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  1. Is it better just to pay for Flo Pro every year to keep current on technique or buy handful of videos of technique you really want to focus on? If anyone has technique Videos they want to sell or trade, feel free to PM me.
  2. If you had three pieces advice that you could of gave yourself as a beginner or young wrestler, what would they be? Here's mine: 1. Spend more time drilling with realistic resistance the counters to common counters of your main offense and defense than anything else. You will not score or counter on great wrestlers with your first move. 2. Strength train consistently year round at least two times a week. While this seems ridiculously easy, track every rep and weight over a year. Chart your drilling and lifting sessions.The amount of missed workouts will astound you. 3. You do not need 200 matches every year. Pick and choose your main tournaments. Your body only has so many matches. Save some for high school and college. It makes sense to break up the year in quarters with planned peaks and rests.
  3. Wish we could resurrect some classic Mocco threads.
  4. Peace and Good Will to all wrestlers, coaches, parents and fans near and far. May you prosper and keep in good health.
  5. Lot of great escape artists mentioned. Maybe Imar is the only current college wrestler to be unrideable for a minute.
  6. Is this a statistic that anyone knows? Who stands out in recent years with the quickest escapes?
  7. Where do you predict he will end up? He keeps improving. Much close match with NATO then last year's match. I say top 4.
  8. legger

    MSU open

    http://www.flowrestling.org/article/41156-2016-high-school-floawards Drew was awarded best high school leg rider last year so his top skills weren't completely under the radar.
  9. Great added detail about thumb position, I always liked lifting (head side) left leg off the mat slightly with left snake arm to weigh down right leg that right snake arm tries to collapse while cutting corner with sideways drive from left planted foot. It seems like it would be a far reach to lock hands under butt except with Hi C set up like Frank the Tank.
  10. Ha ha. Not sure about clear mark of demarcation but have seen many years of state finals where the 152 pound champ could beat the 160 pound champ. Very rare to see that at the lower weights where guy would have any chance at winning the weight class above him.
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