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  1. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/sipple/steven-m-sipple-funding-burroughs-training-is-underappreciated-part-of/article_3e0b079d-bc56-5899-b5bc-7436c4305a12.html impressive to turn down this offer and this was 2yrs ago
  2. Taylor out until he shows up and medals again. There is no reason for him to ranked above JB or Snyder since they each got 3rd in worlds 2019 while Taylor was not wrestling
  3. Baby due in April didn’t think about home state maybe you right just thinking dam April when trials are happening
  4. DT having baby in April and JB due Dec how will this effect them during Olympic Trials. I’m thinking more about DT in April?
  5. Thought Dake was going to be a doctor?
  6. Crazy how good they are, would love to see our team and guys have Olympic or world trials that ended up producing couple world champs per weight if they make the team than again wrestling is lucrative for them if they are good..
  7. Can’t agree more!! Everytime a bun is in Lauren’s oven JB has problems hopefully this was 2019 problem and not 2020 but 3 kids and 1 being a baby I got change my vote
  8. JB wife 6months pregnant already Instagram
  9. Dake has in his interview. Since he so evasive I guess you can say he didn’t actual say 74. Hard to like Dake... JB going with baby number 3 in December he might have hard time with Dake
  10. I have to take KD vs JB now just found out wife is due in December 2019 this sucks, good for them but side note even if KD is a little complainer I would love to see him at 74 olympics
  11. Yeah Folk and Free are the exact same so i can see where youre coming from You got me
  12. The number 1 seed I understand but a bye to wrestle 1 match is stupid. He should of course have #1 seed and have to wrestle the entire mini tournament he proved himself at different weight class that was weak this year 79 i think Imar Dieringer could win
  13. Love me some 80s mike Tyson JB is definitely our Tyson and KD (Joe?) ahah
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