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  1. What's the time for the finals tomorrow?
  2. Isn't Russia/Belarus sending their wrestlers under a neutral flag (like ROC)?
  3. Exactly. The first one was the shot clock that was needed to be given, both of them with 1 warning, Snyder made their decision easier when he decided to run around for a bit. The second one he fled the chest wrap, almost step out followed by Sadulaev controlling the center.
  4. Complaining because they can complain, it's unfounded, the second shot clock was deserved seeing the way he fled that hold and Sadulaev was controlling the center.
  5. No, he was careful to not get exposed again, and he went to the clock the second time because he fled the hold when Sad put him on the chest wrap.
  6. Unless Snyder has found the solution to not get exposed while shooting on Sadulaev, he will lose again.
  7. That's clear, no Sidakov or Zhamalov, Kadimagomedov, Chamizo (yes, Dake beat him 8 weeks ago, but he is still a top guy).
  8. The judges could have awarded Fix 2 on that action on the edge.
  9. I noticed that, maybe the clock on the screen wasn't on par with the official clock, but we will never know because they didn't challenge that.
  10. Only true for 74 kg, 57 kg and especially 65 kg, but other weights are what you expect them to be in a "normal" year of Worlds.
  11. Akgul's head went out first, that's at least 1 for Zare, judges gave 2 for continuation.
  12. Dake in college. In freestyle wrestling, Taylor no doubt, world champion in an olympic category, and now olympic champion.
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