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  1. Exactly. The first one was the shot clock that was needed to be given, both of them with 1 warning, Snyder made their decision easier when he decided to run around for a bit. The second one he fled the chest wrap, almost step out followed by Sadulaev controlling the center.
  2. Complaining because they can complain, it's unfounded, the second shot clock was deserved seeing the way he fled that hold and Sadulaev was controlling the center.
  3. No, he was careful to not get exposed again, and he went to the clock the second time because he fled the hold when Sad put him on the chest wrap.
  4. Unless Snyder has found the solution to not get exposed while shooting on Sadulaev, he will lose again.
  5. That's clear, no Sidakov or Zhamalov, Kadimagomedov, Chamizo (yes, Dake beat him 8 weeks ago, but he is still a top guy).
  6. The judges could have awarded Fix 2 on that action on the edge.
  7. I noticed that, maybe the clock on the screen wasn't on par with the official clock, but we will never know because they didn't challenge that.
  8. Only true for 74 kg, 57 kg and especially 65 kg, but other weights are what you expect them to be in a "normal" year of Worlds.
  9. Akgul's head went out first, that's at least 1 for Zare, judges gave 2 for continuation.
  10. Dake in college. In freestyle wrestling, Taylor no doubt, world champion in an olympic category, and now olympic champion.
  11. That would be great, but I still would rather see Sadulaev vs. Steveson eventually, that's an intriguing matchup in my eyes.
  12. That's some great news, I hope he keeps wrestling not only folk, but also freestyle after all.
  13. With the entries being released today, I would say 86 and 97kg are as real as it gets in terms of a "real world championships", with the olympics finalists going and at least one olympics bronze medalist going too. 125 kg is also strong with Taha, Geno and Zare, but Gable obviously is not going. 74 kg is interesting with Dake and Zhamalov.
  14. No, as per the rules: "An action or a hold may not be commenced in a standing position in the passivity zone, except under the strict condition that the wrestlers engaged in the hold have only two feet in the zone (...)" It's just one feet in the zone when Gable started his attack. Besides that, Pat Pollard, U.S. Wrestling Officials Association mat official, says the refs aren't counting how many feet are in the passivity zone anymore.
  15. I wouldn't say every one was exactly the right call as per the rules. Here we see Gable initiating his own attack on Petriashvili before the georgian got his foot out, it should have been 4 for him.
  16. 65 kg. Otoguro, Bajrang, Rashidov, Aliyev, Tevanyan, Musukaev and Gadzhiev. I wouldn't be surprised if anyone of the first 5 mentioned won gold medal, I can't think of this kind of caliber in any other weight class.
  17. Yes, and the clock guy was actually slower to stop after the whistle blow from the 8-7 takedown than he was to restart the clock.
  18. That brought memories of Edisherashili vs. Uguev in European's final.
  19. I was wondering about it, rewinded, but it's just unexplainable.
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