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    juco_transfer reacted to Shiraz123 in WTT Matches are free on YouTube FYI   
    What am I watching with this Metcalf/Oliver match. This is the great 65kg depth in USA? 
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    juco_transfer reacted to WildTurkey44 in Ramos!!!!!   
    Ramos has been wrestling Freestyle for a year. BONNE is one of the best 57evens in the world. Nobody starts a thread when Coleman Scott loses to nobodies or when Varner goes down to a teenager. But when Ramos loses to a world class wrestler, The Iowa haters come out and pounce. Pathetic group of people you are!
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    juco_transfer got a reaction from xander in All time favorite match   
    The Brands-Kendall rivalry is hands down the best rivalry in the history of our sport.
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    juco_transfer reacted to Cyclones in All time favorite match   
    I've never seen this match before. Thanks for posting
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