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  1. He just mad that Chris went into big brother mode on him. They are really friends...at least they used to be. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/251790-2014-Whos-1-Dual-Event/video/752293-Chris-Perry-Critiques-Anthonys-Inside-Trip
  2. I think Perry leg ride drains a lot of energy that makes Howe looks slow on his feet, Yes Perry did when on his feet last match. I am getting forgetful in my old age.
  3. That's why I have Howe. Perry minus leg ride = Howe win
  4. There are a ton of different categories on the Coaches Poll. Not sure if there is any more current poll then 2013. Check out Izzy at only 6% of the vote, What would this year freshmen best career look like? A bit late as December is almost over..... http://d1collegewrestling.net/Features_2013Poll.html Incoming Freshman who will Have the Best Career 1. Bo Jordan (Ohio State) 28% of the vote 2. Zane Retherford (Penn State) 12% of the vote 2. Ben Whitford (Michigan) 12% of the vote 4. J'Den Cox (Missouri) 9% of the vote 5. Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) 6% of the vote
  5. http://www.indyweek.com/indyweek/a-tragedy-changes-how-high-school-wrestling-is-officiated-in-north-carolina/Content?oid=4161616 This is from 2014 but just seen this recently. I have seen this lack of space between mat and wall many times. Especially in practice rooms where live wrestling is done without refs or much supervision. Coaches cannot be everywhere and may want to assign someone to watch dangerous close in walls during live goes. Have them break and guide them away from walls. Kids tend not to think about how close the wall is to them during the heat of battle. Please check your practice rooms and take a look at your next tournament. Prayers go out to this young man and his family.
  6. Kaid Brock showing he is well versed in upper body tie up strategy. Not a fan of most throws but upper body and lower body combinations throws such as Metzgers, Foot sweeps and Inside trips makes a wrestler pretty dangerous. Coach Zach E and Coach Eric G were incredible in those over under, double under and double overs in their day. Go Cowboys.
  7. http://therudis.com/dave-Schultz I thought this was pretty cool. Dave Schultz memory lives on for generations of wrestlers. I can only imagine what could of been if Dave Schultz had lived to become a national/world level USA Wrestling coach/leader.
  8. Surely he regrets the decision. Incredibly talent wasting away in incredibly unforeseen circumstances. Pull the trigger and have just 3 years of NCAA wrestling. Would anyone fault him? I sure would not and I am a huge Ok State fan.
  9. I remember how big the Iowa wrestlers of the mid eighties were during summer camps for their respective weight classes. The hydration tests and all in high school having effect of everyone cutting less weight? Of course there will always be a few extremes in any era.
  10. Micic reminds me of most Russian wrestlers, masterful at technique and less focus on year around strength and conditioning. But Russians do tend to show up in good enough shape where and when it counts most...the worlds and Olympics. The trials will be amazing at this weight.
  11. I think Graff is a great wrestler but Micic will win next time they meet since his technique seemed better to me. Yes I know people mention lack of gas tank, but it could of been anything. Gas tanks are easier to fix than defense. Is Micic even 20 years old yet?
  12. It is exciting to watch the Takedown Artist 2.0 evolve right before your eyes in real time thanks to Flo. (I wish Flo was around when John the original Takedown Artist was evolving year by year)
  13. I look forward to seeing him develop as a college wrestler. Is it possible to have any better bloodlines? Can you imagine the yearly rate of improvement here? Which famous wrestling relative does his style emulate the most? Or does he have his own style?
  14. We pay $140 a month for our son to attend a wrestling club academy about thirty minutes away. It is worth every penny. Top level technicians with credentials and close ties to current D1 coaches and athletes. If you are considering an academy ask around how many recent and current state champs train there now and how many recent and current college All Americans used too. You are not just paying for top coaching but top partners. Iron sharpens Iron. Fish makes more Fish. I can see a local club charging between $75 and $150 for short two month elementary season. Most of these coaches do this for the love of the sport and are not making any money but covering costs. Basics are fine but must be correct or future time wasted breaking bad habits. Top level coaching is not available in every town but worth the drive and expense.
  15. Marty Kistler was 2x NCAA Champ. Was runner up behind Kenny Monday as a sophomore. He was my camp counselor at one of the 21 day Iowa Camps.
  16. I would say quite a bit since the current generation of high school wrestlers really were to young to know much about his passion and intensity. The Cary Kolat documentary 1 and 2 really were the best wrestling documentaries I have seen in a long time although there are many more in recent years than the past. Flo may have some issues to work on but overall they have made an obscure sport with poor coverage. perhaps almost fringe, more mainstream and current among fans of the sport. I wish the MMA bandwagon fans would climb abroad the oldest sport known to man bandwagon. Wrestling is the root sport of all combat sports.
  17. I was at the 2012 Olympic Trials. It was by far the best event I have seen in person. What a difference an Olympic cycle makes with so many older lions eventually eaten by younger lions.
  18. http://www.win-magazine.com/2012/04/win-as-in-whats-important-now-to-wrestlers-and-coaches/ Most wrestling coaches try to show way too many moves and too short of a time. Most wrestlers will get a little taste of hundreds of moves but fully digest none. Anyone know wrestlers that log their reps/hours for moves/positions? Maybe Brent Metcalf and his Front Headlock Series Jordan Burroughs and his Shoot and Reshoot Series They both had this mastered well in college and do it well internationally as well.
  19. Northwestern do well hypothetically in this team race?
  20. Pure on the mat wrestling strength. Not weight lifting strength. Haven't we all tossed around non wrestling 600 pound dead lifters that had no idea how to harness their strength against another person.
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