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  1. The belt is cool. The stuffed animal, not so much.
  2. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/53380db2-ae1b-49f1-bbb2-fa360274e0e7
  3. Montoya was flat on his back working on that tilt. Missed call. Gilman, of course, demonstrates his "classy" character.
  4. I can't give them a break. If your job is to commentate, why not actually do your job correctly and prepare by familiarizing yourself with the names of the athletes? This on top of the typical errors (Baldwin stiffing Stieber on the 4 timer recognition while interviewing Dake) makes me want to head butt a wall. Hire Ben Askren to commentate the whole tournament.
  5. How has Kokesh been transitioning? Is he a potential representative for the red, white, and blue in the future?
  6. Agreed. Having grown up in Webster, I have a bias and had to throw Storley in there. Kirk is obviously a lock for at least a share of that "Title". I'm buddies with Reiff. It was good fun sitting in the stands during the state tourney his senior year giving him hell about how he'd have been lucky to sniff around the podium and lock a 4th title.
  7. High School: Logan Storley College: Lincoln McIlravy International: Randy Lewis
  8. I imagine he will have a fairly flexible schedule as an assistant this upcoming year. With the amount of admiration and respect he has gained, he can probably (for the most part) negotiate his own schedule to balance all of his endeavors.
  9. I apologize in advance for being internet ignorant for the day, but I cannot locate the team scores. Help???
  10. I like the way this Green kid handles his business affairs on the weekend.
  11. I agree with you, Katie. I think the passion is AWESOME!
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