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  1. With JO at least PA has one on the Olympic Team.
  2. If you want to see what the United States will be doing tomorrow, look at what China is doing today.
  3. Dan Gable lambasting all the "Karens" that have emerged from our worldwide sickness. He also talks about disliking "Self Censorship".
  4. 24 years and counting. ZERO Olympic Gold medals for Pennsylvania. (sad face)
  5. Good thing the Boulder Police Department was NOT defunded.
  6. Statistically Pennsylvania is great at the NCAA level. At the highest level of wrestling - not so much.
  7. How many Olympic Champions has PA had in the last 20 years?
  8. fanta


    His teammate said in an interview he has scarring on his lungs from CVD-19. And the weight cut could also be a factor.
  9. Word around the campfire (RTC) is Deakin going 165"s this season. He's looking jacked! Olympic Trials at 74 kgs will be fun to watch.
  10. Wrestling WILL NOT continue again until ALL WRESTLERS are VACCINATED. 110% Guaranteed!!
  11. The sport will grow in a different way. The Dual Meet will mean more, maybe we'll get back to the good old days of Duals!
  12. NCAA 2020-2021 will only allow Dual Meets for wrestling at all Divisions.
  13. When Fix whoops Lee AGAIN. Everyone will talk about Lee being a Natural 110 pounder.
  14. Actionable Intelligence says chances of the season being postponed or modified are high.
  15. PA doesn't stack up to Oklahoma, or even California as far as Olympic Golds
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