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  1. Does anyone know what the transfer rules are in this case? They aren’t cutting the program this year, so if guys move schools for this coming season will they have to sit/get a waiver?
  2. Woods may go straight to mma I’m curious to see where Abas ends up too
  3. I think Karchla ends up at 174. I don’t think Rocky at 197 is a good idea. I also don’t think anyone can beat him at 184 for the starting spot. He is too big now. If Romero can’t drop to 165 and perform, he may be out of the lineup. Pretty crazy for a guy seeded to AA. I really hope one of these guys can somehow make 157
  4. Malik was absolutely undersized this past year. He didn’t cut to make 125. I’ve been skeptical about Decatur’s folkstyle success forever and still am, but he has the work ethic and ability to be AA level. Not sure if he gets there though. A redshirt might be a great idea. peyton Robb is known for horsing everyone. It was also widely known that he had a tough cut, and will very likely move up this year. He couldn’t last year because there was a title contender in the lineup at 165. I agree on the 197 and hvwt points. Is actually prefer Singletary at hvwt personally. I think he is 80% to AA at hvwt and maybe 25% at 197 (lots of unknowns though)
  5. They are both similarly ranked in their perspective weights. Scott made the most of his draw (and got extremely lucky vs Desanto). To his credit, he made the most of it and placed 6th. It was an great run for him. I think Lipari is similar, in that with the right draw and things going his way, he can place. In fact, I think he has a better shot of doing it than Scott did, and Scott was able to pull it off. that’s why I compared them. Hopefully it makes a bit more sense now
  6. Lipari could sneak into the 6-8 range. He is better than Delevechio. It all comes down to draw.
  7. Lol Bo would smash Downey fresh. I don’t think that because of their match however
  8. All they need is 1 guy to jump levels. They have a history of doing that. They have a serious AA threat at 7 weights. the 3 weak spots: 125 - Malik 2 time qualifier. With a shallow 125 weight and some improvement, and AA showing is possible. We know he has the skill 133 - jordan was a freshman. Most top 10 recruits AA, especially in the past few years. He could very well jump levels. 157 -I know people think I’m nuts, but Kinner could do damage here if he can adjust to the weight. His skills on top are incredible Ohio State has less sure things, but this is very much a team that can place high. 80+ points is very possible
  9. You are wrong. It was Nickal first match of the day.
  10. We are spiking again. If it isn’t under control in a few weeks, fall sports will be cancelled.
  11. Different era. It was a much harder test. I’m not a Bush fan but this fact is overplayed
  12. If Eierman is having issues with eligibility at Iowa, he isn’t getting in to Michigan. Michigan is incredibly difficult to get into, even for good wrestlers. Football is a different story
  13. Agreed. I wasn’t referencing a non ncaa qualifier as top 10
  14. Aguilar He was seeded 16th before ncaas were cancelled. He has beaten guys seeded ahead of him and some graduated or will be redshirting. Maybe he isn’t top 10 to start the season, but I bet he is seeded top 10 by ncaas
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