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  1. Frayer vs molinaro. Frayer is still a bad man. He honored his bet with mehki that he’d wrestle FS if lewis won a natty championship. Even though he is 40, he smoked some dudes at the tourney. Highly underrated wrestler who’d be fun to watch.
  2. VT is a top tier engineering university and there is a 197 need. Plus he’d get to train with Haught and Walz.
  3. Good point. A Stanford degree is huge and hopefully most of the athletes get theirs
  4. Woods could fit in nicely at VT at 141. Great training and coaching with brewer, frayer, andonian etc Plus, he’s have good ACC top 10 competition with wilson and Sherman
  5. Coach Robie mentioned that VT may get a 141 transfer before Mitch moore left to go to Oklahoma. Plus, Rivera was in Brewer’s wedding. It could all be coincidental but I’m cautiously optimistic he will end up at VT and wouldn’t be too surprised but agree Rutgers has a presumed lead in landing him.
  6. I got my fingers crossed he inks with VT. I get the pull to get back home and know he loves Jersey. I think VT is a better spot for his development. He’d get to roll with Brewer, Frayer and Andonian.
  7. Wonder if he intends to slot 174? If so, VT would be a great spot
  8. Yeah my statement was general un terms of closing the gap on BIG schools. Agree the top tier of BIG has a firm hold on tourney podium spots, for now. I do think that may change in the next few years but they will still make up a majority of podium finishes with some non BIG teams filling a slot or two. For what it’s worth VT is like 2-0 vs Ohio state in recent duals and gave PSU their closest dual match of the season a few years back. I realize tourney scoring is different but VT and NC State can challenge and beat most teams and that’s a great thing for college wresting
  9. Agree. Parity in the sport is a good thing. Hope Campbell continues their upward trend post Kolat. UNI, Stanford are on doing well too. The BIG10 is still top dawg but the gap on their dominance is shrinking each year. I’d love for VT to get PSU back on their schedule
  10. Robie and VT staff are bringing in studs in all weights. In a couple years, a podium finish is highly probable and maybe a team title at some point. VT, NC State and UNC all had top 7 recruiting rankings. Very impressive
  11. VT alum Devin Carter was a TD king and apt to get back points in the transition or pins. Steiber and the Edinboro guy were the only two he struggled with in neutral. He was not a great mat wrestler and and admitted it to some degree. He could have been a really good FS guy on the senior level if he chose that path but went on to get his doctorate degree instead
  12. James Green joins SERTC in Blacksburg. Good get for the club and VT
  13. I think Robie said he was held out for concussion protocol
  14. Agree 100%. Hopefully AD Babcock is throwing lots of $ his way.
  15. Not sure if Mitch wants to go 149. He seems pretty short and already has trouble getting in on his shots. I’d assume the taller 149 guys would make his shot production even lower.
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