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  1. I can’t even remember what he would ramble about. Sad. Obviously the 4 time undefeated state champ thing. But wouldn’t he bring up some win in highschool over the Kent state heavy
  2. So is Austin Myers gone? Sure miss his dad coming around yelling at us from time to time.
  3. So Joey and Eierman will be the two guys next year? Would really love to see Eierman separate himself, dude is an absolute stud, but with his style he just gives up way too easy take downs sometimes.
  4. Who were Perry’s losses this year?
  5. Just read throug this whole thread, don’t know if I’ve ever seen more wrong takes in one place.
  6. Does anyone have any idea he is up to? Always loved watching that kid scrap!
  7. I know Eierman was sucking a lot of weight but remember when NATO absolutely TORCHED Eierman? Crazy to think about.
  8. How did you find info out about Georgia Tech. I have a family member that was trying to find more out about the history of the GT program
  9. He's banned from the OTC? When did that happen
  10. Check David taylor's favorites on twitter. All of them are about how he got screwed.
  11. Does Anyone know what david Taylor was saying after his match?
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