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  1. CholleyVandine

    So long as we are trashing Rutgers...

    Rutgers has not won an NCAA team title in any sport since the student body adopted the Scarlet Knight mascot in that campus-wide election. Elections do have consequences.
  2. CholleyVandine

    Nebraska at Penn State

    Flo ranked Red 8th on the final class of 2016 big board: https://www.flowrestling.org/rankings/6031432-class-of-2016-big-board/15022-mark-hall-reigns-supreme And Lee 9th on the final class of 2017 big board: https://www.flowrestling.org/rankings/6031476-class-of-2017-big-board/16233-final-class-of-2017-big-board
  3. CholleyVandine

    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    There is that guy who finished 5th at this weight class in the 2016 Olympics and who just gave up his coaching gig so he can train full-time for this ... I wouldn't count him out
  4. CholleyVandine

    100% Bonus Rate

    Finesilver had a one-point win at the Cleveland Open this weekend.
  5. One man's opinion: Iowa wrestling coach Tom Brands believes Penn State's recent domination 'great' for the sport
  6. The message boards were a tire fire during Oklahoma A&M's reign
  7. CholleyVandine

    Great for Suriano

    Midlands is not even on the Rutgers schedule. So it's probably Suriano, Ashnault, Gravina, and all of the others who won't be going.
  8. CholleyVandine


    "Throw me Brands" = Terry. "Slap me Brands" = Tom. Keep up, man!
  9. CholleyVandine

    HWC Additions

    Head explode? My last memory of Pico on a wrestling mat was him losing to Frank Molinaro in the 2016 Olympic trials.
  10. CholleyVandine

    Will Martin redshirt this season?

    And maybe not even Valencia, right? Is there any strong indication that Valencia is considering the move to 184?
  11. CholleyVandine

    Best Ever PSU wrestler

    Ruth and Taylor have the same average placement at NCAAs (3-1-1-1 = 2-1-2-1, according to math). Taylor also had only three losses. Taylor had more pins, more tech falls, and a higher bonus rate. Taylor only had three close wins in his college career (i.e., wins by 3 points or fewer). Ed had 15. They both won four Big Ten titles. Taylor scored 93 team points during his career at the B1G tournament, Ruth scored 85.5. Taylor scored 101 career points at NCAAs (fourth highest total in NCAA history). Ruth scored 96.5 (tied for fifth highest total). Taylor won two Hodge trophies. Based on college only, it was Taylor.
  12. CholleyVandine

    Penn State Freestyle?

    He bounced back from his NCAA championship defeat with a Pan Am title earlier this month
  13. CholleyVandine

    Penn State Freestyle?

    He wrestled one tournament in the first week of November.
  14. CholleyVandine

    2018 Dual Attendance

    Definitely Penn State. The average attendance for basketball this past season was about 500 fewer than for wrestling.
  15. CholleyVandine

    2018 Dual Attendance

    Lots of unsold seats in Iowa. I thought they came closer to filling the joint.