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  1. 184 now slides to VT bolen as a heavy favorite. He’s beaten most top ranked guys with a loss to lujan which he avenged in the same tourney. He just beat hidlay convincingly albeit a low scoring event but controlled the match. If he beats nino Saturday and wins ACC he’ll be a solid #1 seed
  2. Heckuva match as a wrestling fan, not so much as a VT fan. thought VT had a couple bad calls against them like McFadden no TD call at the end of the first period and Moore’s no fall call on Tariq. The ref must have had a bad angle cause he looked pinned but kudos to Tariq for fighting through it
  3. NJ stud Green had what sounds like was a life threatening medical condition recently. From what I understand, at one point was in cardiac arrest but revived and then put in a medically induced coma. Send this young man prayers, good vibes etc for a full recovery.
  4. Hats off to UNC, they came to wrestle. In my 20 or so years of following VT wrestling, that was their worst, across the board performance. Monday looked outstanding. Not sure if DMF was sick but if he wasn’t Monday made him look like a 3rd stringer.
  5. ACC wrestling coverage is a great thing for the sport. The ACC is the second best conference and deserves more coverage.
  6. Nic brascetta will help their middle weight guys out tremendously. Would love for him to come back to VT some day
  7. Not sure but I seen him Saturday night at the wvu dual. Hope he isn’t done but even if he’s healthy I don’t think 149 is for him.
  8. He’s an awesome coach and really connects with the wrestlers on a business and personal level. He’s probably a better person than a coach and that’s not a knock on his coaching abilities. Him and mehki are tight.
  9. VT’s Frayer is probably a lead candidate for coaching vacancies. An Olympian, great recruiter, can still roll with anyone and spank most too. I think he and his family like Blacksburg so it would take a highly preferred job and location for him to leave
  10. Congrats and consider donating to SERTC
  11. Not Iowa or Ohio state answer but ditto on the nc state answer. Pop does an amazing job for the pack and that’s great for the acc even though it chaps me when they beat VT. VT has also done a great job of wrestler development such as all Americans who weren’t high school studs like penny, haught, Yates and ty walz
  12. Zahid is in another level than all #184 guys. There are about 4-5 guys who’ll battle for the opportunity to battle him in the ncaa finals and the margin is pretty thin between those guys.
  13. Who has he coached in FS? Dennis comes to mind but not sure of others
  14. I’m a freestyle spectator novice so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I think desanto would do relatively well in FS. He may be better in FS than folk with the right coaching. I love his energy and effort but hate the unnecessary antics. He’s a gamer that HATES to lose. With some FS experience, and non-Brands coaching I think the sky’s the limit for someone like him.
  15. Dang!!! I always liked watching him wrestle. He always seemed like a level headed, dominant wrestler who did everything the right way, both on and off the mat. Prayers for healing brother.
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