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    takedownartist reacted to bigmik in Nolf vs IMar   
    If Martinez can't beat Nolf easily, then his coaches need to scrap the idea of holding Martinez's walk around weight to 157 and worrying about the Olympic trials at 65 kgs. The Illinois coaching staff is absolutely right to believe that Martinez can one day be a serious force on the world freestyle stage. Martinez is a very rare talent. However, none of this means that Martinez is ready to take on the country and world's best and win consistently today. Sure, anything could happen, but how likely is it to happen? I wonder why they are so confident in Martinez being able to win the trials already as a sophmore in 2016. Has Martinez been working out with any past or current elite wrestlers and doing exceptionally well? Or are they basing this mostly on how he's beating college kids? If they are basing this weight management program primarily on what he does in the practice room, then that is folly imo. 99.9% of these kids who wrestle at the D1 level (this includes all eras of wrestling) don't know what they are doing. They don't even truly understand what great, elite wrestling is. This even includes most "dominant" ncaa champions from most years.
    Right now the young Jason Nolf is winning and winning big, but his wrestling is atrocious. No disrespect intended to Nolf whatsoever, but he is all over the place. I see nothing remotely close to elite wrestling technique, elite athleticism (i.e. strength, quickness, awareness, etc.), or elite anything. He's able to wear his opponents down mostly on his pace and, from what I have seen, slightly above average athleticism. He would struggle mightily to not be taken down repeatedly by the world's elite; he would also struggle to score a meaningful take down of his own. If Martinez cannot easily pick apart Nolf today, then I believe that demonstrates that he's not ready to be focused on winning Olympic Gold right now. I've seen Martinez a few times this year, and rarely has he been forced to focus on the minutiae of wrestling technique that you need to win at the highest levels. He just blows right through his opponents. I see flaws but maybe that's because Martinez is not really being challenged. Hopefully Nolf can push him today and 'we' can see if Martinez really has the goods. I could see even from high school that he had the raw talent, but I have yet to see the masterful skill. Maybe he has it in him, maybe he doesn't. I'm interested in seeing what transpires today.
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    takedownartist reacted to jstock in Nolf vs IMar   
    Just shows how special Cael's record is
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    takedownartist reacted to GranbyTroll in Thoughts on Wrestling   
    I definitely  have parents who force their kids to cut to 50lb from 55lb in 2nd grade. It's horrible to watch on a level that makes me wonder how a parent could do that to their child. 
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    takedownartist got a reaction from maolsen in Put me in coach...   
    The entire Smith family has my utmost respect for rolling the dice and letting the chips fall where they may.....
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    takedownartist reacted to scribe in Any 1996 Olympic Team members make 2016 Olympic Team?   
    I let myself think about it a little bit. Burroughs is a special mixture of speed and power. To the level he has taken it, I don't think anyone matches up well against him. Probably not even himself.
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    takedownartist reacted to HurricaneWrestling in Scuffle Observations   
    Fat man, you shoot a great game of pool.
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    takedownartist reacted to GoNotQuietly in Things we learned Saturday that we ALREADY should have known......   
    Brent Metcalf won Fargo in Greco four times, and while that is obviously the distant past, if he doesn't display "greco hips" in freestyle more than anyone else on our team then I must be watching something completely different.
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    takedownartist reacted to scribe in It's Christmas time so………   
    He doesn't need Christmas. He has money!
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    takedownartist reacted to WreslingSuperior in wrestling internet rabbit hole   
    They are ignoring also beach wrestling and grappling (1 article in 1 year). If you have a style you can't ignore it. This is simply scandalous and UWW isn't a world class sport federation. It is simply a second generation of FILA with the same holes.
    With UWW Olympic styles have lost weight classes in male divisions. I don't see new big sponsor and after 3 years of words there aren't new uniforms.
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    takedownartist reacted to bench529 in Things we learned Saturday that we ALREADY should have known......   
    Don't count Andrew Howe out. Even though he will have to go through the tournament to get his shot at the Golden Boy a healthy Howe will give him fits. 
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    takedownartist reacted to GoNotQuietly in Midlands...   
    David Taylor wrestling at midlands has to be looked at as a gift for everyone involved in folkstyle wrestling.  He gets to enjoy being out on the mat in his prime competing and having fun while simultaneously getting used to the weight change, college guys have a crack at an NCAA legend, and we get to see one of the true entertainers put on a show.
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    takedownartist reacted to SetonHallPirate in Midlands...   
    takedown, that was a thing of the past. The NCAA passed a rule banning college tournaments from admitting high school athletes effective for, and probably because of, the year after a middle schooler entered the Nittany Lion Open (and actually won a match in that tournament...you might have heard of Chance Marsteller).
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    takedownartist reacted to ionel in Chance picked up the tech today   
    Imo it's much more than a couple points (Chance could still prove different) Joe is capable of teching & pinning guys Chance may not be able to beat. Strategy for the avg wrestler (right now) against CM: hand fight/block for 3 min, let him choose bottom, riding him out, choose top, ride him out, take your 1 point win & move on.
    Most of the points against Joe (Lavallee td, L Smith td, iMart heal pick, cradle reversal, tilt) are fixable, he is still learning the comp lot of upside. If Joe ends up on backside he scores more bonus.
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    takedownartist reacted to BigTimeFan in Taylor mistake?   
    I am going to say this again and again and more clearly each time. Dake is going to take a year at 86kg and compete up there and then come back to 74kg after Rio and look to challenge Burroughs. The strategy is simple and sound. If you can't beat him, take a break, do something else and come back with a fresh perspective. I'm telling you, this is exactly what Dave Schultz did, deliberately, in 1982. He lost to Kemp many, many times prior to that. Kemp was the man. At that time he had won worlds 2x, missed out on the 1980 Olympics and taken a bronze in 1981. Schultz was not expected to beat him and didn't try again. Instead he took a bronze one weight up. Kemp won his third world title and fourth medal at 74kg. The next year, 1983, Schultz moved back to 74kg while Kemp took the year off. Schultz struck gold. The next year, 1984, Kemp and Schultz squared off for the Olympic berth. This time Schultz won the spot and took the gold, defeating 1981 world champion Martin Knosp in the finals. 
    Let's talk age. JB was born July 1988. By the time Rio roles around he will be 28. Two years hence he will be 30. Not old by any means, but not young either. Lee Kemp was born December 1956. When he tried out for the 1984 spot he was just shy of 28, JB's age. Dave Schultz was born June 1959 about 2 1/2 years Kemp's junior, Kyle Dake was born February 1991, about 2 1/2 years JB's junior. Schultz made his first world team up a weight in 1982 at age 23. If Dake makes the team this year he will be 25.
    My point is that you shouldn't discount the possibility that Dake overtakes JB. JB is an athletic freak, a once in a generation wrestler, but so was Kemp. JB is on his way to being the most successful USA freestyler ever, but so was Kemp at the time. But Kemp got older and his priorities changed. There's no question that Kemp approached the end of his career with questions about his passion for the sport and his priorities shifting to his future off the mat. In one or two years when JB is 30 he will be a step slower and a touch less the athletic freak. Dake meanwhile will have had a a year or two wrestling up a weight and away from JB. 
    Lastly anyone who thinks that this isn't on Dake's mind is missing the big picture. All the talk thus far has been about Dake and his big mistake, as if he permanently moved up a weight. I tend to doubt it. Rob Koll is no dope, nor is Dake. They are aware of the past and are aware of the potency of this strategy. 
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    takedownartist got a reaction from 2td3nf in Anthony Valencia -- big baby   
    Here is my take.
    (In case you missed this above in this longish thread.
    Chris Perry took time to personally coach the V brothers to improve their over under game)
    That alone should of earned AV respect.
    But to act as though he had a chance against Chris Perry and throw a tantrum when shutout....that is hard to defend.
    We all had some growing up to do at AV's age and 99.999999% of us were not wrestling at that level either.
    Hope it is a one time thing and everyone moves on.
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    takedownartist reacted to MSU158 in Things we learned Saturday that we ALREADY should have known......   
    1.)Dake is better than Taylor.  Up a weight or down a weight, in a house or with a mouse, in a boat or with a goat......
    2.)Metcalf is really good.  65kg is a crazy deep weight class in the world and the U.S. is no exception.  Metcalf bashers can pound on him for not medaling, but it's not like there has been a consistent medalist for ANY country over the last half dozen years at 65 kg.  Jimmy Kennedy wrecked the weight class, yet he can't beat Oliver who can't beat Metcalf.  Stieber and Humphrey can't beat the above and both beat Pico convincingly.
    3.)Terry Brands is a phenomenal freestyle coach/influence.  Ramos and Dennis(don't forget McDonough) seem to have distanced themselves from all their domestic competition.
    4.)Chris Perry may end up wrestling 65 kg by the end of his career.  I kid, but c'mon, he wrestled 189 in High School and he just made the OTT Qualifer Finals at 162.8 lbs.........
    5.)Burroughs is really, really good.  Howe is the only one that didn't run away and he won the qualifier....
    Feel free to add more!
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    takedownartist reacted to NJWC in NJ v/s PA for the USA HS Nationals Duals Championship   
    I'd have to have some help with the NJ lineup, as I don't know each kid as well as others, but a lineup that has some of these kids would present problems for any HS team:
    106 Manchio?  One of the Blair kids?
    113  Glory or Rivera?
    120  Raimo?  Ghione?
    126 Suriano?
    132  Foca?  
    138 Griffith?
    145 Mekhi Lewis?
    152  Glasgow?
    160 Bierdumpfel?
    170 Dallavia
    182 Josh McKenzie
    195 Mulligan?  
    220 Correntti
    HWY Rivera
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    takedownartist got a reaction from NYWRESTLER94 in Anthony Valencia -- big baby   
    He just mad that Chris went into big brother mode on him.
    They are really friends...at least they used to be.
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    takedownartist reacted to boconnell in Howe v/s Perry   
    Perry won their last  match in neutral (NCAAs).  He won the previous one with riding (Big 12).  
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    takedownartist reacted to GoNotQuietly in Nationals / OTT qualifier - general results   
    Dake's explosiveness grows exponentially with his weight, His strength and conditioning team deserves a raise.
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    takedownartist reacted to GoNotQuietly in Nationals / OTT qualifier - general results   
    Andrew Howe sending out numerous X-mas cards to thank everyone moving up out of the weight.
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    takedownartist reacted to OtisCampbell in Midlands Matchups...   
    Looks like Midlands is back on it's way being the toughest regular season tournament individually at least. The reports of it's death were greatly exaggerated. 
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    takedownartist reacted to Gantry in OSU Cowboy's Imminent Lineup Shuffle?   
    Put me on record for saying there is no way that happens.  Moving up two #1 ranked wrestlers in the middle of the season to make room for a super struggling Marstellar is Looney Tunes.  JoJo pulling the shirt I can see, not the rest. 
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    takedownartist got a reaction from KTG119 in Rudis Tribute to Dave Schultz (The Sly Fox)   
    I thought this was pretty cool.
    Dave Schultz memory lives on for generations of wrestlers.
    I can only imagine what could of been if Dave Schultz had lived to become a national/world level USA Wrestling coach/leader.
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    takedownartist got a reaction from HurricaneWrestling in Rudis Tribute to Dave Schultz (The Sly Fox)   
    I thought this was pretty cool.
    Dave Schultz memory lives on for generations of wrestlers.
    I can only imagine what could of been if Dave Schultz had lived to become a national/world level USA Wrestling coach/leader.
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