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    takedownartist reacted to manyak in Russian Olympic Training Camp Video   
    My Russian isn't great so pardon any errors
    This appears to be a video of a "Olympic Regional Training Center" in Kislovad, Dagestan
    Guseinov is still the head coach of Dagestan despite not being the head coach of Russia. 
    You can see Sadulaev, Kudiyamagomedov, Kurugliev, Otarsultanov and other stars as well as Dagestani UFC fighter Rutsam Khabilov
    I recognize some Kabardians (Makhov, Kushkhov, Geduev, Urishev, Musukaev). I wonder if any Chechens or Ingush are there. I don't see any Ossetians and they probably have their own camp.
    It's a pretty long video but gives some insight into their preparation and methods.

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    takedownartist reacted to Coach_J in Where is our most interesting poster?   
    Banned.  Some of his "humor" was lost in translation and, well, let's just say Russian culture can tend toward the crude.  That said, loved the inside information he supplied.  Hoping the ban is lifted and he gets another chance.
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    takedownartist reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Judo vs. Wrestling   
    personally, when I'm handling buffoons and putting marks in their place, I usually rely exclusively on my jeet kune do training. 
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    takedownartist reacted to Perry in Imar vs. Miller (worth a second look)   
    If miller had kept the lock he'd have had it. As it went, I would definitely consider there no control and iMar did a fantastic job sitting up and ending in on a leg. I can only imagine the core strength he must have to do that... what a talent Ian miller was (#freeianmiller). I'm disappointed he never got to make his finals appearance. He definitely earned it.
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    takedownartist got a reaction from OBJoeB in Imar vs. Miller (worth a second look)   
    Maybe the ref was still on the old  "Reaction Time" rule...
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    takedownartist reacted to newyorkwrestler in What Olympic Trial weight class will have the most NCAA Finalists?   
    Dake Taylor ruth Herbert reader caldwell Gavin Dean foster cox? Martin? have Close to 25 I think
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    takedownartist got a reaction from Alwayswrestling in Ringer vs Howe   
    OK State insiders....How bad does Perry beat up Ringer in the room?
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    takedownartist reacted to Perry in Ringer vs Howe   
    Gotta go with myself in that match up..
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    takedownartist got a reaction from gutfirst in Folkstyle who wins Pico vs Retherford?   
    Pico is undefeated in Fantasy Folksyle.
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    takedownartist reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Ringer vs Howe   
    Howe, he has big international wide experience
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    takedownartist reacted to AnklePicker in My Thoughts On This Year's NCAA Championships   
    Bo wasn't trying to throw with the lead.  He was going for his patented underhook knee pick and he actually got it, the only thing was Martin had his underhook arm trapped in a bodylock so once they went down Martin simply rolled through it.
    That said IMO Bo is by far the most exciting wrestler in college and the most fun to watch.  A double over step around throw 15 secs into the national finals?  Are you kidding me?  I love watching this kid and I hope he continues his go for broke style because that's what real wrestling is all about.  My stuff being superior to your stuff.   
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    takedownartist got a reaction from jstock in 2016 NCAA Wrestling Championships | Official Highlights   
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    takedownartist reacted to straggler in Championship Thread   
    There is no way to spin it that Gwiz did not blow this match. Up by two with 30 seconds and you do not back up to the edge and stall it out? He does that he wins. And it was not the only tactical mistake he made. Winning a title is obviously very hard. Once you get to the point where you have the match, you have to take it no matter if you win ugly or not.
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    takedownartist reacted to newyorkwrestler in I REALLY ENJOYED THE NATO ERA!   
    I don't understand why he tried to hit a funk roll, he was in fine position to get a whizzer and stuff the head, or try and work to an over/under parallel position, or any other defensive moved that didn't involve diving straight to his back... Dumb
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    takedownartist reacted to VakAttack in Session 3 Discussion   
    Lol. He's shooting, getting to legs, locking up,and trying to throw. You're just flat wrong here. Brooks got jobbed out of a TD in the first and possibly back points in the third, but I couldn't really see the shoulders that well.
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    takedownartist reacted to scribe in Snyder: Previously pinless?   
    Takedowns always presents the majority of best opportunity for pins.
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    takedownartist reacted to PRyan2012 in Snyder: Previously pinless?   
    Takedown is king. Always has been. He is good on bottom in free and folk. So he is great at the two of the three positions. I would say he is horrible on top not just not to good. Superior top wrestling does propel some but that is rare to win on your top skills alone. But you can easily win on just takedown skills and suck at everything else. If he runs into a guy with takedown skills to match his he is in trouble. He would not fair well against a Cael.
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    takedownartist reacted to bigmik in Today's Defensive Wrestling v/s Old School Defensive Wrestling   
    I think you are greatly overrating today's wrestlers. I would say most collegiate wrestlers' today are likewise absolutely atrocious in many aspects of the sport. The fact that Nolf is running through kids the way he is doing is evidence of this. Same thing with Retherford. Wrestling at a high pace with a mean attitude gets you a lot further than it should at this level imo. I actually thought that D1 wrestling would be further along than this in 2016. 
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    takedownartist got a reaction from Fishhook in Today's Defensive Wrestling v/s Old School Defensive Wrestling   
    Warning: Old man rant ahead
    It seems like most of today's defensive college wrestlers really hope for 1-0 snooze fest matches.
    In the past, some of the best defensive wrestlers were counter attack wrestlers.
    Often times their defensive counter were just the start of great flurries of chain wrestling.
    I will always be a fan of wrestling but there has never been more of a contrast than right now between folkstyle and freestyle in being spectator friendly.
    Which college wrestlers are the best counter attackers today.
    I think Nolf and I-Mar are towards the top with counter wrestling and flurries of chain wrestling.
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    takedownartist reacted to Fishhook in Match of the year? (down goes Nolf)   
    Those same tactics that gave Martinez a breather, gave Nolf a breather too. Yet he seemed to me to be more tired than Martinez in the Overtimes.  Nolf allowed Martinez to do everything he did.  Nolf allowed Martinez to work his head literally the whole match. He also allowed Martinez to control his wrists, underhook, and the ties for most of the match.  Nolf has very good motion and is a shoot, shoot, shoot kind of guy. BUT he needed to get off better angles, a faster level change or not allow himself to get tied up and even though he never got snapped, his lower back and legs had to have been weakened.  For all of the complaining of ankle grabbing, Martinez was very very close to lifting Nolf off the mat, but Nolf sagely grabbed his ankles, impeding his power.   Those are not cheap tactics, rather taking advantage of some situations that aren't clean. Both dudes did that in the match.  
    That is one of the problems with just shooting, without other techniques and ties.  It can end up in stalemates and stuff if everything isn't just right. At least in a very savy wrestler.  Firemans and some other techniques may be more difficult to execute, but do have the chance for a clean payoff. 
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    takedownartist reacted to VakAttack in Vak keeps blogging! - Running Diary from Session 1   
    I wrote a running diary for Session 1, the Championship side only.  Take a look!
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    takedownartist reacted to maligned in Freestyle brackets are up for Pan Am Qualifier!   
    UWW signed a new deal with Flo that puts this under their monthly or yearly subscription umbrella.  They don't do anything pay-per-view.  You pay for a month ($20) or a year ($150) to have access to all their events and video library.
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    takedownartist got a reaction from TBar1977 in Does I-Mar rely on strength more than Frank the Tank?   
    I was impressed with Nolf counter weight tactics too reduce I Mar strength.
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    takedownartist reacted to TBar1977 in Nolf vs IMar   
    I have watched the Nolf I Mar match probably 10x. Here is what I saw.
    Period 1
    I Mar's major offensive strategy is his signature double underhooks. He tries to throw Jason at least 5 times with little success. One early throw attempt very mildly gets Jason off balance. The last of the 5 throw attempts would lead to Jason's scrambling takedown of I Mar. 
    Jason's major offense seems to be the head snap, and trying to defend the double unders. Jason executes 5 really strong head snaps. Very powerful snaps. Reminded me of Aaron Pico. 
    I Mar's 5th throw attempts leads to him spinning Nolf down to one knee. Pretty sure Gibbons expected an easy TD when he announced "there it is", but he quickly regrouped with "and there is Nolf's high wrestling IQ" as Jason put in an arm whizzer. A scramble would ensue and Jason would come out on top for the TD. Jason rode I Mar for 42 seconds and it took considerable effort from I Mar to get out of Jason's ride. 
    I mar almost immediately goes to a quick head outside single to Jason's left leg and gets his own TD with something like 30 seconds left in the period. Jason gets to his feet easily and I mar wastes a ton of energy trying to mat return him. Jason immediately gets up without problem. Jason uses a "dead weight" technique to make it harder to be lifted, but I mar tries anyway and the energy he uses is considerable. Jason easily gets back up every time.
    They get a reset with 19 seconds left in the period when something pretty interesting happens. It is telling. I mar gets a warning for jumping early. The ref comes in to explain the reset rules to the two wrestlers. Time is going by and at this moment you can pretty easily hear on the BTN broadcast Cael Sanderson shout out at the ref something I have not once seen mentioned anywhere.
    Caps Lock to connote Coach Sanderson's volume (he is pretty far away so obviously he has to raise his volume a little)
    Pretty strong evidence from the Penn State coaches that they wanted as much pace in this match as possible. If you are Nolf, this probably makes sense to you as it is a big part of your plan. I wonder what I Mar had to be thinking given he believed Nolf could not keep his pace. 
    Nolf would get the escape in the waning seconds of period 1. 
    Period 2
    The period starts with I mar making one pretty strong mat return, but Jason just shrugs it off and stands up much the same way he does against any wrestler. I Mar ends up just sort of hanging on from behind not doing anything and gets a stall warning before cutting Nolf. 
    I Mar tries a couple more throw attempts but they are noticeably ineffective. Nolf would employ 5 additional very strong head snaps throughout the first 80 seconds of the period. Within all of this there is some stand up where I Mar walks out of bounds and gets another stall warning and a point goes to Nolf. I Mar wasn't really stalling, but it was a correct call by the rule. 
    In this sequence I Mar makes a couple of weak shots to Jason's left leg. They go nowhere. Can't get thru Jason's head and hands defense. At this point I Mar attempts a duck under shot towards Jason's left leg. He either wants to duck under to an outside single or get to a slide by and go behind. It is once again to Jason's left. Jason stops it with head and hands and because I mar has his feet too far forward Jason then goes high and runs right thru I Mar who is very lucky to have not surrendered a counter TD right there. They stalemate with 26 seconds remaining in the period and Jason holding a 5-3 lead.
    Just after the restart from neutral with 26 seconds left the deciding sequence takes place. I Mar takes his 5th shot attempt in the match to Jason's left. Another attempted duck under. Jason again blocks it, but this time Jason counters low to an ankle pick. I mar drapes over Jason's back. Jason rotates around and uses an arm turk to stop I mar's near side trail leg. Jason rotates once more to spin his free leg on top of I Mar while easily transitioning the arm turk to a Navy ride and then on to an attempted far side cradle. 
    The cradle does not work, but the Navy ride is in, the pressure from the free leg is pressing I mar's upper body and head into the mat, and he has one arm trapped. It is the second time in two weekends that Jason Nolf used a leg across the opposing wrestlers head or face as part of a turning or pinning combination. The whole sequence is some high level chain wrestling at its best. 
    The pin came with about 5 seconds left in period 2. By this point in the match the ref was holding 4 points and the score would have been 11-3 had I Mar survived the buzzer to end the period. 
    The other primary thought I had about this match was that I Mar didn't really have much of a plan other than to do what he always does, which is to say to just out physical his opponent. I don't think he gave it more thought than that. Nolf and the PSU staff, on the other hand, I think they had a plan i.e. defend the under hooks and mat returns, out scramble I mar, elevate pace to highest level possible, and they executed it perfectly. 
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    takedownartist reacted to TheRealOne9050 in Thoughts on Wrestling   
    That's insane. Maybe those parents should act as drilling dummies instead, to help their kids practicing wrestling moves. Not force them to cut weight. That would be much more helpful.
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