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  1. I've watched Uguev and Amiraslanov twice and did not see any controversy, actually I think Uguev won fair and square. You other points about Geno/Yaz and Rashidov (beating 2 world champs) are good.
  2. 1 - Sadulaev - No doubt about that, the most dominant wrestler today, just got his fifth World/Olympic gold (the same number as Burroughs, but much younger than the american) 2 - Sidakov - Amazing run, had to beat Burroughs and Chamizo again to win the Worlds for the second time. He is the first wrestler to beat Burroughs twice. Scored 14 total takedowns on his run, that's an impressive number. 3 - Petriashvili - Again he beat Akgul in the finals, who was having a very good year in 2019. It's his 3rd straight world title. 4 - Yazdani - The most dominant wrestler in the tournament, 4 matches, 2 TF and 2 falls, one of them against the russian Naifonov, who is a pretty good wrestler. It's his second world title. Aside of that, 1 olympic title and 2 more world medals (silver and bronze). 5 - Uguev - He had to beat Amiraslanov (2019 European Games champion), Erdenebat (2018 Asian Games champion, 2 world medals), Atri (2019 Asian champion), Kumar Ravi (won bronze, beat Takahashi) and the number 2 Atli (2019 European champion and world bronze last year) (TF on this last one) to win his second straight world title. 6 - Rashidov - Don't get me wrong, he was at the toughest weight at the whole tournament and had to pass through the likes of Aliyev, Musukaev and Otoguro just to reach the final match, but for me there was too much controversy on his matches against the azerbaijani and Musukaev that I ended up ranking him this low. Rashidov got his first world gold after 2 straight world silver medals. 7 - Cox - Let me begin explaining why I ranked this next 4 wrestlers this low. I can't put world champions on non-olympic weight classes above the champions of olympic weight classes, especially on a pre-olympic year. Cox is the better of the four in my opinion, he is very dominant, no one scored on him in the whole tournament and had a very stiff test on Karimi in the finals on his way to the second straight world title. 8 - Baev - He had to face great competition on his run, Iakobshvili (2017 World champion and bronze last year), Navruzov (2016 Olympic bronze medalist, and 2015 world silver) and Gadzhiev (bronze this year and silver world medal in 2017). Baev got two 4-point TDs on his final match, that's something you don't see very often in a final world match. 9 - Dake - One of the weakest weights, Dake did not repeat as unscored upon as last year, the tough russian Gadzhimagomedov was not in the field, but he still had to face the 2016 olympic bronze medalist and now 2x world silver Hasanov in the finals. We will have to agree that he did just the enough to win. 10 - Lomtadze - Finally the georgian got his world title, but he had the weakest opponents of all the world champions in my opinion and it's his first world title.
  3. I watched and rewatched the entire sequence. When Yianni is flat on his belly, Zain has the crotch lock and begins the move by pushing his foot against the mat, it seems like he lifted Yanni's hip because Yianni gets to his knees at the exact same time. Zain pushes again and Yianni does the same, both expose. Who did start the move? It seems Zain started it. Extremelly hard call, but I have no problem being scored to Zain.
  4. Sure, hang'em up with Olympics coming up while having a good chance of beating the number 1 next year, that would be smart.
  5. Exactly, Torreblanca from Cuba, who always gives Taylor tough matches and Tobier, who is a world medal contender. There are also Ortega at 57 kg and Franklin Gomez at 74 kg.
  6. I can't disagree with Yianni, he is on another level in FS compared to Bo right now, he just beat Bajrang and won Dogu. I already feel that U23 is a step down in competition from Juniors. For a guy who is almost there in Seniors, U23 is not such a big deal.
  7. Neither Reza Yazdani nor Hassan Yazdani are going to Dogu. 86 for Iran is Mersad Morghazari and 97 is Abas Forutan and Ali Shabani.
  8. I'm still hoping they will make it right and do a third match.
  9. I am with you on the skill level comment, but I can't stand watching women's wrestling.
  10. Not even close. He was hitting double legs on everyone and their parents this year, lost to Derek White just because he wasn't attacking, and won Big 10 defeating Gable. Drew Foster on the other hand was a much least likely champ this season.
  11. I will watch it for sure, but I would rather see Askren vs. Nickal on a folk match, it would be a lot more compelling to me. Freestyle against Burroughs will not even be close.
  12. Maybe he is. The argument for Nolf deserving to win is deeper weight class and more bonus points rate and pins in his career (more pins in PSU history and higher bonus points than Nickal). The argument for Nickal deserving to win is having a more dominant season (higher bonus rate), more pins (including against the #2 in his division) and not getting any closer of losing (Hidlay's match against Nolf was a big factor in this one). Like I said, a co-hodge would not be a bad idea after all, but if they really value the season more than the entire career, Nickal should get it hands down.
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