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  1. Bryan

    Suriano screwed up

    He left PSU because he was not happy. Excluding the wrestling element if he is now happy he didn't screw up. Life is much to short to be unhappy and an unhappy student athlete would just be a cancer on the team if they don't leave.
  2. Bryan

    Steveson workout video

    I really don't care if you believe it or not so you can do your own research. Another thing to remember is that the listed height and weight are never correct.
  3. Bryan

    Steveson workout video

    John Hannah is in the NFL Hall of Fame and is considered by many to be the best OL ever and he was 6'2" and 265lb. John also won the national preps in wrestling but he would not be big enough today. Now lets keep in mind that most of the NFL linemen are to large to wrestle in high school and college. Most are 6'5" and 335lb+ today.
  4. Bryan

    Steveson workout video

    I have been around the NFL and believe me when I say that those cats are from another planet. Most people don't have a clue as to how big and fast they run. Not taking anything away from Gable but he has always wrestled and there is a big difference between the NFL and high school football.
  5. Bryan

    Steveson workout video

    If he were big enough and fast enough to play in the NFL he would be playing college football at an elite program. He is a great wrestler but he does not have the athletic ability of the elite NFL players.
  6. From what I have witnessed the past few years is that for whatever reason when two great wrestlers square off they are both conservative for fear of making a mistake that will cost them the match. In the Fix vs Suriano match both wrestlers were willing to wait for the other one to make a mistake and then try to counter.
  7. Bryan

    Desanto Team Point

    If Gene Millis did pull out someone's beard it must have happened in international wrestling because while someone was allowed to have a mustache back in the day it had to stop at the bottom of the lip and full beards were not permitted.
  8. Bryan

    Desanto Team Point

    I know but my point is that we are beginning to have conduct issues in wrestling
  9. Bryan

    Desanto Team Point

    Both the face push at the end of the match and talking trash to your opponent are totally unacceptable behavior. Waving your arms to the crowd or the hand to the ear part I have no problem with that, as the crowd had been taunting him. Now if he had given them the middle finger or a throat slash I would have tossed him. Lets not forget that there was an incident at the end of the 149/lb match where the Rutgers wrestler shot down the OK State bench. I am all for having fun but a line must be drawn in the sand as to what acceptable behavior and unacceptable behavior are in wrestling. These coaching staffs had best get these kids under control or wrestling will have a major incident in the near future. I can only imagine what some of the old school coaches like Tommy Chesbro, Doug Blubaugh, Gray Simons or Grady Peninger would have done had one of their wrestlers acted like a fool after a match.
  10. Bryan

    Ferrari's No Longer @ Blair

    One thing that most elite private schools will not tolerate is fighting amongst it's student body. If it happened during practice or after practice, in the locker room, etc... they may turn the other cheek. However, if someone was involved in a fight during an academic class or while in the dorm I could see where Blair may have a zero tolerance policy. What one must also understand is that it's not like some regular student wouldn't take the opportunity to push every button on a star athlete just to get them expelled.
  11. Bryan

    Fave non-favorite teams

    Really enjoy watching the small private schools like Lehigh, Cornell, Harvard, Bucknell, etc.. due to their combination of academics and athletics. West Point, Naval Academy & Air Force are easy to cheer for because when they have an AA it's a true AA. No redshirting, academics are a must and they still have to be great in athletics but they must also participate in the military aspect of the school. Those young men & women that attend one of the military academies are truly special individuals.
  12. Bryan

    Best High School Team Ever?

    Public Schools: one of the Granby teams or one of the Maple Heights teams. Private Schools: don't forget about that great Walsh Jesuit team of the 90's
  13. Let's be honest and say that we may never see an undefeated 4X National Champion that does not take a redshirt. What we will see is an undefeated 4X National Champion but that wrestler will more than likely have to redshirt their true freshmen season. Redshirting the first year in college takes so much pressure off the wrestler in the classroom, socially and athletically. This allows the student athlete to settle in and adjust to being away from home while learning how to elevate their wrestling skills. I will say that being a boarding student for two or three years while in high school seems to speed up the adjustment process with regards to academics and being in a new environment.
  14. Bryan

    Meanest guys on the mat

    Doug Blubaugh
  15. Bryan

    The match that made them a 3x Champ

    Gray Simons (Lock Haven) was not allowed to compete his freshmen year in the NCAA D1 per the rules but did win the NAIA National Championship.