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  1. Worlds isn’t going to happen December numbers are going to be very high. No chance they allow people to fly in from all over the world.
  2. Make it an Iowa vs PSU event.
  3. Mythical right wing terrorists? Are you denying they exist?
  4. Oh no! Having a wrestling card is the worst news ever! Poor LJB
  5. I’m so hyped for this. I will pick JB until he loses, but man DT has clearly jumped levels in 2018 and has put on a lot of size without giving up too much. If DT is his 2018 self or better, JB is going to have his hands full. I imagine they went live, or close to it, at world team camps back then. Granted DT prob had 25 lbs on him, so maybe they just did some light rolling.
  6. Cases are going to continue surging around the world. Worlds isn’t going to happen, no matter what USA wrestling decided. I get that fans are mad, but we are in a pandemic and this was the only outcome possible. It sucks, but I’ve been saying since March this was the only possible outcome. They cancelled the Olympics, with billions of dollars in the line, and case counts will be far higher in December than over the summer. Flying in athletes and coaches from dozens of countries was never going to be allowed, especially for a financially inconsequential sport. I bet if UWW doesn’t cancel it, Serbia will.
  7. Mack isn’t top 10 domestically. He lost a week ago to 12-4 to Sam Latona and 5-2 to Jakob Camacho. RBY should smash him and he did, but I wouldn’t take too much away from that match. with that said...RBY is excellent and has jumped levels I think. Im just not basing that on this match
  8. I’d love to see that. Kem would be a 2:1 favorite or so
  9. Bubba I think took the match to try to embarrass Cael. A win would’ve made Cael look bad. A loss in meaningless
  10. Quick takeaways Beard has serious potential, but if you gas in one match, how do you make it through NCAAs? Bartlett is gonna be good. Hope he starts this season. Definitely an AA contender. We will see Kerk is a title contender. Gable and Parris are favorites against him, but that’s probably it. I want to see him vs Hilger. I am worried about his knee though against big heavys Starocci is really good. It’s hard to say if he is a title contender as he hasn’t faced anyone in that level, but I don’t think anyone would be surprised if he was top 3.
  11. To be fair, we knew that going in. PSU was the favorite in every match besides the Bartlett one.
  12. Bubba is still not a fan of Cael not blaming him, but him competing here does not mean he likes Cael
  13. They are going to have to join another conference. Big 12 wrestling was already dying. fresno State seemed like one of the few places that might make wrestling profitable. They had solid turnout, especially considering they weren’t all that good compared to the best teams. They were certainly doing well for a new team and had great momentum. I was hopeful that in the next 5ish years they would be making $$$ for the school. If they could’ve gotten a few more local guys to become AAs, run popular social media channels, etc they could’ve sold out every dual. A guy like Chase Saldate, with a huge social media following, could’ve changed everything
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