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  1. CaliWrestler

    What we learned at Dogu

    Your going to down JB for winning a tight one, when he tore apart Gor by tech fall when Sidakov won by 1 point. Lots of doubters on here
  2. CaliWrestler

    Way too Early 2020 Olympics Team Picks

    Heavyweight fell on Dake injury unknown Taylor knee but dont know what was torn These 2 are very secret but seems like a lot of good wrestlers college and international dont tell you what exactly happened Wrestlers secrets i guess
  3. CaliWrestler

    Entire World Team

    Taylor will not be there but Cox will be in his place
  4. CaliWrestler

    Entire World Team

    Didn't you hear what JB said in the interview, he has never lost to the same man twice....
  5. CaliWrestler

    Final X - Lincoln

    Every year the man get doubted, I like different opinions and that’s why we all talk. Let’s see what happens looking forward to watching this event
  6. CaliWrestler

    Final X - Lincoln

    Your right about him almost dropping a match but Gomez has gotten silver in the worlds before and Imar even know I love his attitude and being from California is not going to bully JB like he did with Nolf and Garrett (was 1 takedown match). I just see JB making a statement
  7. CaliWrestler

    Final X - Lincoln

    Martinez has not competed with any world class Athletes or beat them. JB starts slow I don’t see Imar scoring a takedown, push out hands to face or passive I can see 1st match 4-1 2nd match 8-1
  8. CaliWrestler

    Final X - Lincoln

    Jb over Martinez in blow out Snyder over Gadson in blow out I think the rest of the matches will be great
  9. CaliWrestler

    Is Nickal done now?

    If Cox beats Snyder than what is option for Snyder?
  10. Maybe not, but he needs to at least face them since they will be opposite sides of the bracket for him to go for 3rd how much will he really get for sponsorship? I have no idea on this
  11. Bo didn’t have enough points to be placed and would lose for sure against yazadini and Russian DT has way more offense to wear guys down were Bo just hangs there and has couple moves late in the periods. I have DNP at 86 for Bo
  12. CaliWrestler

    Is Nickal done now?

    With the new rules I seriously doubt he can make the weight, in interviews sounds like the weight cut was draining him and he feels much better up a weight. 13#s from his 200# frame now. Seems like 213 is will he will go. Not sure on this though he didn’t say it.
  13. If he’s only got 2 more years, I think his game plan was let’s go up a weight figure out were I am against the best in the world. Now since he lost he can figure out how to beat him next year since I’m going up in weight. Regardless Bo doesn’t have enough offense and got bullied by JDen on 2 of those takedowns, showing he really needs more strength to compete with them.
  14. CaliWrestler

    Is Nickal done now?

    Bo is going till 2020 to try to make Olympic team at 97kg he stated also in one of many interviews, he needs a lot more offense and gain some muscle to compete with Cox or Snyder. Bo is great at beating non world class wrestlers, but he’s no DT at constant offense so I think 86kg he wouldn’t be effective. Think Bo will not do much of anything in freestyle given he’s done after 2020 and going MMA Too bad would like to see more of him on wrestling mat instead of MMA but maybe he also knows he can’t beat DT and can’t beat Snyder and Cox maybe his reason to go MMA
  15. CaliWrestler

    Final X Rutgers live thread

    Think he’s talking US open when JB was clubbing Dake and was only won on shot clock points