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  1. Agreed! And if it was greco they'd both be cautioned out for leg fouls. Great shame!
  2. Amen. People aren't looking at this season enough. I think Snyder should be ranked 8th this year as well. Who has he even beaten this year?
  3. Keddy gave up riding time to Mike Cannon of American at Midlands I believe. Metcalf gave up RT to Palmer in B10 finals as well as Caldwell in the 09 finals. Taylor gave up RT against Dake in their 2013 final.
  4. The "lesson it tells people" is that special people get special treatment. Welcome to the real world. That's how it works.
  5. Your definitive statements out you as clueless, regardless of how this lineup plays out.
  6. Zeb caught up with Terry Brands at Midlands. Terry discusses the making of the film as well as his son, Nelson. FloSports first ever movie "TERRY" will debut tomorrow on FloWrestling.org http://www.flowrestling.org/video/859013-terry-talks-about-opening-his-life-up
  7. It is a feature length film. Around 80 minutes I believe. It will only be available on FloWrestling.org
  8. Lol. He was an Olympian. You have interesting standards, but can only assume you're a World/Olympic Champion.
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