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  1. Great matches last night but my heart goes out to David taylor out of anyone including Dake that came up short in this years WTT. Taylor is a tough guy to beat for guys over seas and def feel he would have medaled in paris. Jden bring it home !
  2. The weight classes will be differnet next year. They will all probably make the team.
  3. Gilman at anything lower then 57 will be a threat even to Lee, Suriano, or potentially Fix. Remember he does own a junior bronze medal !
  4. Thomas Gilman will be a force when the weight changes in 2018. This year is all Ramos.
  5. I'd love to see the start of a weight such as 54kg for bothe freestyle and greco roman
  6. Does anyone have any idea what the new non olympic weights are going to look like ?
  7. I'm wondering this myself. I was hoping to see it pop up in the events schedule. This tounament for years took place before the nyac usually in october. I'm wondering the same thing for regional tounaments that served as a qualifier for WTT's.
  8. Would love to see this happen come december for greco senior nationals
  9. I definitely agree with these changes. But seriously UWW needs to do more. For starters add some more freaking weights or switch them up !
  10. OMG end this BS, take wrestling out the olympics
  11. OMG end this BS, take wrestling out the olympics
  12. OMG end this BS, take wrestling out the olympics
  13. OMG end this BS, take wrestling out the olympics
  14. Wheres last chance qualifier for greco ? I see freestlyes last chance qualifier. Any info on the last chance qualifier for greco ?
  15. If I wouldve known what i know now back in 2013, I wouldve wanted wrestling out.
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