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  1. John Coctostan

    Break Dancing in the Olympics!

    gymnastics has their chalk bowl... will olympic footloose have a punch bowl? keg? for that matter, it seems the ioc again has been hitting the punch bowl a little hard...
  2. John Coctostan

    Beach Wrestling advice?

    if you come across any postable resources, please share. thanks!
  3. John Coctostan

    Aleksandr Karelin at NCAAs

    wasn't there one neck he broke? makes me wonder if that was the one. yes, scary stuff, indeed.
  4. John Coctostan

    you be the ref...

    this ref definitely "inserted himself" (pardon the phrasing) a little too much in this match. the first call for headbutting was utter bull****. the penalty for suggesting a stalling call, questionable at best. had the ref officiated as aggressively towards the red wrestler as he had the green, there undoubtedly would have been a stalling call. but his hostile attitude towards the coach at the table, indicating his own level of agitation, reveals a personality unfit for officiating, in my opinion. much too invested. casts additional doubt over all his questionable calls.
  5. John Coctostan

    VA Tech Asst coach

    Davidson has created another assistant coach position. It's not to replace Dance.
  6. John Coctostan

    Wrestling Pictures in SI

    advertising is promotion. they're getting paid to promote, and they do it as asked.
  7. unknown hinson is disqualified for this distinction only by his far-reaching fame and reknown as the king of country-western troubadours. but he's got chops, even without the plastic glue-ons he used to don.
  8. John Coctostan

    Should I quit?

    i don't think so, bud. but okay.
  9. John Coctostan

    Should I quit?

    sounds like that guy pinned his guys in the first period. ;-)
  10. John Coctostan

    Should I quit?

    oh, and merry christmas!
  11. John Coctostan

    Should I quit?

    1032004, that morning run was the best part of my day, often. it gave me energy and confidence that carried me through the day. i KNEW i could outwork all of my classmates, and teachers. did they get up and run 5 miles before they got here? nope. i sat feet away from them not intimidated by perceptions that someone didn't approve of me or my efforts. i felt in the greatest control of my day and my success than i ever did before, on the strength of that morning ritual starting my day. i was MORE alert, MORE ready to learn than i was following any other routine. MedalMan, so, how'd it go? where are you in your though process now? feeling better?
  12. John Coctostan

    Should I quit?

    Alternatively, you could continue with your commitment to the morning run and weight lifting. Whether you wrestle or not, these are great life habits. My grandfather always said if you don't do it when you're young, you won't when you're old! Nothing in this world worth a damn is easy. That said, perhaps the changes you might consider are on the perception side of things. Ask yourself (as in, do not answer here): --How is my attitude and outlook? --Might I feel differently if I was near the end of a great season? --Am I focusing on what I'm missing out on, rather than what I'm gaining that others are missing out on? Like many other things in life, wrestling is hard. That bears repeating: Like many other things in life, wrestling is hard. That means that it will, by definition, bring you to these moments, and these questions. Do you know what else will? --college --marriage --parenthood --career --getting / staying in shape --bills While you will be making choices and commitments the rest of your life, every one you make will be predicated on what you achieved by your previous choices and commitments. That is to say, every day we set a pattern of living that we will begin tomorrow with. Ask yourself what kind of person you want to be. Chances are that if you have a pulse, your choice will necessarily involve some commitments that will bring you back to these very tests you're facing now. What kind of person do you want to be tomorrow? Are you becoming that person today? Okay, no judgement here, bud. Honestly. Wrestling is tough. I'll put you in my prayers, because I know you're facing a very tough set of tests right now. Much love and respect, and good luck. Whatever you do, be brave, don't sell yourself short.
  13. John Coctostan


    how did i not ever hear anything about this? i mean, besides the fact that i don't really watch much reality tv or anything. but still..