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  1. So Ferrari has an endorsement contract with pampers?
  2. Taking a year off to grow a new leg
  3. Maybe so but the Brits and CIA still convinced Eisenhower that Iran moving to the Soviet sphere was the threat so my point regarding the motive US involvement still stands. The Iranian regime, apologists and enablers are as prone to ignoring facts as the shah and his cronies when they trot out 1953 as their goto excuse. Motives for US involvement are widely documents, e.g., this from Wikipedia with sources - British prime minister Winston Churchill suggested to the incoming Eisenhower administration that Mossadegh, despite his open disgust with communism, was, or would become, dependent on the pro-Soviet Tudeh Party,[47] resulting in Iran "increasingly turning towards communism" and towards the Soviet sphere at a time of high Cold War fears.[48][49][50][51] I don't have the expertise to say whether or not US fears were justified, but I do have the expertise to understand that fear of the Soviet Bloc was real and most probably the driving force for the US actions in this case. Open minded historians don't omit evidence or selectively edit in order to advance a political narrative. As to the question of whether or not wrestling can be a factor in improving relations between the two countries? Small chance if any, but when you have little common ground or communication you are best served by keeping and further developing what you have going just on the off chance it may prove useful.
  4. yes, British petroleum interests in the region played a PART - especially with MI6. But so did the West's fear of a communist takeover .... So you may have fixed one thing and introduced an omission error as well. Given Eisenhower's reaction to the Suez crisis it is arguable that the US would not have involved itself if the threat of a communist takeover was not also a factor. And because communism and not oil was, afterall, the CIA's cold war era obsession.
  5. In the case of Iran it depends whether or not you consider 1953 recent history. Regardless, Iran's MORE recent history is that of Islamic fundamentalists crushing any secular anti-dictatorial elements who opposed them. Iranian internal politics alone explains installing and sustaining the current regime. Not the CIA. Not MI6. The CIA and MI6 support of the 1953 revolution (deeply rooted in cold war politics and not anti-Islamic vs. secular issues) is, as you say, "not a good look for the brand" (i.e., "The past is never dead. It's not even past") but the current regime and its apologists trotting out that history to justify (or even explain) Iran's current positions and assign blame to the West is disingenuous. In short. The US and the West are not responsible for the way Iran is. Iran is responsible for the way Iran is.
  6. what if the guy on the bottom has riding time advantage?
  7. https://taskandpurpose.com/news/marine-corps-tokyo-olympics-wrestling/ nice to have a jarhead to root for
  8. So Iowa State doesn't require reading as an admission prerequisite?
  9. Thanks. A 10 fold difference between NLWC wrestler as opposed to J'Den fan support is quite a compliment to NWLC fans everywhere
  10. In this day and age of social media you would think that Olympic organizations would have a system allowing athletes to subscribe to text alerts - "1 hour until weigh in fattie", "2 hours until your qualifier princess", " 3 days until your court appeal Yianni" , "5 minutes - start warming up your whining voice Dake" - they could be personalized Or at least go old school and give everyone a beeper and and have watchers pushout "hey dumb-$hit where are you notifications" critical notification
  11. the only asterisk will be by J'Den's name not the team. It is the dumb-a$$ mistake asterisk. By no means the first . A cautionary tale below for those not old enough to remember - During the 1972 Olympics in Munich, the American sprinters Eddie Hart, Rey Robinson and Robert Taylor were said to be watching what they thought was a television rerun of 100-meter qualifiers when they realized it was the live quarterfinal races going on without them. Hart and Robinson had tied the world record that year, but only Taylor made it to the starting line. He went on to finish second in the final to the Soviet Union’s Valery Borzov. The Americans’ coach, Stan Wright, said he had been given an outdated schedule. And the offenders were not awarded a special race to qualify. An aside - I'd like to be the first to note that J'Den liquifies assets every time he steps on the mat.
  12. Thanks - I can't tell you what a relief it is knowing that now
  13. I think Nolf at 79 would have a chance against both JB and Dake. They both would be in their 90's by then no?
  14. JB set the tone for the USA team for many years - confident but respectful and gracious in victory - and I think others followed his lead. Don't know what team personality will emerge without JB's leadership, I hope somebody similar steps up but who will that be?
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