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  1. doing good! thank you. Was busy, try to survive from corona :D
  2. everyone from usa lost today! bad news! horrible news! Micic BOOM! Amine boom! habat boom!! good bye collegiate juice wrestlers!
  3. won tournaments by scores against 15-16s boys....good result!
  4. Russians! again! pay refs! use PEDS! poor American threads. We will always find a way to kick your tender asses :)
  5. two juicy cups will fight each other to be beaten by Sadulaev at the Olympics
  6. sure! do it! wrestling is part of life! there are a lot of tournament masters !
  7. Oh my God. This forum has become a detective novel about steroids and cheaters. Every "online coach" tries to blame a foreign wrestler for using doping who beat his fav collegiate wrestler :)
  8. Sur is tough. He was looking impressive in italian camp, but...in resstyle...no chance...
  9. ive got from one forum member pretty present! thanks sir! wrestling family is huge, doesnt matter where come you from!
  10. for you maybe he is world class...lol bronze pan-arms and junior silver....lol. He lost to 39's old man and then cried about robbery. He is not world class wrestler. Taylor is world class wrestler and he is gonna show ur "legend" where is his spot he he he soon very soon!
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