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    takedownartist reacted to steamboat_charlie in The 2018 Yarygin (Jan 26-28)   
    Gadzhi is a killer man.  Scoring on him is a nightmare.  Dake is going to have to find a way to score against him.  Far be it from me to have any clue how to go about doing that.  It's pretty striking how similar their styles are.  Dake made a mistake going for the head pinch trying to even it up, and then the rest of the match kind of sucked with all the singlet pulling and general defensiveness.  Between Dake, Gadzhi, and Zaseev I think you're looking at the best three in the world at 79kg.
    You can watch the finals at the link below. You'll have to drag the bar back to around the 3 hour mark.  It won't let me time stamp the start of the match since it's an ongoing feed, but you can drag the bar back and find Dake's match. 

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    takedownartist reacted to sgallan in Pico   
    I think he has already crossed the "what might have been" threshold, he is an MMA guy now.
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    takedownartist reacted to BigTimeFan in Spencer Lee!   
    Good question, I don't know but I have lately been wondering about small 125 pounders vs small 174 pounders (for example, Hall). Seems like a small 125 pounder gets a lot more attention re smallness than a small 174 pounder. I think it's because a small 125 pounder can't choose to go to a lower weight and therefore has not chosen to be undersized. But so many great wrestlers are not fully sized for their weights and its fine. I don't know how many exactly but there's a lot. I mean look at Nato. He had to have been a small 133 pounder. Dake a small everything pounder. Didn't hurt him. At the ultra-elite level maybe being undersized isn't that big a deal. 
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    takedownartist reacted to Gantry in Desanto Destroyed Micic (if you didn't know)   
    Love watching him wrestle, but many freshman start off like a ball of fire with either a neutral or top move that seemingly nobody can stop and by the end of the year said move gets scouted by everyone.  He's a stud, but will need to continue to evolve but he won't be hitting that fireman's 8 times a match on top level guys soon. 
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    takedownartist reacted to sgallan in All aboard the Austin Desanto bandwagon   
    I think a lot of moves have cycles, they get used, work, people scout, and get used to seeing them, they go away, come back, and starts all over again.
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    takedownartist reacted to TobusRex in Askren vs Hall   
    Not mine. Takedown artists annoy me and that's all that FS is, I prefer guys who can control other guys on the mat, turn them, and get the fall. FS is like a "part" of wrestling, at best.
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    takedownartist reacted to maligned in U23's   
    Bad performance by Fix, though--especially after the first takedown by Ibrahimov. Anyone could see the guy was 100% counters, especially off snap-downs and "head hanging" by his opponent. Coaches were even screaming, "don't hang." But he gives up key scores TWICE when Ibrahimov is on the clock because Fix can't restrain himself from head snapping for a few seconds.
    No excuse because they got beat fair and square, but, man, McKee and Fix's quarters were loaded compared to the other quarter on their halves. I would put a lot of money on Fix or Yatsenko beating Andreu of Cuba easily, but Ibrahimov had nothing left late (and gave up a phantom two in my opinion and should have been up 4-1 before the late takedown). And Ozdemir of Turkey clearly was completely gassed after his 8-8 match in the quarters and still somehow almost comes back 20 minutes later to advance in the semi's. McKee would have had a second shot in the repechage in a just world with balanced brackets too.
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    takedownartist reacted to headshuck in Mark Hall   
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    takedownartist reacted to cornercoach in Mark Hall   
    ...he better pose with the same official that missed BoJo's first takedown and swallowed his whistle after giving an accurate stall warning but didn't have the guts to throw the well deserved stall point.....imho.....
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    takedownartist reacted to Nittany in We need nearfall from neutral   
    I agree with this.  An alternative may be to just immediately stalemate a situation when each have each others ankles.  Far too much time is wasted on these sorts of scramble positions.
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    takedownartist reacted to Smedley in Separated at birth?   
    Props to headshuck.

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    takedownartist reacted to Gantry in The least talked about true threat to take a title   
    Indeed, McDonough was the king.  Always pulled that leg in, until he got hurt...
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    takedownartist reacted to boconnell in Looking for College All American to run clinic in Chicago Area   
    I ran clinics with relatively unknown guys who were great teachers.  I marketed them for the technical gain enjoyed by those who came.  I also ran clinics where I brought in big names from other places and I marketed the name on the flyer.  It's totally okay for coaches to be interested in running both types of camps.
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    takedownartist reacted to headshuck in Dean vs. Taylor?   
    It's a tough leap. Who remembers Howe tossing Taylor around like a rag doll?
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    takedownartist got a reaction from Housebuye in Looking for College All American to run clinic in Chicago Area   
    I'm not asking for all time greats.
    Simply thought being in Chicago area that there are plenty of All Americans living here that might be interested.
    Sorry if my criteria offended anyone.
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    takedownartist reacted to gowrestle in Looking for College All American to run clinic in Chicago Area   
    No offense taken. I'm just highlighting a flaw that exists within the culture of wrestling and that is the more successful wrestler has a superior opinion than the average guy. This also holds true when hiring coaches. Just look at great coaches in other sports, Duke's Mike K. being a good example. No way would a guy with similar athletic accomplishments get hired at a powerful D1 wrestling program.
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    takedownartist reacted to OfficialObserver in Looking for College All American to run clinic in Chicago Area   
    Contact Israel Martinez at Montini Catholic High School or at his training center, Izzy Style School of Wrestling & MMA.
    Also, you have the Northwestern wrestling staff with Matt Storniolo, Andrew Howe and Cody Brewer...pretty good list of guys right there.
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    takedownartist reacted to wrestlingnerd in Looking for College All American to run clinic in Chicago Area   
    Agreed, but "come see a great teacher" doesn't sell as well as "D1 AA to teach X, Y, and Z".
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    takedownartist reacted to Tofurky in Looking for College All American to run clinic in Chicago Area   
    Reach out to Steve Marianetti at Elmhurst College. If he isn't available, he has a lot of guys who can help.
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    takedownartist got a reaction from TheRealOne9050 in The best technician   
    I watched one of his recent highlight videos and picked up a few things that have not seen anyone do.
    Such fluid technique that almost seems instinctive to him, he is just as comfortable in any position as a shark is in water.
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    takedownartist reacted to Gantry in Perfect Wrestler Composite   
    Joe Williams
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    takedownartist reacted to Frank_Rizzo in Have we ever seen a period like this before?   
    Top kids these days have probably wrestled 500 matches by the time they're in high school and have trained extensively with elite regional clubs on a year round basis.  Very, very few of the best even play other sports anymore.  It's no surprise that we're seeing better, earlier returns from the cream of the crop.   
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    takedownartist reacted to MadMardigain in Bilyal Makhov interview   
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    takedownartist got a reaction from Tofurky in Great Folkstyle based move in Greco for the fall...   
    On closer look, Harutyunyan may have been transitioning from the gut wrench to a different lock to get ready to throw.
    Either way, great job to Jessie for wrestling out of his mind as of late.
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    takedownartist got a reaction from KTG119 in Great Folkstyle based move in Greco for the fall...   
    59 kg: J. THIELKE (USA) df. F. HARUTYUNYAN (SWE)
    About 8:30 mark....Harutyunyan getting a bit greedy with gut wrench.
    Jesse does standing switch/hip heist to step over for the fall .
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