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  1. I talked to frank in person at a hokie open. Super nice guy. I’m 5’8” and felt quite a bit taller than him which shocked me. Agree anything above 65, he’d get horsed around by top tier guys
  2. I suspect he’ll rely on his great neutral D and re-attacks until he builds his confidence and experience up. Once he develops a strong par terre game, he’s gonna be an animal
  3. I’m a hokie fan but want the best man to rep the US. Why do you want Lewis to lose?
  4. Don’t forget, we have two Moores this year. Hopefully Brent is healed up and adjusts to 149.
  5. Great pickup for KD and the cyclones.
  6. Is Amos definitely going 197 is college? I’m a VT fan and someone posted that once Catka signed with VT, the coaches didn’t pursue Amos any longer cause they thought he was a heavyweight prospect. Not sure if that poster is correct though or just speculating. Either way he’s a good get for the badgers
  7. In folk, probably the best last year. Is there a valid statistical database for folk wrestling ? Mehki Lewis didn’t give up one take down at NCAAs. I know he lost two matches during the year and don’t recall the specifics on TDs. I am fairly certain bc state Bullard took him down in the ACC or possibly the dual
  8. Top 5 dominant upsets for sure. Don’t be surprised if he duplicates his success on the senior FS level. I expect a few hiccups in his first couple of tourneys due to his lack of experience. But come oly trials time, I think he knocks off a big name or two
  9. Looking forward to the mizzou vs VT dual again this year.
  10. Correct. Myers is cutting to 125. Speculation is Colin maybe an influencing factor and is rumored to super competitive with Corbin. Maybe similar to 165 last year
  11. Watch out for VT’s 133, Colin Gerardi. Dude is tough! He took 7th at the scuffle as a true freshman at took RBY to sudden victory. With Brewer now in the room, I suspect by season’s end he’ll almost definitely make a lot noise. Rumor has it that his development may have forced Myers to drop to 125. Since Myers has been a 133 for quite awhile I’m somewhat inclined to believe that rumor.
  12. I just listened to a local interview with mehki discussing his oly shirt. At the end, coach frayer was interviewed. I believe he said nobody who took an oly shirt ever made the team. Anybody know if that’s true?
  13. Honestly, I’m concerned DMF might have gas tank issues at 165, especially for multiple day weigh ins. He’s beat most of the top tier 165 guys already minus cenzo. He reportedly had trouble holding 165 and bumped to 74. Rumor was mehki might have precipitated that move though. If so, no shame in that rumor if true
  14. Summer lull, and way too early team ncaa projections VT 125 - Myers, 6-8 133 - Gerardi, R12 but AA wouldn’t shock me if he AA’d 141 - M Moore, 4-6. He might be a dark horse finalist. Jumped levels this summer 149 - B Moore, 6-8. Interesting to see how he recovered from surgery 157 - BC “mullet” LaPrade, R12. Fun guy to watch 165 - DMF, 1-2 174 - Hughes, top 20’ish 184 - Bolen, 4-6. 197 - Howard/Smeltzer, R12 Biggins - Borst, 6-8 Top 10 team finish, likely in the 7-8 range but maybe around 10 too.
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