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  1. gobucks06

    How to view the transfer portal?

    Unfortunately it's not available to the public.
  2. gobucks06

    Official List: Who is taking Moore over Nickal?

    I'm taking Moore in a close match.
  3. gobucks06

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    I think Ohio State wins the match because of Moore squeaking past Nickal and Ethan Smith keeping it to just a decision against Hall. 125: Malik dec. Schnupp: 3-0 tOSU 133: Pletcher Mdec. Stossel: 7-0 tOSU 141: McKenna Mdec. Lee: 11-0 tOSU 149: Jordan Mdec. Berge: 15-0 tOSU 157: Nolf TF Hayes: 15-5 tOSU 165: Joseph MDec. Campbell: 15-9 tOSU 174: Hall dec. Smith: 15-12 tOSU 184: Martin Mdec. Rasheed: 20-12 tOSU 197: Moore dec. Nickal: 23-12 tOSU HWT: Cassar Mdec. Singletary: 23-16 PSU
  4. gobucks06

    Big 10 Championship Pick Em'

    Damn BoJo let me down! Otherwise I'd still be golden.
  5. gobucks06

    Big 10 Championship Pick Em'

    125-NaTo 133-Micic 141-McKenna 149-Retherford 157-Pantaleo(Nolf if healthy) 165-IMar 174-BoJo 184-Nickal 197-Sheed Hvy-Snyder
  6. gobucks06

    Let’s have some fun....

    tOSU 28 PSU 9
  7. gobucks06

    PSU v tOSU

    Billy you have both teams getting points at 157.
  8. gobucks06

    Who is your team?

    1. Ohio State 2. Good wrestling in general
  9. gobucks06

    Interactive Bracket

    The link doesn't work anymore.
  10. gobucks06


    Jose seems so inconsistent you just don't know how he'll wrestle. Is it gonna be the Jose who almost beat dance or is it gonna be Jose who seems lost out there?