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  1. I tried to watch DT's gold medal match this morning but was unable too. When clicking the live stream link it asked me to sign in to a cable provider. I don't have cable or cable provider. Is there a way to watch it if you don't have a cable provider? I suck at these things lol. I downloaded a free thing called Peacock and was watching a live Olympic broadcast as the match was going on but all they were showing was clips from pole vault and two dudes on a couch debating on how loud they would cry if they won a gold medal instead. No wrestling all morning.
  2. Damn that is rough and really sorry to hear. I work for a mid level engineering firm in NJ and we have been doing alright. A few people got let go early on but they were most likely going to be let go regardless due to poor performance. Our boss has been pretty cool about letting everyone work from home since March. The only thing that has changed a ton on my end is all my high rise residential design projects that had a couple of floors of office space too are now completely residential lol. My girlfriend's dad owns his own Jewelry business and was forced to close from April till June. If he is forced to close again especially before Christmas, his business will most definitely close up shop too.
  3. There were several articles discussing the impact Texas moving to the Pac 12 would have on the Big 12 overall and if the conference could continue. Not sure specifically what you are looking for or trying to argue. Maybe dissolved is a better word then disband. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/419749-how-the-univeristy-of-texas-kept-the-big-12-together-under-their-terms https://www.espn.com/college-sports/news/story?id=5286672
  4. Yeah man I hear you. It was just funny how it all went down. Kind of reminded me of when the Big 12 was going to disband until Texas decided differently.
  5. All these decisions always seem like it all comes down to money. The Big 10 jumped first and tried to push the season into the spring hoping the other power conferences would follow. The SEC told them to F-off and stay there course of action to have a season this fall. Once it became evident there would be a season and all that TV and CF playoff money would be tied up in the fall games, the Big 10 changed their tune lol. Saban's comment about a spring season being a glorified JV league was pretty funny. The players petitioning to have a season probably only made the decision easier. When do we officially start calling the Big 10 the SEC North?
  6. Tough break for those student athletes. Does that mean they will still field women's teams for those sports?
  7. What did I just watch lol? The internet is a weird place. All old high school wrestling and football glory day stories should be told exclusively in dank bars or backyard BBQs.
  8. Thought Glasgow was going to be better the his HS teammate Lewis in college. Beat Griffith in the state finals and looked the part. That certainly did not pan out but Glasgow still has a few years left to prove me wrong!
  9. Are Vito and Alvarez wrestling folkstyle? Sammy doesn't look like he has a great style for freestyle with all the scrambling he gets into.
  10. That's going to be awesome watching Rivera at the RAC! Aragona was more highly touted coming out of high school then Santos and Angelo. He probably should have red shirted last season though to have some time to build strength and get acclimated to D1 competition. He looked good at times but struggled when he couldn't impose his physical style. I also think Goodale mentioned he struggled with weight later in the season. Maybe taking a year off and building strength to go 149 the following year would do him good. I think Janzer is going to AA at least once in his career. He's fun to watch. The kid is tough as nails and a real gamer. Doesn't really have the style to blow people out of the water which I think keeps him under the radar but already is a tough out for anyone.
  11. Pletcher definitely made some huge gains between his Junior and Senior years and that could be seen just in his bonus rate increase. Forgot about the NCAA match with AA, he did close the gap that year. AA also made some tremendous gains taking that next year off to finally heal from the surgery and previous injuries and then bulking up. He was an absolute beast his Senior year. As you mentioned he struggled with finishing his shots but that was where I think he made the biggest gains between his Junior and Senior year wrestling through positions, finishing the shot, and transitioning straight to back points. You could see that in his match with Kolodzik where he put up a 10 spot on him. I could see him developing a sweet leg lace from that ankle pick he has always been so slick with. Anyway I'm obviously a Rutgers homer. Going to be a great match either way and totally agree the match with Lugo will be a great barometer as to Pletcher handling a full size 149'er. Thanks for posting the NCAA match Spladle.
  12. Appreciate the breakdown and its just nice to be able to start talking about some wrestling again coming up lol. Agreed that Pletcher does seem like he has a good neutral style for freestyle. He's always in great position, has some nasty re-shots and counter wrestling, and his frame and hips seem suited to limit back exposures in scrambles. I don't watch a ton of freestyle but it does seem like wrestlers that favor solid positional wrestling as opposed to wrestlers who are a little more wild and quick to drop to an ankle do better post college. I think AA is just a bad matchup for Pletcher because of his length. I'll have to re-watch their previous matches but I think AA caught him a couple of times with his ankle pick. AA has never been much of a scrambler though and rarely goes for funk rolls and those kind of things. The thing that makes me think hes got a chance to be a decent on the Senior level is watching how he developed in his transitions from take downs right to back points. I'm also from NJ so my opinion is very bias :)
  13. I am curious to see the size difference between Ashnault and Pletcher. AA was much bigger then him when they both went 141 and grew into a pretty large 149'er. What makes you think Pletcher will beat AA given he has lost to him every time in folk? Just curious on opinions on how the match might play out. AA could be a dark horse too. I think he was planning on sitting the trials out to recover from injury but this delay may let him compete for a spot after all. He was wicked with that cross wrist tilt and always thought that could translate well into a nice par terre top game.
  14. I was bummed to read about it too but hope he recovers mentally and physically from it. Sounded like he took the fight on short notice. I would hate to be gassing hard with 5 minutes to go and someone wanting to rip my head off in the other corner. He may not have won himself new fans but saved a few brain cells if he didn't have the ability to defend himself. Even though there has only been a few I've read about in MMA there's a lot of incredibly sad stories in boxing for fighters who took prolonged beatings. Somewhere in even the bravest fighters minds its got to be in the back of their head that there are no guarantees they make it out of there alive.
  15. Was looking through MMA results from this past weekend and surprised to see Max Rohskopf name popping up. Always wondered what happened to him and what cut his career short at NC state. I remember pinning Murphy in the ASC but never finishing the season or eligibility. Did he get injured and decide to pursue MMA full time? Hope he recovers from this past weekend and is successful in whatever future he pursues.
  16. Nice, I think Ashnualt is also wrestling JO at this event too. Sorry to hear Boston got cancelled. Haven't really heard much about if they'll be any type of fall race schedule by me.
  17. Thanks for sharing the matches. I never saw the one with Brands. Damn he was a chippy wrestler and ferocious competitor. I thought he was going to run off the mat and not return at the end of the match.
  18. Lol, damn you Carl. Yianni vs. Meredith was a pretty good recent finals match.
  19. Anybody know why you can watch only 8 of the 10 matches from the 2012 NCAA finals? I tried watching the 174: Ruth v Amuchastegui (2012 finals) but couldn't find it.
  20. That's pretty damn funny. Thanks for sharing. Up in North Jersey there's a school, Kittatinny, where all their kids still wear blue tights. And yeah they crush... Matt Valenti wrestled there.
  21. Yeah man NJ sucks. Don't worry Murphy is making sure our liquor stores, weed shops, fast food restaurants are crushing it while closing down parks, gyms, beaches, trails and anything else we can do to stay sane and healthy lol. My friend got into a wicked mountain bike accident and busted up his shoulder and had surgery right before all this is started and is the same boat as you. It's real easy for someone like me to to criticize and complain though. I'm sure none of these decisions are easy, its just kind of ironic and funny. Have friends that are health care working in hospitals and as bad as it is to be cooped up, its nothing compared to the people in the hospitals right now. The decisions are only going to get more difficult in the coming months. I'm in Monmouth county by the way actually only a couple towns away from Addison's home town. Was surprised to see him in the lineup too which is all I really wanted to say before going on a random rant lol.
  22. Steve Abas Anthony Ashnault Donny Pritzlaff Ben Askren
  23. That's pretty impressive! 108 is lot of mileage per week. I ran Grandma's last year and I think the highest I was running during peak training was 60ish. Whenever I seem to get over 50 consistently I start getting bursitis and other over usage injuries. I missed all my races I was planning for the late summer and fall with a stress fracture. Bummer Boston got cancelled, I know how you feel. It's nice we can at least still enjoy running though even if there are no races.
  24. I'm sure there is a big contingent of girls who would love for a do over on that one lol. That was a wickedly brutal course with the hills. I can't believe how many of the top girls dropped out and didn't even finish. I'm pretty sure I crossed paths with Des' boyfriend when we both had the same idea to catch everyone coming by around mile 23 on the corner of Decatur and Piedmont. Running has definitely not taken the void in my life that wrestling left when I stopped competing but I will say the marathon is one hell of an adventure. The ebb and the flow you experience on those 26 miles is pretty awesome.
  25. My company just shifted to the working from home thing this week. Outside of working I've been running, building my mileage back up after taking a week off after a 1/2 marathon I did on 3/1 down in ATL the day after the OTT trials for the marathon. My girlfriend ran in the trials which was pretty awesome to see and probably the last big sporting event in the US for awhile. I was thinking that, is the USA marathon team the only one selected at this point? We were joking that they would redo the trials and we would spend next winter training and do it all over again lol.
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