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  1. Azerbaijan 0-4 on the day. 3 losses to usa
  2. I feel like hall is one of the first american wrestlers who can score just as easily after letting an opponent get in on him. This seems to be more of an international feel, and the americans are usually like the Iranian kid was against Mark with tons of deep shots and yet losing points. Alot of these international guys don't seem to have go to offense unless you give them something to counter. The Turkish kid Hall went against had no offense and Mark wisely went conservative. I think Hall is an example of what training freestyle young can do for you. he is like a russian. The opposite is Moore. He wrestles folkstyle. That Georgian that beat him proved he doesn't have that great of offense in the final. Moore though is a pro of taking deep straight on leg shots like folkstyle you can see coming a mile away that leave him in a compromised position to counters. He doesn't seem as comfortable in space. I think Moore has a long way to go to being competitive for any senior level events because he just isn't freestyle savy. McKee a kid who didn't even place at NCAA's making such a big impact at juniors is impressive for usa wrestling.
  3. I had the same bullcrap happen over here. Same for chrome and firefox, from a desktop. Every other site plays videos fine. Finally worked on internet explorer. But track needs to get there **** together.
  4. trackwrestling sucks big time Paid and can't even get the live feed service. what a bunch of crap.
  5. All these ex wrestlers always talk about helping and growing wrestling and the state of the sport. Well what if Chael Sonnen, Dolph ziggler, Brock Lesnar, etc banded together and did celebrity wrestling matches in freestyle. This is how you draw the mainstream in, duals at county fairs in Iowa is not going to grow outside existing fans to support a league. The UFC took off with big paperview and I think if you mix in big names followed by Dake Burroughs matches people will notice how fun wrestling is. I look at wrestling as UFC without the violance , as considering both the ultimate test of man vs man in the world. But wrestling is more marketable for interesting matchups because no one wants to go out and get submitted in the octagan but they will go on a wrestling mat. You could bring in all kinds of non wrestler celebrities onto the mat to see who is the baddest man.
  6. The format to make money is already in place. World Cups, World championships, yargin, etc has the elite wrestling and international stars you need it's just under the UWW name instead of NBA or PGA tour. Think if UWW was a private sports league that actually promoted and marketed their business, such as it's own tv channel like nfl network to drum up all the storylines. And if it was advertised/sponsored on UFC or bellator events you don't think it would draw in a portion of fighter fans ? then espn would start showing short highlights from the wrestling season To me, there is no reason why elite wrestling cannot be popular. Soccer nascar gymnastics tennis golf and baseball are working with a lot less excitement to be successful. I just think people need to be exposed to it, but they need to experience the NFL version of wrestling not the XFL. Right now the best most exciting wrestling in the world championship freestyle is not even drawing many of the college folk fans because it is marketed so bad.
  7. This USA team I agree is strong, and I have to say it highlights just how impressive Irans world cup performance was against us shutting down so many quality wrestlers.
  8. Pico controlled the center of the mat real well. No passivity points in this match.
  9. what about Morgan Mcintosh ? beat Snyder and was there with Cox
  10. The Dake and Taylor fans can't cope hard enough. what is the reason now for Taylor ? first it was he was too big and didn't feel right at 74, then he was not big enough at 86. Now was his time. He just beat the top guys in the weight in the entire world, and Cox is going to play football
  11. See this is the problem for Dake fans. At some point your arguments don't hold water when you have 7 losses. Some of the excuses, from being inexperienced at freestyle the first go around to then having some questionable calls go against him in the next three in very close matches. Actually led me to believe as well that Dake could take Burroughs out. But with 2 more wins for Burroughs, and no questionable calls this time the case that Dake is just as good or better is not there anymore. Burroughs got called for hands to the face in one match, and he never went there again. Just like he didn't allow himself to get chest locked by Dake again when he was in a similar position. All excuses for Dake went out when you change weights just because of the challenge tournament, and then when you have a new opportunity to win and sit out you lose by wrestling conservative.
  12. Burroughs is a class act, he gave Dake all the credit in the world after the match even acknowledging how hard it must be for Dake to go from on top of the sport to not being able to make a team and yet still continuing to train. Not many champs acknowledge that about their competitors. The whining from the Dake crowd is complete sour grapes. Is Burroughs dirty ? I applaud him for hands to the face, and for being tactical. That's winners do, they do what they have to win. What do losers do ? They complain to the refs and complain about the system because they can't accept they aren't good enough. The scary thing for Dake supporters is by the time Burroughs bows out due to age Dake will also have lost a step. Think about it now, Burroughs has already lost a little step and he still has a quickness edge on Dake. As Dake ages, his lost step is going to have a much bigger impact on him and Dake's already getting up there in age. The Mark Hall's will very possibly be on top by the time Burroughs gives up his reign. Burroughs was clearly the better wrestler today. How many more times did he get to the legs in on singles ? I think alot more. Outside of Dake's big 4 pointer, Burroughs was clearly superior. It's time for Dake fans to recognize the sample size is large enough. Dake outscored Burroughs something like 11-3 in the first period the first two matches and then got crushed in the second. I think this is something Dake needs to adjust too because the shut down tactic with a lead works against everyone else but not against Burroughs.
  13. DT is like the offensive spread team in football that wins games by 40 points but when they face a team with an actual defense they get shut down.
  14. Taylor has a knack for not being able to score late when it matters Dake tried to play defense with a lead and shut down Burroughs tonight like he has Taylor in the past but Burroughs isn't Taylor The second match on Cox defense showed it is superior to anything Taylor has
  15. Dake and Taylor complain to the officials because they just can't win We've seen it enough, they are frustrated because they can't get over the hump Never should they be picked to win a trials until they actually do it
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