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    Wrestling and IQ

    I truly believe wit and IQ play a huge role in a wrestler's success. I wonder how much our sport will evolve in 100 years. We were evolved as a civilization many times. We've been dumbed down many times as well. Communication with anyone in the world is easy, there is a simple gadget called a cell phone. However the cell phone with all of its technology is no match to the communication device that is typical in every brain. The hardware has always been there the only discrepancy is that only a collective few actually know how to use it.
  3. fanta

    Wrestling and IQ

    The three legs of cover and deception we use are illusion, misdirection and ridicule. But the greatest of these is ridicule— which discredits the person. The embargo on the truth is something real and not visionary or fictitious. I still think J'Den will take out Snyder next year at the Olympic Trials.
  4. fanta

    Wrestling and IQ

    Maybe we have been presented with such a false understanding of reality that when we are given a glimplse of the truth, it appears to us as science fiction. Perhaps, we can not recognize the truth?
  5. fanta

    Wrestling and IQ

    There's been so much secrecy and disinformation over the last 70 years that it's become impossible to prove anything in the face of official denial....of course the flip-side is, nobody believes anything the government says...
  6. fanta

    Wrestling and IQ

    Actually it did happen, but there's so much disinformation whats put out in the public domain is diluted to the point of uselessness. Give a terrorist a knife and someone is getting stabbed. Give one a club, and someone is getting clubbed. Give one a U.F.O. and they would destroy the earth. The mantle of secrecy on specific exotic technologies now being used, cannot be lifted. As long as people are evil, they can never be allowed to have power over space, time, and matter. Unless of course, you chip and track every man, woman, and child on the planet. (Hmmmm) Starting to get the bigger picture? And even then you'll have men over you, monitoring you as God's. Take it from someone who's been "Behind the Green Door" and knows fully of gravitational time dialators and plank portals. People only 'think' they want the veil of secrecy lifted. Don't expect the Gov. to admit anything in regards to these technologies, or that we've had contact w/ advanced civilizations for the better part of 70 years. It would cause a collapse of the wave function before the appointed time. Either way, non-believers require proof. Anytime said proof is given....they dispute it. Don't be discouraged though, in our lifetime we will live to regret serious extraterrestrial disclosure. Some things are better left unknown. Not because knowledge is evil but because we are....
  7. His actual comment was..."Next year there will be a World Champion who won't make the Olympic Team".
  8. J'Den Cox says he plans to be the representative at 97Kgs.
  9. fanta

    Wrestling and IQ

    Our IQ's at this stage are too intellectually and technologically feeble to detect, much less comprehend the kind of communication that's occurring amongst much more advanced species. Just as people 100 years ago would not be able to comprehend the "magical" things possible today, neither will we be able to comprehend the magical things of 100 years from now. But we're still talking TINY time frames... whereas humanity has been collectively working toward advancing technology for a few thousand years... civilizations that are 10X as old would be incomprehensible to us. Likely mastery of QM and the multiverse is child's play to those civilizations.
  10. fanta

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Pennsylvannia's last Olympic Champion from 1996 * Kurt Angle, needs to be in the mix somewhere. Not counting Cejudo...because you would have to throw in Kamal Bey, Kyle Snyder, and others that have moved to Colorado for the Olympic Training Center. Who was Colorado's last person on the Men's Olympic Wrestling Team?
  11. fanta

    The Mt Rushmore topic

    Pennsylvannia's last Olympic Champion from 1996 * Kurt Angle, needs to be in the mix somewhere.
  12. Heard he didn't make weight and they just gave it to him. Any truth to this?? Anyone there to confirm or deny?
  13. Who has them?