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  1. Spot on. As someone else said, non-competes dont hold water here in Texas. However, they typically do get enforcement on defamation/original content/etc. I assume lots of cease and desist letters flew around, usually thats the end of it. There will be a settlement, probably not $, just willie saying "ok, ill quit bashing flo, etc...".
  2. One more thing. I will NEVER do business with rocket mortgage. Beat. Down.
  3. Pros: -Documentary's are as good as 30 for 30. -Terrific event coverage. -Technique library. -Enjoy some of the personalities (Bader, MikeMal) -No where else to get what they give. Cons: -Horrible streaming. The kicker is they are aware and havent fixed the problem. I remember when they got the $27mm "investment" (I assume it was private equity), I thought they would pour that into tech...apparently they poured that into a branding consultant. -Bad customer service. Yes, I have an annual membership and will keep it for as long as I can imagine. They certainly grow the sport. Now, when can we start the trackwrestling thread? That may be the worst organization/service on earth.
  4. My boys went to a camp in Perry OK last summer...they went noodling every afternoon, no kidding.
  5. Thats the one that drives me nuts. When i want to switch mats quickly i have to go back 2-3 times, then scroll to the mat i want, 2 more clicks to play, then 10 seconds of the buffering circle spinning. PITA.
  6. im saying i would rather see dt at worlds. i love cox, great story and fun to watch, i just think dt is the 2nd best wrestler in the US right now, after snyder.
  7. no ****. they dont have good bourbon.
  8. dang. wow. ok, jb earned it. hey, we have a damn salty world team. lets go to paris and **** **** up!
  9. i love cox but that was bull****....f that.
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