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  1. Creek chub

    Your Team’s 19/20 Probable Lineup

    Correct. Myers is cutting to 125. Speculation is Colin maybe an influencing factor and is rumored to super competitive with Corbin. Maybe similar to 165 last year
  2. Creek chub

    Most anticipated wrestlers

    Watch out for VT’s 133, Colin Gerardi. Dude is tough! He took 7th at the scuffle as a true freshman at took RBY to sudden victory. With Brewer now in the room, I suspect by season’s end he’ll almost definitely make a lot noise. Rumor has it that his development may have forced Myers to drop to 125. Since Myers has been a 133 for quite awhile I’m somewhat inclined to believe that rumor.
  3. Creek chub

    Who's taking an olympic redshirt this year?

    I just listened to a local interview with mehki discussing his oly shirt. At the end, coach frayer was interviewed. I believe he said nobody who took an oly shirt ever made the team. Anybody know if that’s true?
  4. Creek chub

    Your team’s lineup and ncaa projections

    Honestly, I’m concerned DMF might have gas tank issues at 165, especially for multiple day weigh ins. He’s beat most of the top tier 165 guys already minus cenzo. He reportedly had trouble holding 165 and bumped to 74. Rumor was mehki might have precipitated that move though. If so, no shame in that rumor if true
  5. Summer lull, and way too early team ncaa projections VT 125 - Myers, 6-8 133 - Gerardi, R12 but AA wouldn’t shock me if he AA’d 141 - M Moore, 4-6. He might be a dark horse finalist. Jumped levels this summer 149 - B Moore, 6-8. Interesting to see how he recovered from surgery 157 - BC “mullet” LaPrade, R12. Fun guy to watch 165 - DMF, 1-2 174 - Hughes, top 20’ish 184 - Bolen, 4-6. 197 - Howard/Smeltzer, R12 Biggins - Borst, 6-8 Top 10 team finish, likely in the 7-8 range but maybe around 10 too.
  6. Creek chub

    Mekhi announces olympic redshirt

    I think all returning and AA hopefuls are glad he’s shirting.
  7. Creek chub

    Mehki Lewis oly shirt?

    No but trained at the OTC
  8. Creek chub

    Mehki Lewis oly shirt?

    Frayer said he took time off from competing since he was getting burnt out. He trained for junior world and then straight into ncaa.
  9. Creek chub

    Mehki Lewis oly shirt?

    Bammm! No more speculation. I’m anxious to see how he does
  10. Creek chub

    Mekhi announces olympic redshirt

    Congrats to mehki! Robie and frayer wouldn’t have encouraged him to do this if they didn’t think he had a realistic shot at making the team and improve his game this will hurt VT in March but he’ll benefit from this opportunity and VT’s 2020 team will be stacked !
  11. Creek chub

    schedules 2019 - 2020

  12. Creek chub

    2019 Medved International Line-Up

  13. Creek chub

    Mehki Lewis oly shirt?

    Dang, I wonder how that impacts financial aid and scholarships? Almost seems prohibitive unless the athletes’ families can cover the costs or they get jobs to cover living expenses. I worked my way thru college but didn’t compete though.
  14. Creek chub

    Mehki Lewis oly shirt?

    Thanks for the information. It’ll be interesting to see hear his decision. I believe frayer said he’d make it by the end of August
  15. Creek chub

    Mehki Lewis oly shirt?

    I know this topic has been discussed somewhat but the hokie board says mehki trained at the OTC a week or two ago and he’s going back out there with frayer at the end of the month. I’m a FS novice fan and don’t understand how the qualification process works. If mehki decides to use his oly shirt and doesn’t make the team, is that a big deal? Also, how many slots are there per weight class?