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    CaliWrestler reacted to chestcrusher in Anthony Robles   
    Anthony Robles tweeted that Dwayne the Rock Johnson is producing a movie based on his life. Hopefully it will make it on the big screens and give wrestling some good publicity.
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    CaliWrestler reacted to tommytechnique in Jaydin eierman   
    No inside knowledge but my guess is Iowa.
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    CaliWrestler reacted to TBar1977 in Jimmy Cinnabon   
    I am declaring Jimmy Cinnabon the winner in this one. Well played. 
    EDIT: HokieHwt can pull out a last second come from behind victory by calling Cinnabon's bluff and making that contribution to the Penn State wrestling club and posting the receipt online. If he does this, I will change the result faster than a Cornell Lawyer. 
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    CaliWrestler reacted to spladle08 in Bo to 97kg   
    Damn Boconnell why you flame throwin. WARCOX!
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    CaliWrestler reacted to scribe in Bo to 97kg   
    Bo over Snyder is never happening. Even if they are the same age 
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Ultimatepip in Bo to 97kg   
    I love Nickal, but Synder would smash him!
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Billyhoyle in What Bo could become   
    Bo Nickal is 23, J'den Cox is 24, and Kyle Snyder is 23.  That's why Bo is going to MMA.  He might be a senior world medal caliber wrestler right now, but he wouldn't make a world team until DT retires and would never make an olympic team.  I agree that it would be great to have him for depth in years when a top guy gets hurt, but it just doesn't pay enough to be second string.  Only certain people have the passion/drive to spend years as the second guy on the ladder knowing you are talented enough to medal at worlds (guys like DT and Dake).  
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    CaliWrestler reacted to ConnorsDad in U23 Discussion   
    He might have won @ 92, if you're talking seniors, even though he's still second-best in America, but I don't think he would have beaten Yazdani at 86. People don't seem to realize just how weak 79 kilos and 92 were at this year's world's. I'm not saying Dake and J'den aren't great but those weight classes were as soft as Cinnabon's topics!
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Mokoma in U23 Discussion   
    You’re the one who said today, not me.
    I take Bo regardless moving forward, even against Cox.
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    CaliWrestler reacted to TBar1977 in U23 Discussion   
    I agree with Haywood, at the non Oly 92 Kg Bo just may be 2nd best to J Den. Bo is a stud. 
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    CaliWrestler reacted to TBar1977 in U23 Discussion   
    You like him over Yazdani? That's a hard call to make. 
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Perry in Askren.......OUCH!   
    There is a reason Dana waited so long to get askren in the ufc, he waited until he was well out of his prime for this exact reason
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    CaliWrestler reacted to calot in Cox to 86kg — because he wants to block DT?   
    Kyle and Jden have been friends for a longtime and DT and him have had some issues.Jden is probably more motivated to train and cut to 86 to face a guy who's disrespected him in the past then he his to face his close friend
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    CaliWrestler reacted to DuckFor2 in Cox to 86kg — because he wants to block DT?   
    the favorites will be 1) Yazdani 2) USA rep
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Plasmodium in Cox is the best   
    Cox beat Dake well before he had transformed himself into that all that and a bag of chips.  Dont kid yourselves, he beats Dake all day. Also,  JB will continue his complete domination of Dake.
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Lurker in P4P US FS rankings   
    I think until Dake beats JB you gotta have him ahead. I know it’s gold vs bronze the last couple years but the weight class and depth have to matter, especially when they have a very lopsided series between them. 
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Peso in David Taylor and JB   
    Jordan is amazing!  He very easily could have won the last two World Gold medals.  Would sure be sweet to see him go out with another gold.
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    CaliWrestler reacted to scribe in David Taylor and JB   
    Sounds like both will be dealing with at least 10 pounds of extra weight.
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    CaliWrestler reacted to scribe in Top Wrestlers in USA History   
    Big Bruce by a mile. He doesn’t get enough respect here. 
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Old Corps in Lesnar and how good was he?   
    I think Lesnar was a lot better technically than many people give him credit for. 
    I spoke with him one time and he was truly a huge guy.
    I remember thinking “This is why large caliber handguns will never become obsolete!”  
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    CaliWrestler reacted to irani in Cox in 86 Kg?   
    جی دن کاکس، حریف آمریکایی علیرضا کریمی اخیرا گفته برای حضور در المپیک تصمیم به تغییر وزن دارد و می‌خواهد از ۹۲ به ۸۶ کیلوگرم وزن شما بیاید و در این صروت قطعا رقابت سنگینتر خواهد شد؟
    یزدانی: بله، من هم شنیده‌ام؛ کاکس شخصیت بسیار خوبی دارد و با یکدیگر دوست هستیم و هر وقت در مسابقات یکدیگر را می‌بینیم احترام زیادی می‌گذاریم. جند بار هم به من گفته که می‌خواهد برای المپیک تغییر وزن دهد که من با خنده پاسخش را داده‌ام. برای من
    فرقی نمی‌کند با چه حریفی کشتی بگیرم، اگر نماینده ایران در المپیک باشم تمام تلاشم را برای موفقیت و اهتزاز پرچم کشورم و شادی دل مردم ایران انجام می‌دهم. به عنوان یک سرباز وظیفه من جنگیدن در میدان مبارزه است.
    Yazdani:  Yes, I have heard that too.  Cox has very good character and we are friends.  We show respect to each other every time that we see each other in tournaments.  He has told me a few times that he wants to change weight for the Olympics, and I respond with a laugh.  For me it does not matter who my opponent is.  If I am Iran's representative in the Olympics, I will do my best for success and raising the flag of my country, and to bring joy to people of Iran.  As a competitor, it is my duty t fight in the field
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    CaliWrestler reacted to Gantry in Cox in 86 Kg?   
    Great answer!  Yaz is such a good dude, almost all of us root for him when he's not going against Taylor. 
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    CaliWrestler reacted to 1032004 in Cornell and Mike Grey and Kyle Dake   
    Is Dake really charismatic?  Most of what I see him do is complain to/about refs
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    CaliWrestler reacted to wrestlingnerd in Goodale Signs 5-year, $1.25 million Contract   
    Good(ale) for him, but he should be making more given the cost of living in NJ and his success over the last few years. I hope there are some nice performance-based bonuses in there. 
    I wonder how Pritlaff feels about this. For Rutgers’s sake, he better be taken care of too. 
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    CaliWrestler reacted to wrestlingnerd in Predict the 2020 Olympic Team   
    Agreed, but my only point was that last time JB had a kid, he got sent to the BBQ line at the Olympics. One data point does not make a trend, but it is both wonderful for JB as well as concerning for overzealous fans like some of us. 
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