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    Juanma25 got a reaction from RealAmericanHero in Ivy League just cancels all Winter Sports   
    Damn that is rough and really sorry to hear.  I work for a mid level engineering firm in NJ and we have been doing alright. A few people got let go early on but they were most likely going to be let go regardless due to poor performance. Our boss has been pretty cool about letting everyone work from home since March. The only thing that has changed a ton on my end is all my high rise residential design projects that had a couple of floors of office space too are now completely residential lol.
    My girlfriend's dad owns his own Jewelry business and was forced to close from April till June.  If he is forced to close again especially before Christmas, his business will most definitely close up shop too.
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    Juanma25 got a reaction from PASLP2 in Logan Paul brings wrestling to the attention of million of viewers   
    What did I just watch lol? The internet is a weird place.
    All old high school wrestling and football glory day stories should be told exclusively in dank bars or backyard BBQs.
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    Juanma25 got a reaction from Housebuye in Who were you wrong about?   
    Thought Glasgow was going to be better the his HS teammate Lewis in college. Beat Griffith in the state finals and looked the part.  That certainly did not pan out but Glasgow still has a few years left to prove me wrong!
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    Juanma25 got a reaction from spladle08 in Pletcher (DarkHorse?)   
    Pletcher definitely made some huge gains between his Junior and Senior years and that could be seen just in his bonus rate increase.  Forgot about the NCAA match with AA, he did close the gap that year.  AA also made some tremendous gains taking that next year off to finally heal from the surgery and previous injuries and then bulking up. He was an absolute beast his Senior year.  As you mentioned he struggled with finishing his shots but that was where I think he made the biggest gains between his Junior and Senior  year wrestling through positions, finishing the shot, and transitioning straight to back points.  You could see that in his match with Kolodzik where he put up a 10 spot on him. I could see him developing a sweet leg lace from that ankle pick he has always been so slick with. Anyway I'm obviously a Rutgers homer.
    Going to be a great match either way and totally agree the match with Lugo will be a great barometer as to Pletcher handling a full size 149'er. Thanks for posting the NCAA match Spladle.
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    Juanma25 got a reaction from ShakaAloha in Pletcher (DarkHorse?)   
    I am curious to see the size difference between Ashnault and Pletcher.  AA was much bigger then him when they both went 141 and grew into a pretty large 149'er.  What makes you think Pletcher will beat AA given he has lost to him every time in folk? Just curious on opinions on how the match might play out.
    AA could be a dark horse too. I think he was planning on sitting the trials out to recover from injury but this delay may let him compete for a spot after all.  He was wicked with that cross wrist tilt and always thought that could translate well into a nice par terre top game.
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    Juanma25 reacted to spladle08 in Pletcher (DarkHorse?)   
    100% understand how you feel! Back in 16 or 17 whenever that was AA did get the best of that matchup and is a talent... his pace and top game will definitely make for some quick techs in freestyle.

    Size is an interesting question mark for me as well and may come into play here, but ultimately they will wrestle the same weight and I had my doubts about Pletcher in his move back up to 41 but he seemed strong and Im sure he's added size since the NCAA season....

    I've always liked his (Pletchers) neutral game for Freestyle, his defense is super solid, not a lot dancing, moves forward and is hard to get out of position.
    Conversely AA is a little more dancy, let me get in on a leg and my superior scramble skills will win out most of the time. In freestyle Im always reluctant to give these guys a very high ceiling.
    Domestically we have Yainni and DT that really thrive with that style but differently than AA....

    I mean maybe he has a sick cross wrist series that he will be able to use to run up the score, but given Pletcher's more "open" offense we saw this year, the scarcity of turns in freestyle, AAs limited freestyle experience, and the push-out point..... gimme Pletcher by 3 or 4 points...

    If he gets crushed though, we can definitely revisit this .sorry if this was too cluttered with nonsense....busy at work and tried to speed through it
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    Juanma25 got a reaction from TBar1977 in Is Flo and BTN one and same this year?   
    My guess is, it is because the BTN Plus website doesn't have them listing on their schedule yet either.  At the moment they only show the 8-9 duals that are happening in November and nothing else yet. Flo is probably waiting on BTN Plus to finalize their schedule before updating theirs. I believe Flow showed all the PSU dauls that were on BTN Plus last season. The only ones they didn't show were the dual meets that were on the BTN network TV channel. In that case you need a subscription to the BTN channel to watch even if you are paying for the BTN Plus subscription.
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    Juanma25 got a reaction from gowrestle in Rutgers recruiting - RU gets Benner and Quinner going to tOSU   
    I'm just kidding around.  I have been an avid surf and kayak fisherman in NJ for years. Love fishing but the crowds can be a PIA.  Beach replenishment and over fishing though has really ruined are area for awhile now.
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    Juanma25 got a reaction from ironmonkey in Seeding 165   
    It'll be interesting to see how they seed 165.  Lewis beat Marinelli this past weekend after losing twice to him earlier in the year and his only other losses are to Joseph and Martinez with wins over Marinelli, Wick, Schleifer, Bethea, White, and Wanzeck.  The only guy he hasn't wrestled in the B10 is Massa.  Not sure Marstellar or Walsh should be seeded over him if seeds are based on this year alone.
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    Juanma25 got a reaction from gowrestle in Rutgers   
    I think if they were able to bring in the top guys from NJ year in and year out they would be able to compete with the upper echelon of the Big 10.  They were doing a decent job recruiting some of the top talent from BC the past couple of years. And hopefully Glasgow finally makes his way into the RU room once he finishes up a year of graduate prep school. 
    As long as they can keep attendance up and the great atmosphere going in the RAC I think they have a good chance of pulling in some of the top in state talent.  It would certainly help though to pull in some of the top kids from NY and PA too.  They're averaging around 3,000 people per match with a lot more when they wrestle Iowa, PSU and tOSU.  Tickets are pretty affordable and it typically seems like to me that whole high school teams show up to watch.  its certainly become a big draw in the wrestling community here in NJ.
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    Juanma25 got a reaction from ironmonkey in Iowa Vs Rutgers   
    He decided not to come out for the team this year.  Do not know the details but hopefully focusing on his education and moving on to bigger and better things.
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    Juanma25 got a reaction from JBluegill133 in All star classic   
    Last year you could stream it via Track, I think, for a one time fee of $10 or something similar.
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    Juanma25 got a reaction from NJDan in Following it on ESPN3   
    Trackwrestling.com displays who is wrestling on each match and who is on deck.
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    Juanma25 got a reaction from Frank_Rizzo in Metcalf & 65kg discussion   
    That was a crazy finish.  A little new to freestyle rules.  To secure the take down both knees have to touch the mat simultaneously?  it looked like his right knee briefly touched around the 5:55 mark.
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    Juanma25 got a reaction from LkwdSteve in What if Suriano went to Rutgers   
    I just started getting back into wrestling this year after  not following since I graduated college and ended my own career 7 years ago so I do not know the teams history very well.  They are returning pretty much there whole team next season.
    McCabe will be a RS Junior
    Delvecchio will be a Junior and still has a RS year if he wants to take it
    Ashnault will be a RS sophomore
    Theobold will be a senior
    Perotti will be a senior
    Visicaro graduates
    Baukakus will be a junior
    Hyrmack a junior
    Campolattano a senior (Hopefully he will be able to make weight comfortably next year)
    Smith a senior
    And then there is Giraldo too who will be a sophomore although I don't know where they can squeeze him in the lineup I doubt Ashnault is going to move up to 149.  It would be awesome if he could make 125.
    So yeah maybe young is a bit of an overstatement but I still think its a good lineup and they have potential at the lower weights.  They weren't great in big 10 action but lost a lot of close matches that could have went either way.  They're not going to compete with upper echelon of the division anytime soon but I think the fact that there in the big 10 now, drawings large crowds, and in a state where wrestling is such a big deal has the program going in the right direction.  And who wouldn't want to share mat time with Pritzlafff.  Anyway I live about 30 minutes from the stadium so its just been really cool getting back into the sport and getting so see a bunch of big 10 action live.
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