring.
  12. Gulibon loses by disqualification on 4 stalling calls.
  13. I have seen a lot of Oklahoma State wresting. Some are pretty good wrestlers, but they do one thing really well. Cut weight. If there is a way for Marstellar to make 157 and wrestle well they will find it. But I dont think its a weight management issue in that he cant make 157. You either cant get certified for 157 or you can. The criteria for getting a certification at a weight is pretty decent. A kid should be able to get certified and wrestle with at least a 2 period gas tank. High schoolers who dont have to cut weight and just manage their weight do have a tougher time adjusting to college, but they figure it out. 1 hour weigh ins are pretty unforgiving, but at the qualifying tournament and the d1 national tournament they get a little more time to regenerate. For now its just 1 dual, and its early in the season, no need to talk about pulling redshirts and transfering.
  14. The most muscle mass ever gained in a year is 8 pounds, measured scientifically, using steroids. I think Taylor stands a better shot of growing into 86. It looks like Taylor won't be able to go down to 74 but I think Dake could up to the trials. USA still has to qualify at 86 so who knows it might not matter. With Dakes defense I think he will still be good at 86. Taylor might benefit the most at 86 with having less oxygen and glycogen sucking fast twitch muscles from not being able to lift and cutting over the years. Dake having been able to lift might not benefit from going up to 86.
  15. John Smith and Chris Perry and all the olympians on the Cowboys staff know just about every trick there is to make weight. Chance wrestled 165lbs last year, so 157lbs might be a pretty decent cut for him. Anyways, I dont expect him to gas after 3 minutes the whole season, they will figure it out.
  16. I think Marstellar was sick. A lot of college guys were so good in high school they wrestled whatever weight they wanted, and managed their weight. College comes around and they have to do a little more then manage their weight. It doesnt ever get easy, but the body does handle and respond to the weight cutting.
  17. I don't think Geduev will be Russia's 74kg for the Olympics. They packed on every ounce of muscle they could and peaked him for Vegas. I don't see how he can improve and keep him at the level he is at for a year. JB can finish those two takedowns with some minor technique tweaks and the td JB gave up was just from him being too aggressive and opening up too much. I don't see anyone beating him.
  18. Getting carried away with this discussion... USA needs to qualify the weight for the olympics first. USA has 3 more chances, but it wont be easy. Green will get better, and going down to 65kg wont hurt him as bad as one would think provided he does it right, and his conditioning is supberb. High altitude training and making 65kg frequently will help, but Green and JB for that matter cant mess around, they need to be at the OTC. Can he beat Metcalf? Not sure... If he can beat Marable then probably. I agree with others that we do have people who can do better on the international circuit, and having a Metcalf to go though can be a good and bad thing. We need to qualify the weight before we worry about who goes to Rio tho. Next qualifier is PanAm, then after that there are 2 world qualifiers. PanAm is in Frisco TX in March, the other 2 are in Europe around July. So from a training aspect, Green, Metcalf, or whoever, and the US OC need to get a plan together and execute it because the next qualifier is 6 months away already then 3 months after that. From a training aspect thats not very long...
  19. I like the idea of going down to 6 minute matches, 3 2minute periods. Also like the idea of eliminating overtime. Such as making riding time criteria to win a match, say its 3-2 with wrestler A having 3pts, and wrestler B has 2 points and 1:15 of riding time. Wrestler B would win the match if things dont change before the end of regulation. If riding time is tied, then it goes to who got the first takedown or stalling cautions or whatever. Just make it really difficult for matches to go into overtime. Another problem I have is with the trackwrestling interface. It takes two people just to run it. I love trackwrestling but it seems like the average scorekeeper has trouble keeping up with a match. Most of the matches I watched this year had a lot of stoppages just to clarify scoring, even for riding time discrepencys. Track should have its own keboard, on the right side it has all the relevant buttons for red, on the left side all the relevant buttons for green, like takedown, escape, backpoints 2,3,4, injury time, ect. Also, when coaches lose challenges there needs to be a penalty for it. I dont know if it needs to be a full point, or maybe 30 seconds of riding time, or a stalling caution. Id also be ok with ditching the whole replay system. Fleeing the circle to avoid a takedown also needs to be an automatic technical point. The clock also needs to be accurate to the tenth of a second. Id start with these suggestions before adding pushouts and making folkstyle more like freestyle.
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