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  1. Yeah man he wants it be like the good old days when he was there, he hates dreadlocks and says they make you look ugly, and he clearly hates Muslims it is pretty clear this guy is a racist, islamiphobe, and a great “old man yells at cloud” stereotype
  2. Tervel’s guys have now won 4 senior world championships, plus he took Kolin Moore who was at best a mid level recruit and helped him win junior bronze. i think Tervel has proven himself as a coach Certainly moreso in freestyle than Cael.
  3. Dresser said he hopes to have him start later on in the season. this isn’t because he won Fargo. Plenty of kids win Fargo and don’t become ncaa threats. The way he did it and the way he took out Saunders though? I don’t think he gave up a takedown and offensively he is excellent on the feet. I think you are underestimating him, but we will see!
  4. I believe Saunders is a year younger
  5. This does really suck for Kerklevit in particular. moore and Martin too.
  6. You know I have to respect how true Snyder stays to doing what is best for him. He should be selfish, as should any of our guys who want to be world and Olympic champs. I bet you guys like Tervel are disappointed and likely a little annoyed. They may even disagree with his decision even though his results have been slipping, but I bet you they respect it. snyder went about it the right way.
  7. He most likely doesn’t drink. He is a religious Muslim
  8. ISUs recent signee completely changes the landscape for the team. 125 - Mackall qualifier 2 points 133 - Gomez - was R12 as a freshman in a deeper weight. This weight lost Suriano, Fix and Micic but adds Gross. 12 points 141 - Anthony Echemendia - the plan is to wrestle him later on in the season. Don’t care about his bottom game. It will be good enough. He is going to AA and might be the champ. 15 points. 149 - Degan - AAd last year and the weight cleared out. 10 points 157 - Carr could be champ. I’ll say 3rd. Junior world golds have an amazing track record. Only In 2 seasons has a junior world gold not AAd, and both were Dom Bradley. 18 points 165 - 2 points 174 - 2 points 184 - good weight but doable for Colbrey. 10 points 197 - Shapiro is prob top 20 or so but this weight is very weak and Shapiro could AA. 285 - Gremmel is solid but unlikely to AA 70-85 points would put ISU on the podium
  9. In unrelated news, I hope Mekhi and IMar hit. No idea who takes that one. Love me some iMar but Mekhi we haven’t seen in awhile and we know how good he was in 2018 in freestyle. That was with just a few months of training. Even JB said by the end of the summer (in 2018) he had gone from smashing Mekhi to fighting for takedowns. That means something
  10. Yup. There were very few foreigners there so even if he didn’t beat any names, you know the Dagestanis he took out we’re damn good and really didn’t want to lose to an american. Add to that he is a world silver and they were probably all gunning for him, just as our up and comers would do if a random Dagestani world medalist showed up at the Schultz.
  11. True. Missed the part of the criteria saying a senior team member from 17, 18 and 19 already qualify. Thanks for the list Wouldn’t Stieber technically be qualified at 65? I know he is retired but I wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up at Olympic trials. He never got to live that dream. 65 also isn’t that big of a cut for him I’m not so into the criteria. I think they should include any junior gold from the last 3 years. It feels like they are penalizing guys who aged out like Mekhi. Also maybe allowing all junior medalists would make sense for 2019, as it means they just lost once. Often times then junior world gold wins seniors the next year, so it seems like an “acceptable” loss.
  12. I hear you. All valid points. I’d be shocked if he lost to a tier 2 though. If that is his level I doubt he shows up. That would mean Gilman is completely handling him in the room and maybe even Clark is beating him more often than not. If he lost to Gilman or Fix I wouldn’t be surprised. Lee and Gilman aren’t qualified yet for trials, so we will likely see both in freestyle in December. Lee can qualify by winning 2020 NCAAs, but it seems very risky to wait until then cant wait to see how this all plays out
  13. 2nd tier would be Sanders, Cruz, Richards, etc. I'd be shocked if any of those guys beat any of the 1a guys
  14. Fair point. I do think a healthy NATO can go with these guys. He is fundamentally sound and will be stronger than all of them. He is definitely an underdog, but I see him in tier 1b, with Gilman, Fix, and Lee in 1a. I think Vitali and Garrett are also in 1b - it wouldn't be crazy if they beat a 1a guy, but beating multiple in a row is fairly unlikely.
  15. I think something we don't take into account enough is the genetic component. When they study long distance runners, they often times have genetic advantages that allow them to have better cardio. While wrestling cardio is different, I believe the same concept applies. It is like when we see high level D1 guys get tired. The vast majority of the time it has nothing to do with how hard they train. It could be that he just doesn't really have the lung capacity, heart capacity, etc (I don't know what I'm talking about with these examples) to be ready to go the whole 6 minutes. In the US, our style would never allow for a guy like that to make our team, so we aren't used to it. His style is terrible for facing Americans, even with his exceptional technique, speed and timing. We aren't used to it, so we think he just needs to work harder, but in reality I expect he trains pretty damn hard.
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