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  1. Bryan

    Programs Not Fully Funded

    Pretty sure that University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga is not fully funded.
  2. Bryan

    NCAA approves shorts

    Bring back the unlimited weight classification! Let's get the real big boys on the mat again.
  3. Bryan

    NCAA approves shorts

    What will be the first lower tier program that transitions to shorts & shirt to try and create fan interest? Will any of the Top 10 teams do this on a consistent basis? I can see several teams do it for one special match just to mix things up.
  4. Bryan

    Teasdale at Iowa?

    Provided DeSanto has bulked up and developed more explosive strength, he may have a better opportunity to reach the finals at 141lb than 133lb.
  5. Bryan

    USAW's coverage is just sad

    Time will tell what happens and absolutely no one knows for sure that Yianni's camp will seek help from the legal system. Yes I know what Rob said on Flo but once the emotions are out of the picture people often go in very different directions. What I do know is that a good attorney would rip the officials from USA wrestling a new A** HOLE for not following the rules. This point would not be hard to prove and you would almost certainly win if the case went before a jury.
  6. Bryan

    USAW's coverage is just sad

    I personally don't know if it was the last time a court overruled the match results but the most famous instance was in 1984 when the courts ruled that the Olympic trials match between Randy Lewis and Lee Roy Smith be wrestled again.
  7. Bryan

    USAW's coverage is just sad

    More than likely the courts would block USA Wrestling from allowing anyone to compete at the weight class in question until the issue has been resolved. This is the way that it happens 99.9% of the time. That is why I am adamant that this issue must be resolved ASAP if not sooner.
  8. Bryan

    USAW's coverage is just sad

    If this goes before a jury I would be shocked if a champion is declared before the World Championships. I could truly see a scenario with which the USA has to forfeit the weight class for the World Championships due to everything being tied up in legal proceedings. It's going to be interesting but one thing is for certain and that is neither Zain or Yianni did anything wrong. This one is 100% on USA Wrestling. I learned a long time ago that if you not only follow the rules but follow them to the letter of the law you will have no problems. The issue is that one must be consistent and most people allow their own human nature and feelings to become involved with their personal interpretation of rules.
  9. Bryan

    USAW's coverage is just sad

    All I can say is that the sooner that USA Wrestling, Zain & Yianni are able to get this issue resolved the better off everyone will be. If this indeed this becomes a jury trial it will cost everyone a great deal of money not counting the fact that some people & organizations will have their reputation severely damaged or even ruined.
  10. Bryan

    USAW's coverage is just sad

    I appreciate your expert explanation! How is USA Wrestling going to gloss over the controversy and fuzzy lines if the Yianni camp does indeed push the brick rules issue in a court of law? Regardless of whom everyone wanted to win the match I think that most people will agree that it took the Zane camp much longer than 5 seconds to toss the brick and Lord only knows how many seconds or even minutes back the officials went to watch the video tape.
  11. Bryan

    Gross to Wisconsin *almost* a done deal

    Swimmers are the best dates for wrestlers because they are in incredible condition due to two a day's. When they hit the streets they are ready to party and have low body fat. Now if you are talking marriage you look for golfers and tennis players. You can marry more money in a 30 minute wedding than you could possibly make in a lifetime of working.
  12. Bryan

    Fewer PA weight classes

    I personally like the change back to 12 from the 14 weight classifications we now have. However, the bump from 170lb to 190lb is much too great. What about 105, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 200, 220, 285 By having a minimum of ten pounds between each weight classification it will decrease the amount of weight that wrestlers are currently cutting. Weigh reduction is much better than it was in the 70's, 80's & 90's but this would further discourage trying to cut weight.
  13. Bryan

    Gross transferring & SDSU Issues

    Just from a national marketing perspective Seth Gross is much better with his BS from SDSU and his masters from Wisconsin. Whatever academic field SG is trying to achieve a degree in a degree from Wisconsin is much more recognizable than SDSU.
  14. Bryan

    Kentucky Derby

    We have it from a reliable source that there was collusion by the Russians regarding the decision at the Kentucky Derby.
  15. Bryan

    U.S. Bank Stadium 2020 NCAA Championships

    I disagree with your theory that most wrestling fans feel that if it's never been done before it must not be a good idea. While I do disagree, it's because I feel the sight lines and the distance many of the individual fans will be from the mat will takeaway from the fan experience. Yes, it will be great exposure for wrestling to compete in front of 60K+ fans but I personally like the idea of being close enough to the mat that I am not required to use binoculars. If I am wrong and I truly hope that is the case I will be the first to step up and say I was wrong but I have watched basketball in dome stadiums and it's not a good fan experience.