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  1. Also, only one senior on the team.
  2. What AD wouldn't want this guy representing their school? https://twitter.com/MarkSchultzy/status/770889562197417984
  3. Surprised BYU hired Mark after his issues at Villanova.
  4. While we are semi-off topic, William and Mary adding wrestling back would be great too. Back to the point - good for Averett. Not too far from Greensboro College, another new D3 program.
  5. Would love to see Longwood add it back. Virginia has lots of D3 and D1 opportunities at this point, so the lack of D2 is odd.
  6. Not to mention how different coaching at a service academy (at a time of war no less) is than coaching at any other college.
  7. Really felt for Monday when he was talking about being hurt that others didn't leave after DuPont kicked out all the black athletes. Also, interesting to hear more of Chaid's story, and his shock at anyone staying after DuPont pulled a gun on him.
  8. So who is this making room for at Tech? Tony Ramos?
  9. Any idea how long of a contract Chandler signed?
  10. Maybe not the best form of conditioning for someone with a pre-existing ankle injury? Also, why was this being filmed? Misinformation?
  11. If I'm Storniolo, I've already reached out to Tony. Wonder if Illinois has room? Also, wonder what drove Brands to make that offer to Dennis. Best wishes, middle finger to VT, a mix of the two?
  12. Brands' immediate pivot to the "corner for life" comment makes it seem to me as if there is some truth to what Tony said.
  13. I get your frustrations. They are pretty common for wrestlers coming into jiu jitsu. From what you describe in sparring, I think a comparison to wrestling might make sense. Imagine if a really big and strong jiu jitsu player came to a wrestling practice. During live goes on the feet, he avoids ties, circles away, and doesn't take any shots. On the mat, he clams up on bottom and doesn't try to escape. On top, he will throw legs in and can ride you out, but doesn't try to turn. That's basically what rolling with a raw or relatively new wrestler in BJJ feels like. Wrestlers hate stalling and so do jiu jitsu players, stalling just looks a bit different in each sport. I think coaches in either sport would rather see someone in practice get pinned/submitted/scored on trying to score themselves rather than stalling. So, don't worry about getting swept or tapped. Try to pass, play bottom, pull guard yourself. I think that will make the sport a lot more enjoyable for you and your partners.
  14. Seems like Chandler's appeal is his ability to convince others that he was held back by Minkle? Okay, but what does it say about someone that they would stick around and deal with that for 18 years?
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