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  1. Warning: Old man rant ahead It seems like most of today's defensive college wrestlers really hope for 1-0 snooze fest matches. In the past, some of the best defensive wrestlers were counter attack wrestlers. Often times their defensive counter were just the start of great flurries of chain wrestling. I will always be a fan of wrestling but there has never been more of a contrast than right now between folkstyle and freestyle in being spectator friendly. Which college wrestlers are the best counter attackers today. I think Nolf and I-Mar are towards the top with counter wrestling and flurries of chain wrestling.
  2. On my short list would include a few of the 2016 Olympic team members and alternates who are leaving their shoes on the mat this year. These guys are pretty obvious picks since they are still fairly young and have been trained by the very best current coaches.
  3. That last second takedown by Short was "Dirty Takedown" highlight reel worthy. Just wow.
  4. I was impressed with Nolf counter weight tactics too reduce I Mar strength.
  5. Free Flowrestling video of great set ups to shots from one of the best takedown artists, Henry Cejudo showing his Olympic Champion caliber shooting drills at a clinic. Watch how Henry's set ups eliminate any over reaching with straight arms because the distance between your arms and his legs will be much shorter. Please note that reinforcing proper mechanics will eliminate elbows out mistake since the finishes of Hi-C, Knee Pull Singles and Outside Singles are elbow deep. Bring your body (hips) to the leg, turn the corner and blow through your opponent at an angle, preferably finishing with his leg off the mat. Always correct wrestlers that are reaching and grasping for faraway legs on two knees (no power drive leg that way) while getting their head stuffed and sprawled out directly under his hips. Video them and show them their matches weekly because often times they think they are not making these obvious mistakes. Keep up the good work...everyone can get better together. http://www.flowrestling.org/video/206651-journeymen-wrestling-club-henry-cejudo-on-111508
  6. The entire Smith family has my utmost respect for rolling the dice and letting the chips fall where they may.....
  7. Nobody asks to get hurt. This does not belong in the light hearted "I really enjoyed the ______ era" threads.
  8. 11-10 decision at Bill Farrell International. Not exactly a tech.
  9. Graf has a shot but needs to up his defense. Micic blew through his defense until Graf made adjustments or Micic gassed or combination of both.
  10. Mark Schultz had inhumane strength and was quite a bit heavier than Monday. Everyone has seen athletes overseas on p.e.ds make just about any move work defying laws of positioning and leverage. This is not a comment about Mark Schultz in any way.
  11. Agreed. Call me crazy but I think Monday was close to Burroughs as an athlete. I think he would be able to adjust his tactics to make the match interesting. It would be a toss up.
  12. How do these member technique, tactics and strategy compare twenty years later? Is freestyle much better today or would these guys still find a way to crawl to the top again at the trials? It is crazy how few weight classes we have today. Rob Eiter 105.5 lbs Lou Rosselli 114.5 lbs. Kendall Cross 125.5 lbs.   Tom Brands 136.5 lbs.   Townsend Saunders 149.5 lbs. Kenny Monday 163 lbs. Les Gutches 180.5 lbs.   Melvin Douglas 198 lbs.   Kurt Angle 220 lbs. Bruce Baumgartner HWT
  13. It is pretty easy to pick the top 2 or even 3 based on recent tournaments. But surely one weight will have a champion that not many considered. Who do you have as your dark horse? No laughing allowed.
  14. Nerd....fantastic observations as always. I enjoy your insights and agree 100% on this Scuffle post.
  15. Any high school wrestlers invited? Or is that a thing of the past now...
  16. I am actually happy with the current rules. Wonder how long until they change...
  17. This story changed how I looked at wrestling. Before I was just an avid fan at events/practice...now I look at the proximity of walls and mats. I do speak up no matter the room or event due to this tragedy. Honestly we should learn from this and there should be safety person at each meet that has to over see and or sign off on mat set up.
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb8odmR5CvM Terry Brands v Kendall Cross is perhaps, among the most epic battles of all time, at the most exciting domestic tournament....the Olympic Trials. Under today's freestyle rules that rewards the takedown artist, Terry wins this match hands down. A beautiful knee pick, incredibly timed pop elbow to snatch single and front head lock release to chase corner single leg all by Terry makes him a true takedown artist. Kendall however is a counter move artist. The ill fated first takedown by Terry, a lighting fast Metzger that was countered just as fast by a Kendall Cross step over with back points. Add a chest lock counter by Kendall late in the match, sealed the win. Both of them are true warriors. Nearly twenty years later, their match has stood the test of time as an all time classic .
  19. Coach Smith is the master of adjustments. Even though, I Mart will most likely win in their next meeting...I predict it will be within one takedown.
  20. Here is my take. (In case you missed this above in this longish thread. Chris Perry took time to personally coach the V brothers to improve their over under game) http://www.flowrestling.org/video/752293-chris-perry-critiques-anthonys-inside-trip That alone should of earned AV respect. But to act as though he had a chance against Chris Perry and throw a tantrum when shutout....that is hard to defend. We all had some growing up to do at AV's age and 99.999999% of us were not wrestling at that level either. Hope it is a one time thing and everyone moves on.
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