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  1. Man, I wish Bo the best of luck. He’s a freak of an athlete and can certainly do well in mma if he continues that route. We know he has offense and he’ll definitely put in the work to get better at that too. The main question is, can he take a punch or multiple punches and kicks to the head from a top tier guy? Not many guys can do that and that’s what separates the great from the good mma guys.
  2. I watched Henson wrestle as a high school senior in the SERTC open in Salem and win his division. He majored Princeton’s Keller in the finals like 10-0 if I remember right. He’s gonna be a good one
  3. No, I misread and thought it said ranked #1.
  4. It’ll likely be a spot that’s up for grabs with the starter getting the nod right before the ACC matches. I’m going with Flynn.
  5. 149 - VT true freshman Henson will likely be an AA candidate if he stays healthy
  6. Is he ranked nationally at his weight?
  7. VT’s true freshman Henson @ 149. Kid is a gamer and won the southeast open tourney as a high school senior. He’ll take some lumps along the way but it wouldn’t be surprising to see him AA
  8. Let’s try another example, Bryce Andonian. Junior bronze medalist, 3rd place NCAA finisher. BA was ranked quite a bit lower than chittum’s high school ranking and he turned out pretty good to be Frayer trained. You hate frayer or something?
  9. That easy, see mehki Lewis. Frayer trained, junior gold medalist, natty champ and natty runner up. Mehki’s style is polar opposite of air frayer and he turned out pretty good, right?
  10. If true that’s interesting. He’s got accolades for sure. Kind of hard not think his stock maybe overrated a bit though if he has a couple years on his competition
  11. VT guys say he recently visited their room too. He’s a TN guy, like potential 125 starter Flynn, not sure that matters though. He’d be a great fit at VT in a year or two. Henson will likely bump to 157 once BA leaves. Plus Frayer would develop this kid into a legit natty title contender if he’s willing to put in the work. For the record, I think VT is less than likely if he’s interested in the bucks.
  12. Any idea where this guy lands? Seems he’s making visits to some top tier schools,
  13. DMF has a history of being clutch. His true freshman year, he stormed back from being down to PSU’s Rasheed to force OT. Then he nailed the winning TD. While at VT, he usually seemed to start matches slow for some reason and generally turned it on later in the match. Happy to see him succeeding on the senior level and would love to see him back in B’burg repping SERTC
  14. I think andonian is already qualified for WTT. I’m not sure he’ll wrestle though, but if he does, it’ll be interesting to see how he measures up to the senior level guys. He might not have the upper body horsepower for the top tier guys but he’s good for a few feet to back big moves that’ll keep it interesting
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