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    CaliWrestler reacted to VakAttack in NLWC 3.0   
    Zain loses regularly at 65 kg.  He's got no shot at Chamizo, who has gone toe to toe with much stronger men in Burroughs and Dake, plus Sidakov.
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Plasmodium in NLWC 3.0   
    Lee & Gilman.
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    CaliWrestler got a reaction from Housebuye in IMar and Engel to OSU   
    Well according to KD podcast the white skin in Oregon means they should accumulate very well and thrive 
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    CaliWrestler reacted to LJB in Dake and JB FRL   
    just pure gold...
    thank you ben... i tip my cap to you...
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    CaliWrestler reacted to nyum in Dake and JB FRL   
    The whole thing turned me off to Dake even more.  He reminds me of the annoying guy on every team who has to win every match of "tic tac toe" and ALWAYS has an excuse for losing. 
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    CaliWrestler reacted to uncle bernard in Dake and JB FRL   
    I loved when Dake started getting into his functional patterns schtick. "I'm getting younger every day" and "I'm sorry about your tissues" was just hilarious. He's such an ass but it was entertaining. Even funnier when you consider JB has completely owned him their whole career.
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    CaliWrestler reacted to spladle in Dake and JB FRL   
    My money is on the Olympics being cancelled outright.  SARS CoV-2 isn't going away soon and we are at least a year probably more from a vaccine.  Dake and Burroughs won't wrestle each other again.
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Daybreak in Austin Desanto adjusting?   
    DeSanto isn’t 100% healthy. 
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Crotalus in Nickal’s weight   
    He'll go 97. J'den has never factored into his decision. He doesn't want to compete with his mentor. Wish it weren't the case.
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    CaliWrestler reacted to spladle08 in Why...   
    Yeah I'm confused how more people dont realize this
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    CaliWrestler reacted to mspart in Why...   
    JB goes to Tokyo .
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    CaliWrestler reacted to spladle08 in J' Den will take out Snyder at the Olympic Trials   
    I'll never understand the current level of disrespect for the great JB but I'd wager he gets the spot.
    No disrespect to the Dake fans our there, but man... he had that real solid finals performance a few weeks ago, but all the previous bouts at the very same tournament you could watch and say "I'm not sure how he will look against JB"... it's weird how sometimes we latch onto a favorable result and form our opinion off that.
    There's no way JB is a big underdog going into this.. not a huge favorite but yeah... he wins
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Billyhoyle in Was DeSanto injured?   
    Desanto wasn't injured.  RBY can't melt steel knees.  He gave up the default to inspire the rest of his team, especially Kemmerer, to have a big comeback. 
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    CaliWrestler got a reaction from spladle08 in Taylor is our rep for Pan Am Olympic qualifier   
    So that’s means he is out? Seems they are protecting Sidakov?  I would like to see this match 
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    CaliWrestler got a reaction from Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Yayrgin 2020 resutls   
    Do you have the brackets for these would love to see who beat Tsabolov and the score..
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    CaliWrestler reacted to spladle08 in Who is still taking burroughs over Dake?   
    Dake still does these antics.
    I think people are still overestimating JB's demise. Yes he has close matches with guys he should blow off the mat, because maybe he "knows he can get it done"
    but when it comes time for those "Be locked in" matches, with Chamizo or Sidakov, or somebody of that caliber... he is all in.
    Chamizo and Sidakov routinely destroy lesser opponents where you think "The lesser wrestler has no chance".... much like Dake does.
    JB just doesn't do that and thats ok. But between everyone telling him how great Dake is and how old he is.... he's going to be locked in from GO...  I just really see him winning this
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    CaliWrestler reacted to wrestlingnerd in Who is still taking burroughs over Dake?   
    Anyone can beat anyone on any given day but I see Imart’s chances of beating Dake as slim at best. Dake is better from Imart’s favorite positions and has better hips. They also have history training together, since Dake chose Imart as his training partner two worlds ago. Dake is a more sophisticated version of Cenzo from Imart’s favorite positions. And he can wrestle from any position. If he gets on top, I think he turns Imart like a top. Horrific matchup, I don’t see how Imart wins. 
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Katie in Who is still taking burroughs over Dake?   
    Dake is actually 1-7 versus JB overall.
    At the world team trials matches, Dake is 1-6 versus JB.
    At the US Open, Dake is 0-1 versus JB.
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Katie in Who is still taking burroughs over Dake?   
    I'm a HUGE Burroughs fan, but I'm nervous about Dake.
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Katie in Who is still taking burroughs over Dake?   
    JB beat Dake at the 2017 US Open without a bye.
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    CaliWrestler reacted to sidakova4991 in Who is still taking burroughs over Dake?   
    Burroughs.  I think he just has the attacks to trouble Dake and doesn't allow him to control the tie-ups.  Dake is like 1-6 (or a bigger margin) vs Burroughs.  
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    CaliWrestler reacted to headshuck in Who is still taking burroughs over Dake?   
    Good point.  You can already see Dake complaining about something to the ref.  Legitimate or not. 
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Plasmodium in Who is still taking burroughs over Dake?   
    This is a tough call. Hard to argue against them being a tossup.  Physically, the two of them are in the same stage of life.  They are two and a  half years apart, but of the two Dake has had more serious health issues.  It is likely Dake is hungrier, which is a big factor.  I think JB finishes way better, thanks to Chamizo.  Eh, I'll take JB because I like him and because Dake always ends up melting against him.   
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    CaliWrestler reacted to josephe in Who is still taking burroughs over Dake?   
    Been a huge fan of JB for what 11 yrs now.  Really, really want him to make the team and go out with the gold.  But I have a lot of pause.  Beating Dake, because he's gotten so good,  will take such an immense and perfect match(s) from JB it will be like winning the gold.
    I don't feel it's so much JB's physical and skills that are holding him back.  Though he is not 25 anymore and his gas tank does seem low near the end of matches. 
    1) I think it's his belief in himself.  He talks about being old, near the end, etc.  Never had that mindset before. He use to have unwavering belief.  Wonder if it's still the same.  Because he still has the skills to get the job done and with Dake he can still get in his head because Dake still can get rattled.
    2) I wonder about his training.  Same place, same thing all these years.  We all saw Synder after the losing saying he needs a change of scenery and better and stronger partners to workout with.  Often wonder if what happens in Lincoln is the best scene for JB.  Plus he's a family man now, living that life, just had his third child 2 weeks ago and in about 3mos will have the biggest match of his life.  Also, the boys in Dagestan and the like live and train a much more focused life.
    This is all outside observation so no crucifiers.  
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