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  1. Too many Snowflakes on this thread. I'm feeling triggered!!
  2. All of the D1,2,3 women's programs will be combined to make a single NCAA Division. So essentially it will be a D1 tournament. The inaugural national tournament will be held at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO for the 2020-2021 season.
  3. Word around the campfire is 2020 is the inaugural season for women's D1 wrestling. Anyone know why this isn't being promoted as much? This can only be good for wrestling, and funding for wrestling at every institution nationwide.
  4. Oops, sorry. I couldn't hear you down there. Perhaps you need to borrow my soap box so you can climb up and speak into my ear.
  5. Ok...here's another fact. While Solar Warden may be a misnomer to the actual fleet the World has of various types of technology either extraterrestrial or terrestrial, it is advanced to our otherwise conventional understanding of physics; in use of energy source, and power outputs.Too many people have worked in some capacity within the auspice of this program, and programs to simply dismiss what is an international covert operation... whether to benefit mankind or simply use as a resource toward whatever ends interplanetarially.
  6. Here's a fact, the engine in your car is basically the same one that was being used in the 1950's, same goes for the jets making the planes fly also, despite the existance of laser Blu rays, and silicon CPU's packing billions of transistors into a couple of square inches we have no new technologies capable of providing enough power to get a space craft into orbit. Which makes me wonder where the technology powering our home items actually came from.
  7. lol....I'm a deluded fool and liar, a drunken little punk, etc. You all are so articulate and handle something you don't like so well. What a bunch of spoiled brats & crybabies! Some folks can't handle the truth.
  8. Cool it. I'm not trolling, I'm giving an inside scoop. I could give a "F", if you or anyone else believe it. You said nobody noticed at the camp....EVERYONE from 65kgs to 74kgs noticed.
  9. I'm absolutely right. I think they're going with option 3. Anyone that was at the OTC will tell you the same thing.
  10. I was too son. And anyone else that was there can substantiate my claim. His knee is jacked!
  11. It's quite serious....and serious enough to require surgery. Remember, he wrestled at the NCAA's on a torn ACL.
  12. FYI, Yanni has a serious knee injury. He was going to get surgery if he didn't win the arbitration. I guess that is getting put off.
  13. Yanni is going to be on Zain's bad ankle like 'red ants on a freshly spilt snow-cone!!!!
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