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    takedownartist reacted to D3UC157 in More deserving of being a 4-timer   
    I’d say: Sanderson, Steibler,  Dake, P. Smith
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    takedownartist reacted to GoNotQuietly in NCAA FINALS   
    Gross won that match 90% on grip strength. Amazing
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    takedownartist reacted to tbert in Evan Wick lit up the consis   
    He has a wingspan of a 747
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    takedownartist reacted to AnklePicker in Coach of The Year?   
    The answer is Popolizio without question.
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    takedownartist reacted to wrestlingnerd in Hidlay's chances against Nolf   
    Nolf is not 100%. Very obvious to me. Even David Taylor stopped within a millimeter to saying as much on the broadcast. I’m taking Hidlay by 1 because he’s on fire and Nolf is gimpy.
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    takedownartist reacted to Lurker in Tsirtsis   
    Feel good story. Very happy to see him on the podium
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    takedownartist reacted to brickhousey in Tsirtsis   
    Went from everyone poking fun that he wasn’t starting and ends a all American.. awesome
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    takedownartist reacted to swoopdown in Session Three Thread   
    Classy kid - like his attitude
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    takedownartist reacted to BigTimeFan in Session Three Thread   
    The semifinals are becoming must-see TV.
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    takedownartist reacted to tightwaist in DeSanto is a douchebag   
    He should be kicked out of the tournament
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    takedownartist reacted to LoStNuMbEr in Desanto is a punk   
    Screw this guy.  Gets his ass kicked by micic and then dives for a blatant kimura attempt in the last 5 seconds to try and injure micic. Should get booted out of the tournament, no place for that kind of bull****
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    takedownartist reacted to GoNotQuietly in Session Two Thread   
    Yeah T-shirts!
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    takedownartist reacted to MSU158 in Mark Hall Trend   
    There is no true answer. It is different for everyone. Some guys are so good and naturally lean enough that cutting isn't necessary. Some guys need to cut to get to their optimum potential even if they are only at 90% at a weight class. 90% at 157 may be more productive than 100 at 165.
    Finally, some guys have to cut hard to have a chance to make the line up. Sit the bench or cut hard and wrestle varsity, which one do you think most would choose?
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    takedownartist got a reaction from HurricaneWrestling in Mark Hall Trend   
    Sorry Cael. Not sure what I was thinking.
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    takedownartist reacted to tigerfan9311 in Mark Hall Trend   
    Jaydin Eierman never cut in HS, and hated it at Mizzou.  He was simply better at a more natural weight of 141.  He seems to be doing alright. Leeth, Lavallee, Lewis, Miklus...none of them are particularly large for the weight class.  OSU dwarfed us in almost every match.
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    takedownartist reacted to AKHUNTER in Weight Cutting Horror Stories   
    won't tell horror stories.......... but I will say this
    To this day I HATE saunas.
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    takedownartist reacted to pamela in 10 Years later...How many 2008 Champs would win this March?   
    Metcalf-Zain would be awesome.
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    takedownartist reacted to cangemi in PSU v tOSU   
    I agree. They need just wrestled the two off best of 3.
    Only way be fair both these kids have done everything asked.
    Props both of them
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    takedownartist reacted to ionel in Get on Kanen Storrs Twitter   
    think he meent a brakedown, gotta know flap speak
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    takedownartist reacted to tightwaist in Nolf not as bad as first thought (link)   
    Nolf does put himself in needlessly funky positions, mostly because he is an athletic freak of nature who always comes out on top. He can eliminate the scrambles and funk, and still be better than everyone on his feet...even with a 80% knee.
    Van Brill scissored the knee and lifted the ankle. Almost like a heel lock, which puts a ton of pressure on the lateral part of knee. I don't know if it was dirty, but it did work. Ref needs to be aware of the PD
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    takedownartist reacted to scribe in Braking Downey News   
    Standing across the line that separates club guys from official practice?
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    takedownartist reacted to tbert in Updated Rules Needed for Torqued Knee in Neutral?   
    We do not ( and did not) need any new rules for potential dangerous or stalling.  We just need educated refs with the balls to make the call and not worry about the fan base or the coaches.   Their #1  priority needs to be with the safety of the wrestlers,  then worry about points.
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    takedownartist reacted to ThatLogSchuteWasCarrying in Updated Rules Needed for Torqued Knee in Neutral?   
    The problem is that a torqued knee doesn't provide as much feedback to the defensive wrestler as say, an armbar.  They might feel some tension but no real pain until it pops.  So guys either don't recognize or outright ignore the danger to their knee until there is a pop and it is too late. 
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    takedownartist reacted to GoNotQuietly in Updated Rules Needed for Torqued Knee in Neutral?   
    Putting yourself in a potentially dangerous position should be stalling or some other named violation w/ a caution and point awarded.
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    takedownartist reacted to skikayaker in RUTGERS PUNKS   
    Actually, my take away from the match was that the Rutgers program turned the RAC into a S-Hole of an event. Suriano struts around and makes comments earlier in the season that a forthcoming Yankees stadium event will be great for "him". Big fish small pond is good for some I suppose. Delvechio shoving Keener's head was unnecessary. Retherford was punched in the face to the point that if he replied in kind it literally would have been closer to a boxing match than wrestling. Yes, that's a way to slow Retherford down and keep him from a Tech Fall or pin, but nevertheless he got the major. Nolf. I've silently have said to myself that he leaves his legs unnecessarily in vulnerable position in part because he's able to create offensive opportunities and score big points from scrambles. It did seem to me that VanBrill torked the ankle/foot while pinching Nolf's leg in a scissor lock to the point that Nolf couldn't turn to relieve the pressure. I've watched it in slow motion and it seem a tad bit malicious. Not 100% but partially malicious.  I think PSU became flustered. I thought the call during the Joseph/Lewis match was ridiculous with Joseph sliding Lewis' headgear around his neck to move the out-of-place headgear out of the way. Cheap and wrong penalty. Nickal dealt with the same crap that Retherford did, and I think Cael avoided putting Shakur on the mat to limit the amount of tape on Rasheed's cradle technique.  My take away, Rutgers scrapped, fought hard, and yes, I think they were a little dirty.
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