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  1. Fadzaev2 fixed. My fault. Didn't have my glasses on. Sorry.
  2. https://gocamels.com/news/2020/4/22/michalak-tabbed-associate-head-wrestling-coach.aspx
  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/11456034271/permalink/10157463934824272/
  4. Coaches at Kolat's level are recruited by AD's that want to build strong programs. They don't apply. I'm thankful for what he has accomplished at Campbell. Kolat developed a program that creates wonderful opportunities for student-athletes. Now it's time for him to build another program in his vision.
  5. 2 of the 3 Iowa State guys who defaulted to Coleman were not even 184lbers showing what he did was premeditated!!!! -Caleb Long competed at 165/174 all season not 184 -Austin Stotts competed at 174 all season not 184. He purposely put his own guys up at 184 to fix these matches!!!
  6. Campbell University has a brand new state of the art wrestling facility. The coaching staff develops complete wrestlers and Head Coach Cary Kolat truly cares about his athletes. The administration strongly supports the program. Campbell has fantastic academics and unique programs such as Homeland Security. New medical and engineering buildings, Stadium, and lots of construction on the ever growing campus. The surrounding natural environment and river system is wonderful for outdoor acivities including tubing and fishing. Wrestlers are finding Cambell. Look at next year's recruiting class. Every year the team continues to improve. I find it humorous some of the comments I read here. The creek is rising in Buise .
  7. Cal Poly University has hired University of Iowa's 3X All American Mike Evans as Assistant Coach.
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