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  1. And I was impressed by him getting to the bronze medal match while giving out a lot of size, it was like watching a 86 kg guy against those monsters, I was even rooting for him against Khotsianivskyi, representing a suffering country, bring a little of joy to them. Gladly he didn't win, what a cheater. Khasanboy, that one who beat Gable Steveson in Junior Worlds, was also caught.
  2. And he would have probably beat Chamizo if not for a botched call in the second period, they gave him one when he clearly should have gotten two for the takedown out of bounds. I understand the russian system of "proving yourself at the olympic cycle to get the spot at the olympics" (Sidakov beat A. Kentchadze, both Chamizo and Burroughs twice to win 74 two times in a row, that's ridiculous good!), but I would like to see a wrestle-off between Gazi and Sidakov, especially seeing how that match of Gazi against Chamizo was wrongly scored.
  3. Whether it was touching at the same time or not, it doesn't really matter, per the rule book, it didn't look like a fall, but it was close: "When the defensive wrestler is held by his opponent with his two shoulders against the mat for a sufficient time to allow the referee to observe the total control of the fall, the resulting hold is considered to be a fall." That's kind of subjective, but there seems to be no control at all.
  4. Not a very good picture, but it seems he is flat for less than a sec there.
  5. Very close, that is as close as one can get of a pin, he was flat for a moment if you pause the video, but I think that was not even for a second, since he was moving his back the entire time.
  6. I'm not sure about the date that FS starts, but about Cox:
  7. It's probably much better for his body, not going out there drained from the weight cut, but the path for the gold is much harder as well, Snyder on home soil and Mohammadi and Sadulaev out there. I'm way more excited now than I'd be if he had decided to go 86 kg.
  8. Great points, I agree with everything except number 2. I'm not american, but I really enjoy folkstyle wrestling with all the the mat wrestling and control, in terms of points in the mat wrestling phase of the match, I prefer folkstyle controlled back exposition of 2-4 seconds (2-4 points) over the quick turns in freestyle.
  9. Well, most of the US top guys went to Rome. Gazimagomedov first in a tournament with Zhamalov, Kurbanaliev, Tsabolov and Bizhoev, impressive.
  10. Again with the caps, don't be nervous man, the "real ass" comment wasn't at first directed to you.
  11. Don't feed the internet troll they said, unfortunately I can't help myself sometimes.
  12. Caps on to express yourself on a post? No, you are the adorable one after all. Good for you boy, I've been getting quality russian wrestling info from Ivan anyway.
  13. Yes, it seems like you are defending him at all costs. Sure, you are a real pro, you get a "sense of my personality" for being outrageous about xenophobic comments.
  14. No, I just showed he is a real ass, reinforcing the point if you prefer, simple as that. It wasn't well deserved, xenophobic and racist comments are not well deserved anywhere, maybe where you lived it was common, not where I grew up. You don't do that not even in a discussion, much less when you are just talking to a person. How much is he paying you?
  15. Interpretation, please. I didn't say it was your experience, I said we are not crucifying him for the same reason like you wrote it before.
  16. "You all are crucifying him for poking fun at your country's wrestlers", no, not we all, he is a real ass, but that's not for making fun of Burroughs or Taylor or whoever wrestler, but just for the fact that he is a real xenophobic, ignorant guy.
  17. You haven't seen it because it wasn't public and I don't want anything from you, I was just saying I figured out he was an ass (worse than that actually) 2 years ago. Yes, we agree he is an ass, fair enough.
  18. I'm brazilian, he started making some monkey jokes when I was talking to him in the past, being a xenophobic prick towards me, how cool was that?
  19. He was always an ass. You are just figuring it out now.
  20. If not MMA, Combat jiu-jitsu is a good ruleset for this kind of wrestling vs. bjj.
  21. The ref just made Bo engage because he took Gordon down with the suplex. There was not letting him go on this ruleset.
  22. Yes, it was an example of a "non-ordinary" takedown going for heel hooks, and below I posted an article and video showing you don't even need to takedown the wrestler to go for leg locks and heel hooks.
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