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  1. Sorry, I wasn't trying to be critical. Takanoyama is absolutely fun to watch, as is Mainoumi (who I loved watching when I lived in Japan). But there are plenty of big guys who have amazing agility and technique as well. Sumo, unfortunately suffers from some implicit bias because of the near-nudity, large sizes, and exotic trappings. It is absolutely a great combat sport and fantastic to watch once you become familiarized with it.
  2. He has very good hand fighting and balance. But let's face it, he barely made Makunouchi and was a Maku****a and Juryo sumotori for most of his career. I love smaller sumotori but the big guys do some pretty awesome stuff as well. They're not all Konishiki...
  3. I agree that we need to focus on Freestyle more in the US, however saying that ex-Iowa wrestlers don't have fan support as they go for Olympic gold is absolutely untrue. We Iowa fans are behind Brent, Tony, and others (Dan Dennis, McD, Telford, etc) as they pursue their dreams on the international stage (and all the other US National Team members for that matter). They may or may not reach their goals but they enjoy strong support in their quest for gold. I expect that most PSU fans are the same.
  4. Iowa schedules not just for strength of opponent but for promotion of the sport as well. Was the Grapple at the Gridiron designed to break PSU's record? Of course it was. But it was also designed to be an epic event which brought much-needed attention to the sport of collegiate wrestling. In addition to a brilliantly conceived idea, weather and Iowa's excellent football season helped make the event unbelievably successful. No matter what your thoughts about Iowa, you have to admit that the grapple was great for the sport. I hope other institutions are as creative and dedicated to growing the sport as Brands and the Iowa athletic department are. As for the Iowa Duals, Iowa fans have frequently complained about the Iowa Duals and the lack of quality competition there; you'd at least like to get UNI added to the schedule. But Brands and co. have repeatedly stated that they think scheduling the Iowa Duals against smaller school wrestling teams is a great way to promote wrestling in Iowa. We all would like to see as many great teams matched up as possible, but you can't schedule them all. Hopefully Cael and Tom get together in future years and make Penn St v. Iowa an annual event.
  5. Great post mvattivo! It's a shame we don't get more posts like yours around here. Guess it's more fun to throw rocks.
  6. One way in which Gilman has obviously improved is the variety of attacks from the feet. His go-to shot has always been the right-handed sweep single, however we've seen him attack the opposite leg much more frequently and successfully. His length and strength give opponents significant difficulty, however I would agree that his scheule hasn't been that difficult. I'm very excited to see how he performs at the B1G tourney.
  7. USA Wrestling Twitter reports that both Metcalf and Stieber have been eliminated.
  8. Anyone know when Telford's up next and what Mat 125ers are going at? Don't see any of the big boys on the streams ATM.
  9. Now we're trying to get rid of the singlet and the gi??? You all better not be coming after my mawashi next.
  10. Re: Stoll and Stalling I think there's a very fine line to walk here (literally and figuratively) and it comes down to consistent officiating. Stoll's offense is currently largely a product of his upper-body/Greco techniques. He digs his underhooks and/or gets to over/under positions in order to initiate his offense. When the opposing wrestler attempts to back out of the holds out of bounds they absolutely should be called for stalling. That said, Stoll seems like a pretty cerebral wrestler and he clearly tests the boundaries when he's on the mat; if the calls are going his way, you can't blame him for continuing to push on the edge. He's gotten calls both ways this year which were mostly appropriate. In this weekend's match he was definitely the aggressor throughout the match, especially from his feet. Jensen did little offensively and was constantly backing out. Add to the fact that the Nebraska mat looked to be on the smallish side and it's not surprising that there were some stalls called. Is it a judgement call? Of course, that's the ref's job. Unfortunately, there is going to be some variability, however I think that in this first year of the rule, it has been overall good for the sport and has increased action in the circle.
  11. akaoni


    Is face mashing unsportsmanlike? I would say yes. Do wrestlers in the Black and Gold get disproportionate amounts of outrage over perceived wrongdoing? I would say yes.
  12. Agreed! We should go for Ugly Sweaters all around for Big 10s. I'd like to see Cael in a Gem Sweater!
  13. Before the rule changes I rarely followed freestyle, now I'm hooked. I'm not sure I want to see folkstye eliminated completely, but at a minimum implimentation of the pushout rule and some limitation of "stall" riding would benifit the sport a ton. Sure freestyle still has an issue or two, but it's so much more exciting to watch than most folkstyle matches. I'd love to see some changes considered.
  14. Putting aside the NCAA compensation question, what about corporate sponsorship? Is that out of question for our USA Wrestling team members?
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