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  1. Did Brock Lesnar fail a drug/steroid test while in college? If not this he said/she said is nothing more than rumors that really as no substance.
  2. Not a smart move to navigate this type of instance without GREAT legal representation.
  3. Is it possible to not be in a regimented strength training program that includes lifting heavy weight and still win an NCAA D1 National Championship? Yes, anything is possible but the real question is why would anyone want to risk winning a national championship?
  4. Yes, The University of Tennessee was the last SEC program to drop wrestling and they did so after the 1986 season. While The University of Tennessee only had one national champion they did have multiple All-Americans.
  5. Some on this thread want to claim that BL was taking illegal steroids/juicing but did he ever test positive for anything while in college?
  6. YD is a much better athlete than ZR. At the international level all of those guys appear to be great athletes not just wrestlers.
  7. I personally don't know if there is any validity to this but the rumor has been circulating that the Sothern Scuffle may move from Chattanooga, TN to Nashville, TN. The dates would remain the same but the travel would be better for most teams that fly to the event.
  8. If California does this you will find that other states do the same thing and the NCAA will have no choice to comply or a new organization will be formed for college athletics.
  9. Unless it's due to mandatory military service why would the NCAA allow anyone a 6th year of eligibility? This is no knock on Seth but I find it strange that the NCAA does this for the Olympic sports but you rarely hear of this happening in football, basketball or baseball. Is the redshirt not supposed to be used for injuries & academics? It's unfortunate but if someone uses their redshirt and then becomes injured or has another injury that is just part of participating in college athletics.
  10. Listen to the interview with Tom Ryan discussing this very topic and what was proposed by John Smith. Something is going to happen in the near future because the NCAA wants to get control of the situation. The discussion is revolving around sports clubs that are off campus and monitored by the NCAA.
  11. This is going to upset some people but I can see the NCAA banning the RTC's on a college campus in the near future. The RTC's will be required to move to a facility off campus if they continue to operate.
  12. Chad Red is the best athlete but he must get and stay focused for the entire season
  13. There is enough oil & natural gas money affiliated with Rice that starting a program would not be a concern. The issue becomes who would they wrestle and why would they want to travel half way around the world to compete. I do not see Rice beginning a wrestling program in the next ten years.
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