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  1. https://twitter.com/Super70sSports/status/1547245840007315463?s=20&t=TVUs66qhZpkPcQXDg6QuWQ
  2. The end date of this era correlates with me being born. Disregard correlation - causation crap; I'm taking full credit for the rise of PSU and ending the domination era. I willed it. My only regret is that my power does not extend to football.
  3. I didn't even know that they were dating
  4. Yes but that last "little" difference is probably harder to close than what was closed since their previous match. More often than not challengers never close the small gap against a proven world champion. It sure as hell is not a sure thing - Nolf may need to improve his lawyer points to knock off Dake since he does not have JBesque TD explosion that could win decisively. But being a Nolf fan I'd be OK with him winning decisively next year. Dake may be going U23 next year anyway.
  5. Dake is so hard to score against - he wins two matches with lawyer points (step outs, flee call, shot clock) and doesn't need "real" stuff.
  6. The first match Yianni lacked a pair and grew some for the second. It's seasonal and he's deciduous.
  7. If he was a cop he'd be arrested.
  8. The way of the freestyle fan is to accept and not question grasshopper. The Point God is unfathomable, infallible and just.
  9. wish they'd only allow push out points after you score a real live actual TD. or give more points for a TD that you initiate and complete. TD>2Xpushies
  10. Nick Lee hangs out near woodsheds when he's not carrying water. We should ask him to look behind one to see who is literally punishing metaphors.
  11. An unnamed source says that the FBI has a dossier detailing Brand's ties to Russia's Alfa Bank and some lewd hotel room activities on a Moscow visit. According to media experts, this is extremely creditable since the FBI is said to be investigating. The unnamed source, who may or may not be a bald wrestling insider known to throw an occasional chair, says the dossier couldn't possibly be paid for by the opposition since nothing that weird could ever happen.
  12. Where can I buy an "Un-Paid Iowa Hater" tee shirt? I don't want to be mislabeled. On second thought just "Un-Paid" on the shirt should suffice since I may someday dislike something else and not get paid. PSU should hand out 16000 of these next time Iowa and PSU meet at the BJC and have a un-paid-out.
  13. Oranges can be super paranoid. So I'm wondering if this paying accusation is pulp fiction.
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