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  1. True, but wrestlers are way better now. Uetake probably would be a world champ today if he trained in today’s environment.
  2. I’m saying he is fine and this conspiracy theory needs to end
  3. This is conjecture. Your bias is determining intent. I don’t know either guy and I personally have multiple life long medical issues (nothing that bad...that makes it sound worse than it is) so I feel for Hoffman, but this wasn’t Desanto attacking a kimura type thing
  4. Sometimes I think it’s better for them not to have that. The Big10 guys do get better due to competition, but the level competition in both duals and conferences is really tough. personally I’d rather my guys be less banged up and still face good guys, but not every week.
  5. Yeah. Honestly he reminds me a bit of Mekhi, in that nobody gave him much of a chance, but if you look at his matches he could totally upset a Marinelli or a Joseph on the right day. I’m excited about him. I wish he has done to Princeton though. Imagine if they also had Real Woods...
  6. I listened yesterday. It’s a good podcast. I don’t listen as often since Askren left. some wrestling media needs to tone down the everyone is tough” rhetoric. When I say Brandon Cray isn’t good, I acknowledge that he could kick my ass and is way tougher. Some of the podcasts hosts seem so afraid of offending anyone. It’s silly.
  7. It is pretty unlikely PSU loses with 5 champs. That will be 115ish points, plus a few points from other weights. Everything would have to go perfectly for Iowa to beat PSU with 5 champs. It would be like 2018, with 3 record setting teams
  8. Agreed. He could place with the right draw if he is ready to roll.
  9. Their ncaa finish expectation? They haven’t be. Ranked highly in duals
  10. Askren isn’t in the room that often. It’s not his Influence, at least solely. My best guess is it is Gross’s and the rest of those guys have never trained with Gross before. He is helping their scrambling game
  11. Love this topic 125 ASU - Courtney - some have him ranked top 8, but almost nobody is talking about him. He has had a solid season. 141 UNC - Zach Sherman has been solid all season. This is his year to AA. Ranked 15ish. 157 ASU and Oklahoma - Jacori can clearly AA. I get why he is ranked where he is, but he is a serious AA threat. Justin Thomas is hot and cold but is very good when he is on. 165 NC State - Bullard is coming on strong. It’s time 174 - NC State - can the bullards go back to back? 184 - TOSU - Rocky coming in strong 197 -ASU- Norfleet will be top 4 285 NC State and ISU - both guys in the rise and looking good recently.
  12. It a a weird situation. Kinner is coming up 3 weights, so taking random losses isn’t shocking. Berge is obviously not 100%. Remember Dake in Spain last year in his first competition back? He looked like crap too. If Berge can continue progressing, he could be way better than what we saw
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