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  1. I think Howard and Beard lose. the track record for junior world medalist at the NCAAs level is stellar.
  2. Correct, but anyone wrestling is enrolled. They lose a year unless they transfer
  3. Trumble is 6-4. He is the perfect Pat Pop recruit. He was #43 in the class of 2020. He was the top recruit out of Nebraska. 2 time state champ. Dominated highly ranked 220s his senior year. It is super impressive for true freshman to do well at 197. It’s one match, but if he ends up beating a few more guys, NC State is going to have their new superstar. He is only going to improve
  4. There is going to be some major team(s) Miss conferences and NCAAs. It’s going to be a crapshoot. This would’ve been my year to AA
  5. I hear you. When bigger guys look this good right away, they are usually something special.
  6. That was Ohio State’s best lineup. They will way out place Rutgers at NCAAs, but dual wise Rutgers could very well have won that. I think Janzer is very good. I said he would AA at some point. He doesn’t look like a solid 197lber yet to me however.
  7. Iowa looks incredible. Lee will score 25+ at NCAAs. 133 is much weaker than years past. Same with 141. Iowa is going to score 60 points at those 3 weights
  8. I’m excited for 184. Rocky’s bottom game is such a glaring hole. It’s frustrating, because he is otherwise in the mix with the 5-8th crowd I don’t think 197 will be a bonus match. I think we will see Singletary, but either way Janzer will win. He doesn’t bonus anyone though, and certainly not top 20ish guys. Janzer had 4 bonus wins last season out of 21 wins. They were against 9-22 Jakob Hinz (pin), 16-17 Jack Jesson (10-2), 15-12 Caleb Hopkins (18-5) who was Campbells backup 184, and 9-17 Dan McClure (16-6) He bonused 1 guy with a winning record who was a backup for a non power school. I’d be shocked if Hanzer bonused either tOSU 197lber
  9. I’d love to see this, but Seabass will kill him in folkstyle. Ech can hang with him on the feet in freestyle for sure, but Seabass is such a high level folkstyler and been around so long, this won’t be competitive. Is much rather see this than DEmilio. DEmlio is very good, and if he starts he will qualify for NCAAs I think, but there is nothing he can do vs Seabass.
  10. I think Malik wins. I know he got killed last year, but I think he has jumped levels
  11. He is excellent. Too early to know if he will be a senior level threat, but he is extremely talented and is known to have excellent work ethic
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