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  1. wow...i thought Martinez win. many NCAA superstars couldn't defend against "easy move" as gut wrench! bad!
  2. no, he will compete, idk whats weight class, maybe 74
  3. Russian greco won 1st team tankings, women's team is second! i am so so so proud of my country!
  4. Rashidov, Musuakev, Khinchi, Aliev....in bottom bracket! it is death!
  5. Novosibirsk, Leningradskya oblast, Kabardino-Balkaria, Mordovia and Rostov oblast, Chechnya and Ingushetia....the most powerful greco region in Russia
  6. думай что пишешь))))))))) гречка всегда была, есть и будет популярна в Европе и России чем вольная
  7. Greco isn't as popular as freestyle internationally.....ahahahhahaha
  8. MMA... ahahah he will try make Olympic team in next year. Thi guy won't back down
  9. Let's go Esteves!!! he must go to Dagestan, where he can find sponsorships
  10. what's boring? go and show what is not boring. On the mat were two monsters. It was close matches.
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