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  1. Wow just wow. Episode 1 was crazy enough where Cary had to survive and thrive being raised by a nut job dad. Without a doubt, a less stout of a boy or less mentally tough of a boy would have crumbled into pieces. Episode 2 is even crazier as FILA is an assemble of nut jobs where matches could be bought and sold year after year. Getting screwed multiple years at The Worlds and the Olympics, would have broken a lesser man. Cary Kolat was the Worlds best for four years in a row despite his Gold Medals being sold to higher bidder. I hope Cary Kolat will coach National Teams and Olympic Teams in the near future. Although nothing will replace his stolen World Champion Titles and Olympic Champion Title, he can help many others get to his level of technical and tactical greatness.
  2. I did search quite a bit on the interwebs but without much success. Who was/is really good at this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Not as a strength and conditioning coach right?
  4. http://matbossapp.hs-sites.com/blog/analyzing-classed-state-tournaments-vs.-single-class-state-tournaments Interesting read. I love one class state championships for states.
  5. As the college season is very long and rough on the body, how many recent national Champs have been injury free and never missed a match all four years? It seems almost impossible to match Cael's amazing run.
  6. Beach wrestling has huge upside to promote the sport if marketed professionally. So far, needs some help to grow but why bash it? I live in a beach town and if saw any match, whether wrestling, mma or whatever, I would watch.
  7. Angel Escobedo has a very similar fireman's carry on Flo. I do like both as they dump man in front of them rather then behind them, thus eliminating danger of sprawl or stepover.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Dz1PQiBXHg Interesting story...the best learn from the best anywhere and anytime. Monday is a true Takedown Artist.
  9. Just wow. Kolat dad was a nut. Hat's off to Cary to survive and thrive despite of him.
  10. I am excited at seeing him grow physically and technically as well. After getting over the shock of the transfer, it really makes a lot of sense. Does it really matter how many NCAA titles one collects if the true goal is world success? My prediction: I think he will go from very good to scary good after this year and has a great atmosphere to thrive.
  11. Folkstyle gobbled up Freestyle over the decades for High School Glory over International Success. Parents, kids, coaches all have a part of the blame. I have seen summer tournaments where each period changed styles from Folkstyle, Greco and Freestyle. That is a nice compromise.
  12. I am a new Jordan Burroughs fan. Although it took me many years to get on the bandwagon due to my other favorite wrestler(s) in the same weight class. However I am now all in the JB bandwagon due to his work ethic, grace, poise and humble attitude. Here is my take on Jordan Rules that only apply mostly to well Burroughs. 1. I do not have to hand fight to beat the best in the world because speed kills. Please note he works incredibly hard to enhance his athleticism. 2. I do not have to fake shots because my first, second, third and fourth shots are all very scary real and can all score if you do not counter in nano seconds let alone a whole second 3. I do not have to worry about getting thrown because on your way to the tie up, I already have one or both of your legs. Can you add any other rules?
  13. Folkstyle wrestling is great for our athletes. The narrow focus on folkstyle wrestling for most young wrestlers and most their coaches is terrible for our athletes. If our American first grade wrestlers... are not being taught by youth coaches to transition from a takedown to a turn then their mindset is to just cover them, then ride and control the years go by and habits get ingrained. are not being taught or at the least introduced by youth coaches to gut wrench and leg lace, the two highest percentages of turns, then five years later in early junior high they are already five years behind their Russian and Iranian counterparts. are not being taught specific takedown technique specific to achieve pushouts by youth coaches, then they are clueless to current rules, then five years late after playing it safe on the edge they get mauled in freestyle. I know it would be a hard sell but I think it would be awesome if folkstyle and freestyle were taught way more often at the same time. Or at the very least a segment of practice dedicated to freestyle technique and tactics. I feel bad for most our first grade wrestlers who through no fault of their own are falling behind from lack of freestyle training and freesyle coaches in most areas. It is a shame since freestyle wrestling is the most exciting and athhletic sport in the world.
  14. I thought this routine is a good start for wrestling strength using gymnastic rings http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q94Wg5ZtdYs Of course deadlifts and tons of other weight lifting moves have their place as today's top wrestlers need near gymnast flexibility and near power lifter strength.
  15. 1. Does every college room still have climbing ropes? 2. Do you believe rope climbing is more sport specific strength for wrestling than say heavy rowing and/or chin ups/pull ups? 3. Would you choose weighted movements like weighted rope climbing/chin ups/dips over free weights for a youth wrestler?
  16. I think if you watch a lot of high level wrestling, you will notice some subtle right lead to left lead leg switching depending in which way you circle. For instance, if I am in a right leg lead stance and circle hard to my left while pulling on opponents left arm... my stance becomes left leg lead stance and I can hit a left handed outside single/hi-c. Most good wrestlers will switch back and forth dozens of times in a match until their third, forth, fifth etc. attack creates a real angle of attack.
  17. sorry here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRUykoS5vxk
  18. http://Jordan Burroughs (USA) vs. Aniuar Geduev @ 6:15 mark, great counter by Geduev. Surprised more aren't using that slick defense. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRUykoS5vxk
  19. http://www.sectiononewrestling.com/documents/5_worst_strength_training_exercises.html Link to full article above covering the 5 worst exercises. Pull Ups are a staple for most wrestling programs everywhere. Do you agree chin ups are safer? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4. Pull Ups/Chin Ups (With Palms facing Away From You) - These movements are not only bio mechanically inefficient they murder the rotator cuff, killing mostly the supraspinatus and terres muscles. There are many variations of the pulldown/pullup, but the most biomechanical efficient and thorough method is the one where your palms are facing your face (supinated) and are placed shoulder width apart on the bar. Wider grips endanger the rotator cuff of the shoulder as do the palms facing away (pronated) grip. On biomechanics: “The lats have 160 degrees of range of motion when worked in the sagittal (front to back plane), to do that, your palms need to be facing you to properly position your elbows. Turn your palms away from you and all of a sudden you are working on the transverse plane where the lats only have a 60 to 80 degree ROM.” “Not only that, but without the bicep in the action your weak little elbow flexors will give out before the lats are saturated with exercise so the loss is doubled. It is from these wide grip and pronated grip pulldowns and pullups that many older weight trainers trash out their shoulders. The old wives tale of the lats having to work harder to make up for the biceps not being in the work would be true if the lats were connected to the elbow but they are not, they attach at the shoulder, so that often told exercise pointer is absolute biomechanical hogwash!” **
  20. Today's youth wrestlers live in a world where they can study the best technique in the world with Flo (and to a lesser extent, Youtube) for hours every day. Old wrestlers, myself included, had to go to expensive and intensive training camps as long as three weeks to learn from college coaches and hoped to remember everything or take good notes. Huge thanks to Iowa Camps, Oklahoma State Camps and Michigan Camps back in the day. The summer months spent there now account for many of my stories of (the now old time) the NCAA champs who were my camp counselors and their antics. Do todays super youth wrestlers even need camps or clinics if they have guidance from their former wrestling dad or involved non wrestler dad? I know a dad who never wrestled ever and has one of the highest wrestling I.Q's I have been around. He actually helps his son quite a bit (laugh all you want) who has been on world teams. I would much prefer Flo and Youtube. They are the two primary reasons for the recent influx of youth super wrestlers. Yes the old 80's technique does not compare to today, but if we were youth wrestlers today then it would be even easier to fine tune technique daily. Yes today's youth wrestlers were born on third base. But remember, still standing on the shoulder of giants. My school coaches ranged from horrible to great. I would much prefer great workout partners to great coaches. Very few high school coaches stay current technically and often show outdated moves. For those coaches who takes the time to stay current, no matter how long removed from competition days...Thank You,
  21. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/249795-FloPRO-Content/video/754687-Tim-Flynn-Over-Under-Footstomp I really enjoy seeing different wrestling techniques evolve or devolve through the years. Will we see more of this stomp on foot set ups? Made popular recently by Iran's World Champ Yazdani stomp single but has been used for decades. I can of like it but is this like going five miles an hour over the speed limit? You know it is not right but nobody cares.
  22. This made me laugh because of all the times I have heard this though the decades. Many of these proclaimed future 4x state champs who were incredible novices burnt out before wrestling one high school match. However one parent insisted he never wanted his son to have any losses in high school, this was when he was in junior high btw... ended up 240-1 and full ride D-1.
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