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  1. Yeah he looked great, except against other Iranians. do you think he just plays it safe vs Iranians?
  2. Mohammed will never be that guy again, if he doesn’t want to get permanently banned. Moore is an underdog vs Ahabani and Askani on paper, but I think he beats them
  3. Georgia wrestling is getting very good. Singleton is solid
  4. An Olympic team arrived in Japan today. There is more to the story
  5. Cool. Always liked him. I hope he doesn’t continue having concussion issues
  6. Good. He can take risks in the Olympics. That’s it.
  7. I wonder what this means for the Stanford guys in the portal
  8. I think you are overestimating the weight different being a factor. Yianni didn’t get bullied by Zain in free, and Zain was the best guy at PSU (beat guys all the way up to 165 in the room). Zain is also enormous for 65kg. Yianni also took out James Green at I believe 150lbs twice
  9. Will we see any guys who redshirted/didn’t compete last season win a title? 125 - Glory or Vito, but Lee is a huge favorite 133 - nobody 141 - Yianni maybe. Nick Lee is probably the favorite 149 - if Yianni is up here and Lee isnt, he is a heavy favorite 157 - nobody, although Deakin may not return, Hidlay is moving up, and Delaveccio isn’t coming back. If Carr moves up, who knows who wins this weight. Jacori? Maybe a newcomer has a shot 165 - Wick has a shot, especially with the 2 recent champs moving up and Marinelli having ncaa issues 174 - nobody. Stacked weight. 184 - nobody 197 - Darmstadt or Max Dean have a chance, but I doubt it happens. Amos is in the mix too 285 - nobody. Even if Gable doesn’t come back, there are multiple hvwts that will place ahead of anyone else. I think Yianni and the 3 197lbers have the only realistic shots.
  10. Spencer Lee would’ve written a better blog
  11. Max Dean to PSU is a bit annoying, but I get it. PSU can beat Iowa next year
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