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  1. Wrestling WILL NOT continue again until ALL WRESTLERS are VACCINATED. 110% Guaranteed!!
  2. The sport will grow in a different way. The Dual Meet will mean more, maybe we'll get back to the good old days of Duals!
  3. NCAA 2020-2021 will only allow Dual Meets for wrestling at all Divisions.
  4. When Fix whoops Lee AGAIN. Everyone will talk about Lee being a Natural 110 pounder.
  5. Actionable Intelligence says chances of the season being postponed or modified are high.
  6. PA doesn't stack up to Oklahoma, or even California as far as Olympic Golds
  7. Similar to Colorado never having anyone on the Men's Olympic Wrestling Teams. But, Henry Cejudo moved there for the OTC his junior year of High School. Henry says he's from Arizona. Btw: Colorado's first native on an Olympic Wrestling Team men or women was Adeline Gray.
  8. "You are a NO-GO at this station private"!!
  9. Actionable intelligence coming in from Japan is - high probability Olympics will be postponed for 1 year.
  10. Who will be taking those spots? Will they have to attend the Last Chance Qualifier? A couple wrestlers were counting on being NCAA Champions as their Olympic Trials draw. Anyone.
  11. One way to obtain the "Socialist Overthrow" of any Capitalist government - is to first 'Tank the Economy' so the people BEG for the government to take full control of their lives and freedoms. This is a great time for the Dems/Left to use this crisis as a catalyst for their socialist agenda!
  12. This is exponentially more serious than people think. The positive cases are being incredibly UNDER reported, so as not to cause a panic. Also, health care is struggling with the federal medical privacy laws like HIPPA. Which is also hindering full-disclosure on the actual breath and scope of the positive cases. My guesstimate is we're looking at over 100,000 people currently infected.
  13. For example let's talk about the TR-3B built with technology available in the mid- 1980s or earlier. The triangular shaped nuclear powered aerospace platform was developed under the Aurora Program with SDI and black budget monies. Derived from E.T. artifacts. This IS "Behind the Green Door"....
  14. Also weapons development, this is another key reasons for the cover-up. There is a need to develop ET technology in secret into super-weapons in case of alien attack. There is also a great desire by the military weapons people to develop weapons that are more efficient at killing. The alien technology would be a dream come true for weapon development people. Developers who control the technology may want to keep things secret to solidify their control over the technology before the public finds out. "My friends," wrote Peter Gersten, "as long as technology is the prize, no official disclosure will ever take place."
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