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  1. Seeing this match live really made me appreciate Jason Nolf’s athletic ability. The speed in which he is able to clear tie ups and level change at will is amazing. No body’s leg is safe against him in college. It made a very good wrestler look average.

  2. Seth Gross does this thing where he lets the guy in on his legs, does a hip tip, grabs the opposite tricep and walks over the arm. I've seen him do it a few times most recently against Tariq in OT (go to 2:12).



    Lee Kemp scored on Dan Gable with this move as a teenager. Goes way further back then last decade or two.

  3. I would like to see Mocco vs Snyder. I think Mocco might have more attacks but would not be able to stop Snyder low single. These two are the most technical heavyweights we have had in a long time, Coon vs Konrad would be a great physical match up. These four plus Rowlands would be a fantastic mini tournament. 

  4. Very impressed with the technique overall. Some fairly recent champs would have a harder time winning today.

    Would Delgado be able to turn funk into a takedown against Lee? Would freshman Dake come out on top of a scramble with Yianni? Imar once unstoppable underhooks were ineffective against Cenzo over hooks. Many other examples out there. Fireman’s back in style after being out of favor for a while. I think the foot sweep is out of style now..will it cycle back? Mocco the last great foot sweeper? Everything old is new again at some point. Gross bundle step over to pin Wilson in SV in semi finals Is same move that Lee Kemp uses to against Dan Gable as a teen.

  5. Seems like more than a few people think Hall looks under sized lfor his weight class. Of course that was proven not to matter.Mark is the first recent NCAA champ not to look huge for given weight.

    Who else currently competing in college wrestling seems small for their weight or does not seem to believe in excessive weight cuts?

    Is this more common now in college or at least starting to be the case in HS?

    If you have a HS kid that wrestles, how much are you okay with them cutting to make weight.

    I have seen table workers double check they have the right kids because noticeable size difference at same weight among MS and HS kid tournaments.

    I imagine some kids don’t cut any weight and still compete well. Much better than the dark ages of weight cutting of 80’s and 90’s.

    Ironically, the medium size HS heavyweights may end up cutting some of the most weight to make 197 for college.

  6. That's not even partially correct. There is a crossface or claw being applied at the same time the foot is being torqued so bailing out is not an option. Most of the time Zane (and others) are applying it they are grabbing the foot and more specifically the toe area and torquing it over at the same time they have a claw in. It a miracle that there aren't more pulled quads from that move. No wonder they ban it at the HS level. It's the definition of a submission move


    Pulled quad? Let's just agree to disagree sir.

  7. If we are talking about eliminating grabbing a foot or ankle and applying side pressure it should not be legal whether it's happening in neutral or on top. You can't draw some arbitrary line and say that you can't grab and ankle/foot in a scramble because it potentially dangerous but then allow it in other positions.

    You can bail out on getting injured while in bow and arrow by letting your hip turn...can't bail out when knee is torqued in neutral sometimes when you are in spaghetti position if blocked.

  8. So the bow and arrow should be PD and all arm bars since they inflict pain to the defensive wrestler until they give way for the offensive wrestler to improve his position? Isn’t that the same as the over torqued knee? I’m all for the safety of the wrestlers and hate seeing anyone get hurt. I do not think any rule changes need to be in place now that aren’t already there. If there were rules that prevent any torque on any joints, what would be left in wrestling? Refs, in general, do a good job protecting kids and you do see plenty of stalemates or PDs called.

    Arm Bars and Bow and Arrows have been around longer than most people alive today.  Generations of refs know instantly Bow and Arrow are all good and legal in freestyle and some age groups in Folk style.  They also run closer to any arm bars and yell "Keep it legal" and almost always call PD in time.


    I love wrestlers inflicting legal pain. I don't love seeing knees blown out and ending seasons. And No refs do not do a good job in knee torque situations. They look if control has been established and studs do not cry out in pain. They are taught to tough it out. I know....tell them to rub dirt on it. It will be fine.

  9. It is a good start with awarding back points while the leg passers are wrong side down...sorry Heil.

    But I have noticed youth and HS kids are starting to being taught to over torque the knee if they can't score from spaghetti positions, exactly where ankle grabbers tend to always end up shortly before stalemate. They have the attitude if it inflicts enough pain, he will let go and give up a TD.

    I have seen this often at practices where it makes even less sense.

    Knees and shoulder injuries are the bane of wrestling.


    Refs do a great job of calling PD on armbars for the most part.

    Are refs looking that hard to award control that knees get popped before they see over torque?

  10. Check ego at door.

    Of course you know more than you could possibly teach in the allotted practice time.

    Even though everyone is too good for it...

    Start practice by warming up with at least a couple basic skill drills straight from USA practice curriculum.

    Don't be that coach with half the team wrestling for years but do not get the "up and through" concept on shots.

    Coach the position, not the moves will go a long way.

    An expert is a master of the basics but that is so boring.

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