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  1. This is like daja vu I think JB wins and beats Russia in finals now for sure!!!! This is probably going to motive him more since he has beaten Tsabalov before along with Chamizo...I feel his only threat now is KD
  2. Is it really an upset considering what he just went through...His head is messed up I hope this guy recovers seems like a good guy
  3. Well according to KD podcast the white skin in Oregon means they should accumulate very well and thrive
  4. So that’s means he is out? Seems they are protecting Sidakov? I would like to see this match
  5. Do you have the brackets for these would love to see who beat Tsabolov and the score..
  6. Only with our Russian Conrad!!! Hahahaah.
  7. Guy was juiced for sure but must have passed Rio. He said he was going to 86 but never saw him after Rio saw recent pictures all muscles deflated and could make 70kg
  8. I change DT with Cox. I would only like to see Cox vs Yazadani
  9. I want to meet his mom, she looked like Yazadini mom when he won his NCAA championship!!
  10. He said in an interview that DT was his mentor so he will go up to 97Kg and take on Captain, which is interesting because Captain does have a little issues with taller opponents but being that they will be wrestling in the room I think they will both adapt to each other styles so I see it being close
  11. Maybe if he stayed after the Olympics we would know, wishful thinking...Good luck Bo in MMA not a fan of MMA but enjoyed watching you wrestle
  12. Cox just won and has been wrestling longer than DT and is in much better shape considering DT major knee surgery
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