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    Myles Martin 2016 was the champ as the 11 seed
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    I am going to give Willie's Idea with my enhancement a best efforts. I acknowledge this system would have problems, but it would take a lot of subjectivity out of things. I will try to illustrate using this year's 184 lbs weight class. 
    Let's assume the week before conference tournaments that this is how the consensus top 30 wrestlers are ranked. These are not the true rankings from the week before conferences and don't need to be to illustrate how the system would work. Let's just assume they are accurate. 
    1 Myles Martin Big10 2 Zachary Zavatsky ACC 3 Shakur Rasheed Big10 4 Nino Bonaccorsi ACC 5 Nick Reenan ACC 6 Ryan Preisch EIWA 7 Emery Parker Big10 8 Taylor Venz Big10 9 Maxwell Dean EIWA 10 Drew Foster Big12 11 Samuel Colbray Big12 12 Lou Deprez EIWA 13 Chip Ness ACC 14 Cash Wilcke Big10 15 Dakota Geer Big12 16 Corey Hazel EWL 17 Dylan Wisman MAC 18 Will Schany ACC 19 Max Lyon Big10 20 Nick Gravina Big10 21          Tanner Harvey EIWA 22          Tate Samuelson Big12 23          Cameron Caffey Big10 24          Jackson Hemauer Big12 25           Will Sumner Big12 26           Kevin Parker EIWA 27           Andrew McNally MAC 28           Christian LaFragola  EIWA 29           Zach Carlson  Big12 30           Jelani Embree Big10  
    Now, here are the Conference Auto Qualifiers Allocations at 184lbs. These are the actual auto qualifiers.
    Big Ten: (8) Myles Martin (Ohio State), Shakur Rasheed (Penn State), Emery Parker (Illinois), Taylor Venz (Nebraska), Nick Gravina (Rutgers), Cash Wilcke (Iowa), Max Lyon (Purdue), Mason Reinhardt (Wisconsin)
    Big 12: (5) Sammy Colbray (Iowa State), Drew Foster (Northern Iowa), Dakota Geer (Oklahoma State), Will Sumner (Utah Valley), Jackson Hemauer (Fresno State)
    EIWA: (6) Max Dean (Cornell), Louie Deprez (Binghamton), Ryan Preisch (Lehigh), CJ LaFragola (Brown), Tanner Harvey (American), Noah Stewart (Army)
    ACC: (5) Zack Zavatsky (Virginia Tech), Nino Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh), Nick Reenan (NC State), Chip Ness (North Carolina), Will Schany (Virginia)
    MAC: (2) Dylan Wisman (Missouri), Andrew McNally (Kent State)
    Pac-12: (1) Bob Coleman (Oregon State)
    EWL: (1) Corey Hazel (Lock Haven)
    SoCon: (1) Chris Kober (Campbell)
    At Large: (4)
    The Big10 has 9 ranked wrestlers but only 8 qualifiers. In this system, based on the rankings going into the tournament, those 8 spots will earn the following seeds: 1, 3, 7, 8, 14, 19, 20, and 23. Myles Martin qualified not just a qualifier spot during the year, but also the number 1 spot. So whomever wins the Big10 tournament is going to get the 1 seed. The 4th place finisher gets the 8 seed and the 8th place finisher gets the 23 seed. Fill in the blanks for the other seeds.
    The Big12 qualifies 5 spots. Those specific seeds are determined by the rankings to be the 10, 11, 15, 22, and 24 seeds. 
    The EIWA qualifies 6 spots. Those specific seeds are determined by the rankings to be the 6, 9, 12, 21, 26, and 28 seeds.
    The ACC qualifies 5 spots. Those specific seeds are determined by the rankings to be the 2, 4, 5, 13, and 18 seeds.
    The MAC qualifies 2 spots. Those specific seeds are determined by the rankings to be the 17 and 27 seeds.
    The EWL qualifies 1 spot. The seed for that spot is the 16 seed. 
    The Pac12 and So Con both qualify 1 spot, but since neither conference has a ranked wrestler their spots go into the At Large pool.  
    All based purely on what the consensus rankings were entering the tournament. 
    Here are the wrestlers who actually qualified for the Tournament.
    At Large Cameron Caffey Big Ten At Large Dom Ducharme Pac 12 At Large Kevin Parker EIWA At Large Tate Samuelson Big 12   Nino Bonaccorsi ACC   Samuel Colbray Big 12   Bob Coleman  Pac 12   Maxwell Dean EIWA   Lou Deprez EIWA   Drew Foster Big 12   Dakota Geer Big 12   Nick Gravina Big Ten   Tanner Harvey EIWA   Corey Hazel EWL   Jackson Hemauer Big 12   Chris Kober SoCon   Christian LaFragola EIWA   Max Lyon Big Ten   Myles Martin Big Ten   Andrew McNally MAC   Chip Ness ACC   Emery Parker Big Ten   Ryan Preisch EIWA   Shakur Rasheed Big Ten   Nick Reenan ACC   Mason Reinhardt Big Ten   Will Schany ACC   Noah Stewart EIWA   Will Sumner Big 12   Taylor Venz Big Ten   Cash Wilcke Big Ten   Dylan Wisman MAC   Zachary Zavatsky ACC
    Based on the above the seeds would end up looking like this.
    1 Myles Martin Big10-1 2 Zachary Zavatsky ACC-1 3 Shakur Rasheed Big10-2 4 Nino Bonaccorsi ACC-2 5 Nick Reenan ACC-3 6 Max Dean EIWA-1 7 Emery Parker Big10-3 8 Taylor Venz Big10-4 9 Ryan Preisch EIWA-2 10 Drew Foster Big12-1 11 Sam Colbray Big12-2 12 Lou Deprez EIWA-3 13 Chip Ness ACC-4 14 Cash Wilcke Big10-5 15 Dakota Geer Big12-3 16 Corey Hazel EWL-1 17 Dylan Wisman MAC-1 18 Will Schany ACC-5 19 Nick Gravina Big10-6 20 Max Lyon Big10-7 21 Tanner Harvey EIWA-4 22 Will Sumner Big12-4 23 Mason Reinhardt Big10-8 24 Jackson Hemauer Big12-5 25 Christian LaFragola EIWA-5  26 Andrew McNally MAC-2 27 Noah Stewart EIWA-6 AL Kevin Parker EIWA AL Cameron Caffey Big10 AL Tate Samuelson Big12 AL Chris Kober SoCon AL Bob Coleman Pac12 AL Bob Ducharme Pac12  
    You will notice there are only 27 seeded spots. This is because 2 of the auto qualifier spots came from wrestlers (Coleman and Kober) who did not attain a top 30 ranking. Their spots go into the At Large pool. Any differences between the final seedings and the original rankings are due solely to what happened at the Conference Tournaments. 
    Not saying this would make anyone happy, but this would force a wrestler to not MFF at the conf. tournament unless they were willing to drop several seeding spots in some cases. 
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    gobucks06 got a reaction from TheOhioState in Who is your team?   
    1. Ohio State
    2. Good wrestling in general
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    gobucks06 got a reaction from silver-medal in Who is your team?   
    1. Ohio State
    2. Good wrestling in general
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    gobucks06 reacted to MatEater in Roster with most members who beat a finalist from 2015   
    If were going with the thread title, Perrotti has a win or 2 over Realbuto.
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