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  1. My daughter wrestled in a tournament here in Michigan, in Flint. She wrestled on a round robin bracket and the results were close enough that they had to consult the rules for criteria. My daughter was the only wrestler to have a win by fall. When i went to the table to inquire about how the results went, the father of the boy my daughter pinned walked over and what came next was a half hour debate that did not move his son forward in the placement whatsoever. All he managed to do was ensure my daughter was not given the 1st place, and that it instead went to a boy who was not even there anymore. I just shook my head and gave them the gold medal and took the silver and left. My daughter had already left with her mother so I would have to break the news to her later. In looking back on it though and reading the rules it seems to me that she should of taken 1st as she clearly met the criteria of the wrestler with the most wins by fall. This is a link to the bracket on photobucket. My daughter's name is Morigan Kiernan. http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad94/VTV115/Moriganshouldofwongold_zps0umijkdj.jpg Can someone please clarify this for me?
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