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    Becoming A Champion

    i want to become wrester and wwe champ, but in Pakistan no chances for wwe and no for girls, i love wrestling and i have beat my bf and bro twice in home wrestling by triangle choke hold and armbar. I think Asian, Pakistani and Indian shouls start wrestling at school and college level.
  2. rondarousey

    Winter Break Training for Girl Wrestlers

    I thinks this girls are awesone in wrestling today http://ptvsports2015.blogspot.com/2015/05/ufc-fight-pass-alex-chambers-vs-kailin.html
  3. rondarousey

    Combat Wrestling

    what is basic defferene between bjj grappling and combat??
  4. rondarousey

    self proclaimed "baddest man on the planet"

    Only Brock Lesner is badass man on this plannet.
  5. hhhm good for youngester but in Pakistan here is very low chances of such spors and events sad mode on
  6. rondarousey

    Womens World Cup

    i think youtube is best for this
  7. rondarousey

    Russian Nationals Live Stream

    russain wrestler are poor i like usa and canadian.