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  1. That's pretty impressive! 108 is lot of mileage per week. I ran Grandma's last year and I think the highest I was running during peak training was 60ish. Whenever I seem to get over 50 consistently I start getting bursitis and other over usage injuries. I missed all my races I was planning for the late summer and fall with a stress fracture. Bummer Boston got cancelled, I know how you feel. It's nice we can at least still enjoy running though even if there are no races.
  2. I'm sure there is a big contingent of girls who would love for a do over on that one lol. That was a wickedly brutal course with the hills. I can't believe how many of the top girls dropped out and didn't even finish. I'm pretty sure I crossed paths with Des' boyfriend when we both had the same idea to catch everyone coming by around mile 23 on the corner of Decatur and Piedmont. Running has definitely not taken the void in my life that wrestling left when I stopped competing but I will say the marathon is one hell of an adventure. The ebb and the flow you experience on those 26 miles is pretty awesome.
  3. My company just shifted to the working from home thing this week. Outside of working I've been running, building my mileage back up after taking a week off after a 1/2 marathon I did on 3/1 down in ATL the day after the OTT trials for the marathon. My girlfriend ran in the trials which was pretty awesome to see and probably the last big sporting event in the US for awhile. I was thinking that, is the USA marathon team the only one selected at this point? We were joking that they would redo the trials and we would spend next winter training and do it all over again lol.
  4. If anything that ref should have been hit for stalling...
  5. What's the match score going into 165?
  6. Big Rutgers fan and love what Goodale has done over the years but really wish he would keep some of this stuff in house. I never understood why a coach needs to personally bash kids in the media. Wouldn't bringing this stuff up in the practice room achieve the same affect? On a separate note, Janzer is a treat to watch wrestle. Dude is tough as nails and a gamer.
  7. Didn't realize Sammy Alvarez ended up at Rutgers over NCST. Excited to see him wrestle at the RAC. Hopefully we'll get to see him wrestle Howard again in a few years.
  8. The guy who always injures everyone because of never really learning the proper technique. Had a guy on my college team who was one of the relentless non stop guys who loved low singles but never learned to finish them correctly. Instead of trying to place his forehead on the inside of your kneecap to sit you down he jammed his shoulder into your shin and just tired to drive through every time. Felt like every time he shot in, your knee would buckle. Also the guy who always tries to only go live with people who are at weight classes lower then them...
  9. Between Aragona, Vulakh, Benner, Glasgow, and Janzer I think they will continue to have at least on AA every year even after Suriano graduates but will find it tough to repeat what they did this past year with two NCs. I'm not sure RU could ever become a powerhouse like PSU but think they follow a similar model like NC State and take those 2nd tier recruits and form them into NC contenders. PSU steals a few of the top NJ recruits but it is the IVY league schools like Cornell, Penn and Princeton that get a lot of the NJ talent that would help a program like RU reach sustained success. Can't fault a kid for choosing any of those schools over RU due to academics. One thing they do have that is somewhat of a differentiator to schools not named PSU, tOSU and Iowa is the crowd attendance and atmospherics of the home meets. They do a great job promoting and getting people and kids to come to all the meets.
  10. Any idea where Raimo might be heading if not ASU?
  11. Micah caught a break with Kolodzik dropping to the 5th seed and being on the other side of the bracket for sure. Only seems fitting though that Ashnault will likely have to beat Kolodzik again to win a title.
  12. For future reference the BTN Plus pass would have allowed you to watch the quarterfinals and you can sign up for a monthly pass for $15 and cancel it at any time. You will have access to the content for the full month you paid for. I sign up mid Dec. and cancel it right after the tournament. I'm not sure how Flow is laid out but BTN does not allow you to select single matches for the tournament so if you miss it live you would have to watch the entire session and know what mat you need to view to catch a single match. That part is definitely annoying.
  13. I wonder if it had something to do with Heil knocking Ashnault out of the championship side of the tourney 2 years in a row in the semis and some built up bitterness towards OSU. He looked a little flat to start the match but has been on a tear this year. He can really put up points quickly. When he gets on his offense he knows how to pour it on.
  14. That might be true for Cornell but not too long ago SD St. wasn't even a Div. 1 program and was debating if they would even keep wrestling before Bono was hired. I am pretty sure working out everyday with Ashnault and Pritzlaff gives him some quality workout partners.
  15. My guess is, it is because the BTN Plus website doesn't have them listing on their schedule yet either. At the moment they only show the 8-9 duals that are happening in November and nothing else yet. Flo is probably waiting on BTN Plus to finalize their schedule before updating theirs. I believe Flow showed all the PSU dauls that were on BTN Plus last season. The only ones they didn't show were the dual meets that were on the BTN network TV channel. In that case you need a subscription to the BTN channel to watch even if you are paying for the BTN Plus subscription.
  16. Nice interview, thanks for posting. Really excited for the season and see Ashnault and Suriano in the lineup together. I wonder what weight Glasgow will go if Van Brill stays at 157.
  17. Awesome, thanks guys.
  18. Is Glasgow actually coming to Rutgers? I read on NJ.com he was going to do a year of prep school but did he make it on campus this year?
  19. I'm just kidding around. I have been an avid surf and kayak fisherman in NJ for years. Love fishing but the crowds can be a PIA. Beach replenishment and over fishing though has really ruined are area for awhile now. https://angryfish.zenfolio.com/p805650986/h60F21BDB#h60f21bdb
  20. Incorrect there is no fall or spring run of stripers in NJ! No need for any PA or NY residents to fish our saltwater fishery. We no longer have stripers, blues, albies, fluke, weakfish etc, in our waters. Please head directly north to Montauk or the ditch.
  21. Suriano 1-0. 0-0 after the first with both in on decent shots with a chance to score but neither convert. 2nd period Suriano gets choice and defers and Lee chooses down. Suriano rides Lee out. Suriano escapes in the 3rd with 30 seconds to go and defends a furious Lee chasing him down for the final few seconds but can't score. Should get really interesting next year if Fix goes 125 too.
  22. Micic just vision quest'ed DeSanto
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