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  1. HH is a class act. I enjoy watching him wrestle except at VT matches. Dude has owned the ACC. TH comes off brash and arrogant. He’s good enough to let his wrestling speak for itself. Maybe he can learn a thing or two from “big” brother in the sportsmanship department
  2. I am sooooo close to totally disconnecting from all tech devices except for work. May drop my smart phone and get a basic flip phone.
  3. Congrats to the 10 champs. There are plenty media outlets that thrive on identity politics. Hopefully this site doesn’t evolve as an additional outlet. I come here for wrestling and wrestling only.
  4. Someone posted on the VT forum there is a 90% chance that Myers comes back for one more year.
  5. I loathe basketball but no way should a first round pumpkin ball game of NIT stall the start of the ncaa wrestling finals.
  6. Easy. Just get the # 8 and it’s game over
  7. The bull chokes back to back tourneys against the # 8 seed
  8. That stinks but obviously the right call. He was in obvious pain. The navy dude still couldn’t take him down but the likelihood of getting another win was almost zero without further damage to his shoulder
  9. He almost got him again with the doubles over throw too. O’Connor is a beast and has too much upper body horsepower for BA right now and he did what champs do and battled back to beat BA. I’m still trying to figure out why BA reached back over O’Connor’s head while on bottom. Every junior high school wrestler was taught not to do that but I’m sure BA had a plan if O’Connor reacted, just not sure what that is. Hoping for an all ACC natty final between those two
  10. Andonian is gonna deck a couple guys. He’s a high risk/high reward kind of guy. Could make the finals or not make the podium but if you like college wrestling, you got to watch this guy. He has zero fear and could care less about rankings. He threw O’Connor as a true freshman but it was on the line and he’s grown more confident in his true sophomore year.
  11. Crazy talk? Possibly but I think there will be more parity among 5-6 teams competing for the podium than most people are predicting. I might end up wrong but wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up with the tightest team race we’ve seen in many years.
  12. Iowa will not be natty champs. I predict a few early upsets that’ll hamper their ability to win the title. Laugh if you want but I think Young will likely get upset first round by Brady. Desanto looks injured and beatable way earlier than his seed indicates. Warner will likely not AA either. The bull doesn’t look like he’s a 100% either. Bullard is tough and may knock him to the consis. Murin will also likely not wrestle to seed. I think they do end up with two champs; Lee and Eirman and place top 4
  13. My bad. Forgot about Dan. In sarcasm meant Gable Stevenson
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