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  1. What is the current rule in Greco Roman for slipped throws. My Google skills are evidently sub par.
  2. Never thought I would see another athlete out athlete I-mar. These guys go way beyond the big three lifts...off the charts rotational torque power. I can't wait for a re match.
  3. Looks like Vincenzo Joseph game planned Imar's aggressive under hook perfectly. Ian Miller laid the ground work with his inside trip but wasn't as strong as Joseph.
  4. No matter what happends in finals, I am very impressed with him.
  5. At least there will be 80 more All Americans in a couple weeks. Is it possible 10% of those will have ties to Chicago area or is that over optimistic?
  6. I'm not asking for all time greats. Simply thought being in Chicago area that there are plenty of All Americans living here that might be interested. Sorry if my criteria offended anyone.
  7. If interested or know someone who might be please send me a pm.
  8. I think with the cross wrist series being in style at the moment, there are less cradles being taught. While most cradles are basic, there are many dangerous ones like Jordan Oliver used to put away many college wrestlers.
  9. Just curious as to which one and why? It seems leg riders are easier to defend once the leg is in than trying to escape after a Cradler gets his lock.
  10. I watched one of his recent highlight videos and picked up a few things that have not seen anyone do. Such fluid technique that almost seems instinctive to him, he is just as comfortable in any position as a shark is in water.
  11. Just an old guy here trying to see if coaches today prefer locking hands under the butt rather than wrapping each leg with an arm. Live match examples would be great. Thanks in advance.
  12. Who would be runner up in double legs to JB?
  13. Today's elite HS wrestlers are sort of born on third base. Most of their fathers probably also wrestled in HS, some in college, all willing to pay whatever the price in both time and money to get the best coaching, wrestling academy and partners within commuting distance. Plus high level technique available through Flo and wherever around the clock. If the kid is willing to put in the work, let them.
  14. On closer look, Harutyunyan may have been transitioning from the gut wrench to a different lock to get ready to throw. Either way, great job to Jessie for wrestling out of his mind as of late.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRV-FXf4On4&list=PLWfeskasuOjCWTFG2hkGso1My9lvSx27y&index=3 59 kg: J. THIELKE (USA) df. F. HARUTYUNYAN (SWE) About 8:30 mark....Harutyunyan getting a bit greedy with gut wrench. Jesse does standing switch/hip heist to step over for the fall .
  16. Yes I seen excretions at the local f/s and g/r local tournaments, along with a lot of crying as they get thrown for the first time and hit with a thud. Just having fun. I completely agree with NY Wrestler post.
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