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  1. I'm all for the finals being on ESPN, but with the way things are right now I'd rather have everything else on Flo. But get why splitting it up might not be possible.
  2. Makes sense, with him being an alum. Interesting to hear.
  3. Better than Dresser, Robie, Zadick, or St. John? Seriously?
  4. Why do you think they will get rid of Hoffman, and why would you oppose that so much?
  5. So, I have comcast and wasn't able to do multi-screen on chrome for the first round on my laptop, but for second round, multi-screen worked. wonder if our feedback made them change things?
  6. Absolutely amazing to see Kyle Snyder in action. He must have been giving up 50 pounds to the heavyweight from F&M. F&M started tough, nearly hitting a foot sweep, but I don't think he's ever had to try to keep up with a pace like Snyder's before.
  7. Same, but I've had Comcast for a long time and been able to use multi-screen before. Bummer.
  8. Snyder isn't getting turned from bottom of par terre. He isn't turning, but it seems his bigger issue at times is finishing shots - in both folk and free. Obvious example being the Gadsen match, but the Heavy from Nebraska also countered him, and then that insane defense at the Yarygin. Getting more matches to work on turning guys seems like a good thing. Especially since giving up weight in folk, the margin for error is also very small. All that said, it's probably a good thing he lost now. Puts a fire on him, or rather heats the fire under him, focuses him on what he needs to work on. Should he work on turns from top? Of course. But let's not forget, the dude is 19.
  9. Kolat was pretty successful running an after practice/weekend/offseason school for kids. For adults, it would take some tinkering, but it is possible. Adult Judo schools work to a certain extent, with Judo being another Olympic grappling style. Some boxing and more so Thai Boxing programs have instituted rank structures for the reasons you indicated although neither of those sports traditionally have one. Just kind of surprising to me that we have seen school and government funded programs suffer cuts in funding or be terminated, but not much response in terms of private sector solutions. It would be nice to see folks think out of the box.
  10. I'd love to see more wrestlers open wrestling schools in the same style that BJJ guys do. A decently successful school would provide a solid, more reliable income than MMA and not require extreme weight cuts or getting punched in the face. Also, you are still in wrestling and working on wrestling rather than submissions and striking.
  11. Slightly off topic, but I know that Dagestan is largely Muslim, but why do they keep showing guys holding Saudi flags?
  12. I read this as implying that they are leaving because Perry is allegedly leaving. Does IMart stay if Perry goes?
  13. Hunter has been there 14 years and they are only paying him 48K? Wow.
  14. CD did not lose his job because he spoke out. He lost his job because he made incendiary comments on a controversial topic on company time, in his company office, while fielding a mediocre at best product, in a manner that blurred the line between what CD as a person was saying and what CD the head UNC wrestling coach and representative of a large state university was saying.
  15. I wish we could see the same data for other former Soviet states, where I can think of many examples off the top of my head where athletes from the same regions are dominating as well.
  16. Gonna be pretty awkward if Marable makes the team with potential teammates and training partners taking such a strong public stand against the situation.
  17. I think it's a tough situation, and empathize with Kolat's frustrations. Especially now, when you have to look back and wonder if you had stuck around a year. No disrespect to Campbell, but it's not UNC. While I don't question Scott's abilities on the mat and trust his coaching is great as well, that's quite a leap professionally to assume the responsibilities as a head coach that has to contend with an AD and other university officials. Is Erisman the only assistant there at the moment? Wonder if they bring in someone that can handle the administrative aspect?
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