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  1. Axe_Spartan

    Bo Nickal

    I can't disagree with Yianni, he is on another level in FS compared to Bo right now, he just beat Bajrang and won Dogu. I already feel that U23 is a step down in competition from Juniors. For a guy who is almost there in Seniors, U23 is not such a big deal.
  2. Axe_Spartan

    Yasar Dogu

    Neither Reza Yazdani nor Hassan Yazdani are going to Dogu. 86 for Iran is Mersad Morghazari and 97 is Abas Forutan and Ali Shabani.
  3. Axe_Spartan

    Final X Rutgers live thread

    I'm still hoping they will make it right and do a third match.
  4. Axe_Spartan

    Final X Rutgers live thread

    I am with you on the skill level comment, but I can't stand watching women's wrestling.
  5. Axe_Spartan

    Nick Suriano

  6. Axe_Spartan

    Is Anthony Cassar the least likely champ, ever?

    Not even close. He was hitting double legs on everyone and their parents this year, lost to Derek White just because he wasn't attacking, and won Big 10 defeating Gable. Drew Foster on the other hand was a much least likely champ this season.
  7. Axe_Spartan

    Burroughs vs Askren!

    I will watch it for sure, but I would rather see Askren vs. Nickal on a folk match, it would be a lot more compelling to me. Freestyle against Burroughs will not even be close.
  8. Maybe he is. The argument for Nolf deserving to win is deeper weight class and more bonus points rate and pins in his career (more pins in PSU history and higher bonus points than Nickal). The argument for Nickal deserving to win is having a more dominant season (higher bonus rate), more pins (including against the #2 in his division) and not getting any closer of losing (Hidlay's match against Nolf was a big factor in this one). Like I said, a co-hodge would not be a bad idea after all, but if they really value the season more than the entire career, Nickal should get it hands down.
  9. Axe_Spartan

    What’s a takedown?

    I'm pretty sure that first one was at least a takedown, Yianni mounted on Mckenna and had the control. The TD called by the referees was not a takedown though.
  10. Axe_Spartan

    Lose a challenge, lose a point

    I don't like it, keep the challenge without losing a point, but let a third party review it.
  11. Axe_Spartan

    What’s a takedown?

    Why losing the match? Yianny had the takedown and maybe 2 near fall points that were never called, and the TD which was not a TD. I can't say that match would play the same if Yianni scored that first TD, but nothing brings me to the conclusion that he would probably lose the match if they were called properly, he would actually be ahead on the score at that moment.
  12. Axe_Spartan

    Zahid's takedown on Mark Hall

    Just one more polemic stuff coming out of this year's NCAA. Was that really a takedown? It really confused me with Hall grabbing Zahid's leg and they awarding him the TD.
  13. Axe_Spartan

    Who gets the Hodge?

    In 2016, career played a big factor. Retherford was ahead on pins, dominance, etc, but Dierienger won it based on his third NCAA title.
  14. Axe_Spartan

    Who gets the Hodge?

    Good arguments I have to say. Career is a criteria also right? Seeing the stats, Nolf is slighlty better on the winning percentage but definitely better on the bonus rate, yes, I have to agree that this is closer than I inicitially thought. A co would not be a bad idea after all.
  15. At the time of the match I was looking for some explanation about this match but haven't found it so far. The question is, is there any explanation for this situation, which is, Gable getting the escape 3 or 4 seconds before 1 minute of riding time (at least what whas showed on TV), and the clock kept running until reaching over a minute? Which was decisive in not getting to OT and Cassar winning the match. I was kind of surprise there wasn't much debate about this, which brings me to the conclusion that there is a logic and simple explanation that I'm unaware of.