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    SC_Wrestling reacted to Underhook in Why doesn’t hall go 165 and Joseph 174?   
    Uhhh didn’t Cenzo miss weight at 157 during his redshirt year? I could be wrong but I also seem to recall an interview with Hall where he says he cuts the most weight on the team. I think the fact that they’ve both 1) stayed at these weights there entire careers, and 2) both made the finals every time they’ve been at NCAA’s, says they are at their ideal weights. I’ve seen people chalking up Hall’s loss last night to poor pre meet scouting or a potential size discrepancy but I just don’t buy it. Kemerer was just a hair better at wrestling last night, Hall was THIS close to several scoring opportunities but Kem always found a way. For me, the result last night was purely about who’s wrestling better right now
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to Wrestlingfan1997 in Why doesn’t hall go 165 and Joseph 174?   
    I think marinelli and Joseph would both beat hall if I’m being honest
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to pamela in Why doesn’t hall go 165 and Joseph 174?   
    Hall says he hates cutting weight, Cenzo’s holding his own just fine at 165. I would love to see Marinelli and Hall go, though.
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to mob in Why doesn’t hall go 165 and Joseph 174?   
    Joseph makes 165 but is to big?
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to Perry in FLO awards - Worst Wrestling Message Board   
    The award would have gone to flo when they tried to have one. Thankfully they (smartly) abandoned that ship
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to pamela in FLO awards - Worst Wrestling Message Board   
    They say they hate this board, yet they read it and sometimes participate as well. It is far from pleasant here, but neither is FRL when they invariably disagree and yell at each other or get sidetracked by minutiae or deep down rabbit holes to make a point. 
    The discussion topics and comments here are also pretty much a cheat sheet for their own talking points. Along with Twitter, the board is probably a necessary evil for them.
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to treep2000 in Bo Nickal vs. Gordon Ryan - Modified Grappling Rules   
    You do not know what I body triangle is then.  It's a different animal.  
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to wrestlingnerd in What has Willie Saylor done that was so great?   
    Wrestlers in business, and therefore prominent wrestlers in general, have a strongly peer-driven positive view of crypto as an asset class (if you can even call it that). This is in large part due to Princeton alum and patron Michael Novogratz’s own views and experience with crypto. Novo is arguably the most famous crypto bull (and certainly one of the few famous ones) and has a lot of sway in the wrestling community for good reason (Beat the Streets, Wrestlers in Business, NJ RTC, etc.). He personally made a fortune buying and then dumping Bitcoin at the right time (whether lucky or good is very much in debate) and has since reinvented his career through crypto. 
    With regard to the Rofkin scheme, it is at best a risk-free way for Rofkin to give equity-like upside to its contributors (risk-free because the contributors don’t actually get anything of intrinsic value, and certainly not stock in Rofkin) and at worst a Ponzi scheme that generates cash inflows for Rofkin without any cash outflows required to produce content. It is not technically defrauding anyone since the content creators have to agree to take the Rofkin shtcoins as payment in lieu of cash and/or real equity (stock or stock options in Rofkin). But the people agreeing to that form of payment are generally not businessmen or investors and are generally confused as to what they’re really getting. 
    Any asset that is valued in a real currency like the US dollar but is either illiquid (not convertible to cash at face value) or not highly liquid (not easily convertible to cash) should be very heavily discounted. Case in point: pump and dumps. Take a highly illiquid security, promote the crap out of it to raise demand, then sell it as demand is peaking and leave the guys doing the buying with a hefty bag to hold. When the buying stops, the smart money is out and the poor souls who bought what they sold are left unable to get out even though technically, what they hold “can be converted to cash right away”.... yes, but converted at what cost....
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to wrestlingnerd in What has Willie Saylor done that was so great?   
    Good thought but LOL at billionaire CEO. Come on now. 
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to MadMardigain in Willie at Flo   
    They only do things by a yearly rate.  
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to Cradle1 in Thomas Gilman History   
    Perfect response, snowflake. It’s a tough blow, not being able to converse with you I’ve learned so much!  This post really defines who you the snowflakes are, in your mind I should be banned not for saying an indelicate remark myself, But apparently for not being outraged enough by the remark of another.   Your world is both pathetic and fascinating at the same time.
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to Cradle1 in Thomas Gilman History   
    Perhaps he's made being a world class athlete more of a priority than worrying about offending your delicate sensibilities?
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to BHawk91 in Why I think Penn State is about to decline   
    Once again, no one can have a negative opinion about PSU without TBar calling him them a troll.  Instead of calling in a Troll why don't you enlighten us on why you think he is wrong because all of his points, are pretty spot on.
    1) for sure is spot on, two of the best wrestlers in the history of the sport are no longer in PSU's lineup.
    2) 125 has been and will continue to be an issue for PSU
    3) a little bit of a question mark but you can't deny that he is correct at this time, RBY needs to work a lot more work and probably would benefit from a RS because if his best move is to stall most of the match with one hand behind his back, then there will be issues there.
    4) Prove him wrong, Nick Lee has peaked and the stats certainly tell that story
    5) Verk couldn't even crack the lineup and Berge was sucking wind for most of the year
    6) Here is where I differ a little because as long as Joseph is in the lineup, he has a shot.  Now with that being said, he is 0-2 against the Bull and 0-1 against Lewis (I guess I am not sure if they wrestled previously) and none of those matches where even close.
    7) I also think Brooks and Beard are studs but they are not in the lineup AND unproven.  Ask Fix and Steveson what happens to unproven Freshmen.
    8) He is spot on again
    So just because you are butt hurt you have to call someone a troll?  He is pretty spot on with his run down.
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to Jimmy Cinnabon in Why I think Penn State is about to decline   
    Yes I know 8 of the last 9 years they've won the team title...but I think they are in for a bit of a relative slump in the coming years and here is why.
    1. No more Nickal and Nolf.  Both 3 timers, both prolific bonus scorers.  Better than DT and Ruth.  No one on the roster is at that level where they were LOCKS for national champs with lots of bonus.
    2.  Still a hole at 125.  Blue chipper Teasdale is gone, supposedly Teske is gone, Lucas Byrd didn't even take his visit to PSU before committing to Illinois.  Looks like another year for Devin Schnupp who will not be a national qualifier again.
    3. RBY is good but needs to redshirt.  He is too physically weak right now.  DeSanto bullied him.
    4. Nick Lee seems to have peaked.  His ceiling seems to be 5th.  Good, but not great.  Not physical, not a good scrambler.  He wins on pace which carries him versus most guys but he can't get over the hump against elite competition.
    5. 149-157: Verk and Berge I think will be solid, but low AA types.  This is a huge decline from Retherford and Nolf.  They go from 3xers at each spot to guys who will probably be 1-2x AAs in their careers with not much bonus at all.
    6. 165-184: Joseph has lost his aura - no longer can be considered a favorite due to Lewis and Bull.  Hall can no longer be a guaranteed champ and he doesn't bonus much.  Who knows how good Shak can be -- he is injury prone.
    7. Incoming recruits are a big question mark: Joe Lee, Starocci, Brooks, Beard, Nevills.  I think Brooks and Beard are certainly going to be studs but the rest are a bit of a question mark.  Brooks may not wrestle in blue and white for a while due to red shirts and Oly red shirts.
    8. Probably the biggest factor is the rise of great incoming classes at Ohio State and Iowa.  Absolutely loaded classes that are just as good or even better than Penn State's.
    I think in 2020 PSU takes 2nd and 2021 they take 3rd.
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to cjc007 in Sadulaev is 22 years old   
    Nickal is junior varsity. I doubt Sad would wrestle in the Spanish Grand Prix. lol 
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to simple in Christian "Twitter Fingers" Pyles   
    Did Pyles and/or Saylor decline this award since they’re not journalists?
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to jon in Christian "Twitter Fingers" Pyles   
    This message board gives you plenty of opportunities to receive feedback, to say your silly sarcasm, to take stock, to do better. But you stop after step #2. You're mocking persons who post here. You're dodging criticism. You're ignoring good points.
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to simple in Christian "Twitter Fingers" Pyles   
    I was also going to start a thread about this series of tweets. It started with Mason Beckman saying, “Illegal recruiting is an issue that needs addressed IMMEDIATELY in the world of college wrestling. The system as it stands is completely broken, and it's bad for the sport.”
    When asked specifically what violations he’s talking about he says, “Calling/visiting kids that have already signed or aren't old enough for it to be allowed, customizing materials (stuff like magnets) for each kid, promising internships with an alumni, etc.”
    Then says he won’t publicly name names.
    Pyles then jumps in and claims coaches won’t name names because they don’t also want to be accused and that there are many clear violations with B1G schools. He gets called out about naming names since he claims to know, but says it’s not his job. Goes on to say he’s and others at Flo are not reporters or journalists and needlessly attacks Hamilton.
    It’s pretty obvious why Pyles/Flo won’t name names. They’re cowards. They’re too friendly with most of the major programs and would lose access they get now.
    They’re also extremely hypocritical about the journalist thing. They’ll claim it when it’s good for them(passes, access, pools) but not when it’s bad.
    NCAA wrestling is too incestuous. People are afraid to do anything about any violations they know of because they’ll get blackballed. Who’s going have some balls and name names with proof?
    The major B1G violators that I know of right now are tOSU, Iowa, Wis, and PSU
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to BobDole in Co Hodge Winners   
    When Willie wakes up at noon he is not going to like this.
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to Jimmy Cinnabon in 2020 first pound-for-pound rankings   
    He would probably be #11.  But I can't shake how badly Lewis dominated him.  He also was beat soundly by Marinelli at Big 10s.
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to TBar1977 in Valencia post match interview.   
    I like him. Nice kid, great wrestler. 
    "Being offensive is going to win over being defensive almost every time"
    Like it. 
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to lu_alum in Nolf's ankle bands   
    Only you. Sorry to inform you that he is married.

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    SC_Wrestling reacted to simple in Nolf's ankle bands   
    Lol no 
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to Katie in Not a takedown   
    We're now at a point where freestyle is better than folkstyle in almost every way.
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    SC_Wrestling reacted to cjc007 in Mekhi Lewis   
    Did even break a sweat? Mehki barely got a workout in.

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