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  1. Humanity has been collectively working toward advancing technology for a few thousand years... civilizations that are 100X as old would be incomprehensible to us. Likely mastery of QM and the multiverse is child's play to those civilizations.
  2. Our present government is no more willing to make the move for E.T. Disclosure than our past leaders were to let African-Americans and women vote, or to recognize gays. Enough people must support the issue until it becomes a powerful voting block. Then politicians who must get reelected begin to listen. The reason by the forces that control the cover-up might be one (or a combination) of the following. Complexity: The ET presence is not a simple story such as "they are here" as TBar says. All collected evidence points to the fact that the final story will be very complex and possibly multi-dimensional. The more researchers study the phenomena the more visiting races there appear to be, and the more complex their technology looks. It appears to be far beyond what we know or can even comprehend. National Security: Jimmy Carter entered the White House determined to release the UFO files, inspired by the fact he himself had had a sighting. However, after a UFO briefing Carter changed teams joining the cover-up side. He told actress Shirley MacLaine"it was true…there were occupants," and that he wanted to "shine the sunshine laws on it to see how the people would react," but he "couldn't and wouldn't." Past Statements: The government has lied for almost 70 years and thus must continue the lie. One lie has been used to cover another and it is becoming impossible to come clean. The government must first come up with a way to explain they have been misleading the public for 70 years. Collapse in Belief Systems: This would be particularly evident among government scientists and engineers who would have to deal with the fact that their employer has been lying to them and feeding them false data, and more importantly the fact that most of their treasured beliefs in science we wrong. The 1961 Brooking Institute study looked at this situation. ""It has been speculated that of all groups, scientists and engineers might be the most devastated by the discovery of relatively superior creatures, since these professions are most clearly associated with the mastery of nature, rather than with the understanding and expression of man." As science fuels the modern technological advances, and upheaval would negatively affect the economy.
  3. Some are property we own and some are off world devices. Most of what is witnessed is ours.
  4. So I'm out of the closet on a subject. As an older man with a solid track record of delivering insights into likely futures that have pretty much worked out over the years, a man who has spoken for security conferences all over the world (including many three-letter agencies), discussing the impact of new technologies, I can say without embarrassment that documented data supports the contention that many historical reports show exactly what they seem to show — anomalous vehicular traffic demonstrating aerodynamic capabilities and propulsion systems beyond the range of our own technology.
  5. I must first say, I have seen a UFO and find the numerous sightings of others quite believable. I also find it hard to understand how 95% of the world can believe in a God they haven't seen, but ridicule the idea of extra terrestial activity, especially when there has been photographic evidence and eye witness accounts by professionals in the aerospace and astronautical comunity.
  6. Pico looking at making a serious run for Los Angeles 2028!
  7. There's an interview out there where he talks about seriously making a run at Los Angels in 2028.
  8. Lawrence Jackson comes out of nowhere and takes out the whole 65kg field. Then goes on to win Olympic Gold.
  9. Just saw J'den at the 7-11 with a 12-pack of TaB diet soda...
  10. He's on an expedition in the Jungles of Papua New Guinea.
  11. Too many Snowflakes on this thread. I'm feeling triggered!!
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