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  1. fanta

    Snyder Sadulaev Final

    Oh well. I'd rather get caught and pinned, than be cowering from being tired and exhausted!!
  2. fanta

    Looking for Suite Tickets

    They are cray, cray!!! This is real!! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2173468129600406&id=100008117208112&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.abovetopsecret.com%2Fforum%2Fthread1221339%2Fpg1&_rdr
  3. https://www.flocombat.com/articles/6251758-aaron-pico-wont-rule-out-olympics-i-could-make-the-team-right-now Pico will come out slowly with his intention to make the 2024 Olympics. When 2021 comes around you'll see him on the International circuit again (while still doing MMA). That's according to his own words, while we were out in California. Anyways we'll see!!
  4. fanta

    Junior Worlds 2018

    We got hosed on that call!!
  5. Word at the Treigning Lab is Pico is making a come back for the 2020-2024 quad. He says making 65kg will be relatively easy. This is awesome!!! Calavitta will have him ready to rock.
  6. fanta

    Nolf v. Joseph - who wins?

    I can see Deakin giving Nolf a lot of problems this year. It'll be a toss up Hidlay, Nolf, Deakin.
  7. If you didn't see it with your own eyes or hear it with your own ears, don't invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth!!!!!
  8. fanta

    2 Lawsuits filed against Ohio State

    The timing of this seems odd. Why did they wait 20 plus years to raise the issue? I don't believe the wrestlers are making up that they were abused by the doctor. But if they didn't file a formal complaint what do they expect? Good luck trying to do an ethics investigation on Jordan for something that happened between 20 and 30 years ago. I can't believe that Jordan would have sat idly by and not done anything if he knew about the abuse. It's a typical smear campaign. If he was the coach, from the mid 80s to mid 90s he would have been in his mid 20s to early 30s. Showering with the wrestlers doesn't seem out of line for that era. Kids don't shower after P.E. like they used to....Too many nasty smelling "snowflakes". Showering after practice is a discussion in and of itself.
  9. fanta


    Anybody in the know, as to the age of the kid that took second at 182 pounds?? (Nathan Haas) Looking at his profile he looks to be extremely young for his grade. My spidey sense is tingling.
  10. This is true, I've seen it!! Cental Dauphin has a couple of "CLOSET FREAK DADS"....
  11. PA freestyle states is one of the worst run tournaments I've ever been to. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk I completely agree with these assesments.