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    smcfee reacted to bestclockmakeronmars in AJ Ferrari announcing college choice tonight   
    The same people who claim to want the sport of wrestling to grow and become mainstream are the same people who clown the ones trying to make that a reality. I'm not a fan of Ferrari (his social media, way he portrays himself, etc.) but at least people are interested. I think the interesting people in the sport do not get the push because they obviously don't have the accolades as the top level wrestlers. Which is why someone with both gets so much attention,  such as PD3. We've always had characters in the sport but they've rarely been at the highest level, which leaves the general public thinking all wrestlers are meatheads with nothing to say except the same old boring cliches.
    David Taylor,  J'den Cox, Daton Fix, etc. are not helping wrestling become mainstream. Rudis is not making wrestling mainstream. FloWrestling is not making wrestling mainstream. They are helping the casual fan enjoy more variety and gain access to their favorite wrestlers but that is all.
    An example that I think helps explain my point better is Dylan Palacio - this kid gives a great impromptu motivational speech after beating Kemerer a few years back at NCAA's. The only thing that makes that speech better is primetime ESPN after a finals national championship victory. But we're never going to see Jason Nolf give a speech like that. 
    My point of writing this post (I've been a lurker on these forums for years) is not to bash someone's approach or lifestyle. A majority of wrestlers are great role models for young (and old) to look up to and find that daily motivation towards the greater goal. And flo, rudis, and every wrestling podcast/website (Bloodround, Inside Trip) are doing their best to promote the sport, but it doesn't mean they are gaining Larry's. 
    You want more scholarships, you want more mainstream coverage, you want more access, but you don't want wrestlers enjoying the process and comfortable being themselves. 
    These kids all grew up with social media and cell phones yet you don't want them seeking opinions of their peers regarding thoughts on their future athletic/academic careers. 
    If you really think an "exclusive" interview with Kyle Snyder (or anyone else with nothing new to say) helps grow the sport better than any "Chow with Rau" video you need to step into the future. 
    And that's the thing! There are high level wrestlers WITH PERSONALITIES too! Who would have thought? It doesn't have to turn into WWE (and I wouldn't want it to) but let's take what works in other sports and use it for the benefit of wrestling. 
    I believe there is a way to do it, but no one has been able to break through. 
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    smcfee reacted to Fletcher in AJ Ferrari announcing college choice tonight   
    The kid's already got a sports car named after him - I'd say he's doing pretty well.
    I'll show myself out.
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    smcfee reacted to BadgerMon in Is Oklahoma still D1?   
    Ok, I get the Iowa teams over the Poke teams comment....but wrestling hasn't changed that much since the late 70s.
    ....so many nowadays have copied the John Smith low-ankle shot...and he was a mid-80s guy.
    While technique has adopted more of a defensive style, wrestlers are still the same gritty kids they've always been.
    Difference is, that refs were encouraged to DQ people for stalling. And they did...see NCAA D-1 championships 1978 and 1979 @ 142 and 177 lbs, respectively.
    So now you see a lot of 1-1 and going into OT...ridiculous.
    Singles, doubles, a little upper body, inside trips, fireman's carries, sweep singles, low ankle shots ( Bill Nugent, Steve Babyak were a couple of toughies who shot them besides John Smith- it just wasn't mainstream yet), high crotches, Russian arm ties....all of those were in force back in the day.
    We rode with near wrist rides, legs in, near arm chop, cradles, claws ( Jude Skove, for one), deep waists with halfs.
    We threw bear hugs, headlocks, metzgers, foot sweeps, front headlocks, gator roll/cement mixers, lace legs .
    We escaped or reversed with stand-ups, inside and outside rolls, short and long sit-outs, switches, hip heists and mouse-traps.
    There were animals back then you haven't heard of that would feed some of the stars of today mat.
    Do you really think that Jordan Burroughs or Kyle Dake would get the best of Wade Schalles, Lee Kemp, Dave Schultz, Jarrett Hubbard, Mark Churella or Kenny Monday?
    I would think it could/would be a horse apiece, freestyle or folk, as with most of these other comparisons.
    Tony Ramos over John Azevedo/Barry Davis/Dan Cuestas/Zeke Jones?
    David Taylor/Gabe Dean/Bo Nickal dominant over a Kevin Jackson,Chris Campbell, Mike Sheets or Wayne Wells? Depends who shows up that day.
    Logan Stieber/Dean Heil/ laying waste over John Smith/Randy Lewis/Darryl Burley/Mike Frick?   I think not.
    Imart/Retherford/ over Metzger, Hicks, Gable? Again, depends who shows up that day,but kind of like the older guys here.
    NolfDieringer over Bruce Kinseth/Chuck Yagla/Tim Krieger/Jim Heffernan/Nate Carr consistently?  Think about it. 
    J'Den Cox over Ben Peterson/Eric Wais/Ed Banach/Mark Schultz/Jim Scherr?
    Kyle Snyder beating Lou Banach/Russ Hellickson/Bill Scherr/Larry Bielenberg every time? Doubtful. Certainly he would be in the fights of his life.
    I could go on and on...but this is all conjecture. Obsolete?  Not sure that term applies here.
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    smcfee reacted to Vertical in Applaud the Refs   
    When I watched this match, I scored it 4 Red.  Red initiated the shot, never relinquished his hold, and obviously put blue in danger.  As an official, I can understand, there are various angles to a move/hold/action.  The Official on the mat felt there was a change of direction, and thus offered 4 Blue which was confirmed by the Judge, and in a moment of quick action also signaled for a Fall.  The Chairman, did in fact confirm, and that is what everyone is seeing and commenting on.  
    While the results were originally scored for Blue, including the Fall, after review, it was changed to Red winning by Fall.  We as officials, do the best we can, not once, have I ever known anyone to wake-up and go to a tournament or match and say "let's mess this up, or score it wrong."  We're human and it (mistakes) happens.  They got it right in the end.  That is what really does matter.  There is NEVER a Wrong time to do the Right thing.  I have spoken with 2 of the 3 involved, we discussed the move, match, and outcome, they agreed, it could/should have been different.  That's a learning curve in and of itself.
    Everyone that day earned their pay (nothing), like coaches, and table workers, they are volunteers.  I love what Flo does to promote wrestling, I have listened to countless matches they have broadcasted, and commentated on, many times they (Flo) gets it wrong on their own scoring opinions, they just don't put themselves on blast like they threw this volunteer crew under the bus.  I still respect and support them, but would love for their next event, let me run a camera, and comment, while I give them a whistle and wristbands and let them make the call.  And, if we all have the chance to watch a video, slow it down, rematch it again and again, we'd be even better, but calls are watched, analyzed, and scored in real-time, not with the benefit that all the naysayers have.
    Just my $.02, which is many, many times, more than I make as a volunteer. 
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    smcfee got a reaction from Cletus_Tucker in Final X   
    please don't give them any bad ideas....
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    smcfee got a reaction from headache in Final X   
    please don't give them any bad ideas....
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    smcfee got a reaction from Cletus_Tucker in Spencer Lee vs. Daton Fix   
    Probably because he did beat him in their last real matchups?
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    smcfee got a reaction from jon in Final X   
    please don't give them any bad ideas....
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    smcfee reacted to nom in Spencer Lee considering wrestling for France?   
    Cletus, you try too hard.
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    smcfee reacted to boconnell in Snyder's Success Has Created Unrealistic Expectations for Others   
    Yes Snyder is a generational talent.  But he hasn't placed unfair expectations.  Maybe a crazy fan or two on an internet message board has crazy expectations, but for the most part the guys you mentioned are beloved by fans of USA wrestling.  I've not seen a single post disparaging Fix or Stevenson for losing in their senior debuts.  Some are adjusting expectations and predicting the future to arrive a few months later than hoped for, but nobody is knocking those guys on the whole, and almost everyone is rooting for them.
    What Snyder has done is pave the way for those young guys to have their own high expectations and goals.  They have seen it done and whether it is realistic or not they are dreaming of and working towards doing it themselves.  
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    smcfee reacted to KCMO2 in Season is way too long   
    Follow the Pac 12's lead and bump conference tournaments up a week, followed 2 weeks later by nationals.  Makes the season slightly shorter and avoids the conflict with March Madness.
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    smcfee reacted to FATMANROLL in More Bad Wrestling News   
    I feel the huge disparity between the top 1-2% and the next 15% is driving the latter away. It used to be be an athlete could be a 3 sport athlete and hang with the best wrestlers in the state, now if your not a year round wrestler, you won't get a sniff. Sport specialization is killing the sport. Sure this is a broad stroke but I think it's a trend.
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    smcfee reacted to JBluegill133 in To Be A Great Coach   
    I think it is also necessary for a high school coach to get in and make a presence with the youth wrestlers as well.  A strong feeder program for the high school is important.  
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    smcfee reacted to Coach_J in Lee 0-2 next two duals? What then?   
    Ask Mark Branch what being 6-7 in March means.
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    smcfee reacted to boconnell in Daton Fix debut   
    How many times in their life have Fix and Lee had to go to their plan B?
    Fix blitzes guys with points by overwhelming them physically and by piling up freestyle turns from his counters and his seamless transition to his top game.  Lee blitzes guys with points from top with his tilts.  Both guys are barely into their college careers and are probably starting to realize you can't blitz everyone with plan A at this level.  Even a guy like Ronnie Bresser might be stubborn and make you adjust.  But these guys have not really been adjustment guys up to this point in their career because they have been guys who imposed their will.  Hopefully both guys expand their games in the next year as a result of learning that no matter how good plan A is, some guys won't go along with the plan.
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    smcfee reacted to WillieBoy in Wyo vs Ok St   
    Higher elevation does play a role in performance, no doubt about it. Consecutive matches 5-6,000 feet higher than one normally wrestles do add up.
    Maybe OSU will now refit their wrestling room so it can be depressurized to train at 8-10,000 foot equivalent? Then do the gym as well so teams visiting are at a big disadvantage?
    Then they could dome the football Stadium an training fields and do the same thing to try and bring OSU football back to glory?
    Wyoming held the match where the top star went to High School and the home crowd surely played a part in the way they wrestled OSU tough. Hope the Wyoming program keeps moving up so they add another challenger to the top 5.
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    smcfee got a reaction from BigTenFanboy in Retherford v. Heil - what's the outcome?   
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    smcfee got a reaction from FATMANROLL in All-Madden Duals   
    125 Eric Guerrero  3x champ     
    133 Yojiro Uetake 3x undefeated champ  
    141 Myron Roderick, 3x champ    
    149 Kenny Monday      
    157 Pat Smith, 4x champ    
    165 Alex Dieringer 3 x champ  
    174 Mark Branch 2x champ, 4x finalist
    184 Chris Pendleton 2x champ bumping up for team
    197 Jake Rosholt 3x champ    
    hwt Jimmy Jackson, 3x champ 76-78  
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    smcfee reacted to treep2000 in What's Sanderson's Plan B for 125?   
    This is EXACTLY what is wrong with 'Murica.  Interjecting the race card, when there is ZERO evidence, and ZERO cause to do so in the first place.  As someone that hails from a multi-racial family, I find this type of post to be the most disgusting of all.  Agreed that the rules need to be re-evaluated, but the latter half of the above statement belongs NOT on this forum.  
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    smcfee got a reaction from Witherman in Maroulis - unreal   
    I would say more along the lines of John, Bruce, Jordan, and Helen.  Neither Cael or Kyle has the accolades to belong in that group.
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    smcfee reacted to PRyan2012 in Maroulis - unreal   
    Agree. But Cael's 7 coaching titles. I was just talking about recognizable names in our sport right now. Cael is the biggest name.
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    smcfee got a reaction from GranbyTroll in Maroulis - unreal   
    I would say more along the lines of John, Bruce, Jordan, and Helen.  Neither Cael or Kyle has the accolades to belong in that group.
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    smcfee reacted to cornercoach in Lavion Mayes to Clarion University   
    ........wow, great credentials- and still young-- "Coaches Wrestling Their Wrestlers" topic may apply-
    some undergrad is going to get "tutored/tortured" daily....... 
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    smcfee got a reaction from Cletus_Tucker in Anticipation for World Championships   
    so you are saying Cael choked under the pressure?
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    smcfee reacted to DAA in Question for you ex-college wrestlers   
    I couldn't help but respond to this post.
    I was a transfer in the '60s -- from ISU to MSU.
    We (and I) won an NCAA championship in '67 --
    I wrote a book about it -- much of which was devoted to the (recruiting process and) transfer --  in celebration of our 50th anniversary.  
    I hope it's not inappropriate for me to say that there have been numerous testimonials about the book that can be found at 67Spartanbook.com 
    Best -
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