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  1. I should note - I’m not picking OSU to have 5 champs or to win. I think if they had Cassar, healthy Berge and healthy Shak, they would win, but they don’t. I don’t think RBy wins, but he can - 30% chance. Lee is prob 65%, Cenzo 75%, Hall 40%, and Brooks 20%. The chances of them getting 5 based on these odds is 12%
  2. PSU with a few points from the other 5 wrestlers and some bonus would be at 110-120 Iowa would be at 130-145 Problem is, if say DeSanto places 7th, Warner doesn’t place, Marinelli places 5th, etc the ranges overlap if PSU is guaranteed 5 champs, Iowa would have to be almost perfect to beat them. I also imagine PSU would get a bunch of bonus, if they are on that kind of roll
  3. It is pretty unlikely PSU loses with 5 champs. That will be 115ish points, plus a few points from other weights. Everything would have to go perfectly for Iowa to beat PSU with 5 champs. It would be like 2018, with 3 record setting teams
  4. I like that while the weight is open, it isn’t because everyone ran away. This weight is deep. Zahid is just legendary. Fun weight. True freshman contenders, veterans, all contending teams have solid guys at the weight, multiple returning AAs
  5. Agreed. He could place with the right draw if he is ready to roll.
  6. If I had to pick, I’d maybe say Brooks. There are legitimately 8 guys who could win it if Zahid isn’t there
  7. Their ncaa finish expectation? They haven’t be. Ranked highly in duals
  8. Askren isn’t in the room that often. It’s not his Influence, at least solely. My best guess is it is Gross’s and the rest of those guys have never trained with Gross before. He is helping their scrambling game
  9. Love this topic 125 ASU - Courtney - some have him ranked top 8, but almost nobody is talking about him. He has had a solid season. 141 UNC - Zach Sherman has been solid all season. This is his year to AA. Ranked 15ish. 157 ASU and Oklahoma - Jacori can clearly AA. I get why he is ranked where he is, but he is a serious AA threat. Justin Thomas is hot and cold but is very good when he is on. 165 NC State - Bullard is coming on strong. It’s time 174 - NC State - can the bullards go back to back? 184 - TOSU - Rocky coming in strong 197 -ASU- Norfleet will be top 4 285 NC State and ISU - both guys in the rise and looking good recently.
  10. It a a weird situation. Kinner is coming up 3 weights, so taking random losses isn’t shocking. Berge is obviously not 100%. Remember Dake in Spain last year in his first competition back? He looked like crap too. If Berge can continue progressing, he could be way better than what we saw
  11. Yeah but Anthony will end up beating Kem in the r16, then not AA and Kem ends up 3rd.
  12. Picc could place 2nd and get teched in the first by Lee. This has more to do with Lee than Picc. to Picc’s credit, he tends not to stall against Lee, like most guys.
  13. It’s definitely possible. picc’s weakest position by far in bottom and Lee has tuned him for 4 previously. If Lee gets into the right position, he could do it. this is not a knock on Picc. He has a legit shot at making the NCAA finals. Lee is just one of the best ever. He Has the highest average score per minute in history.
  14. Yeah I highly doubt Kerklevit is healthy for 4 seasons. Hvwts with injury issues tend to not reach their potential
  15. Or a first period tech Even odds of one or the other imo
  16. I use it as a snack/pee break at home too. It also gives me a chance to take a look at what needs to happen for each team to wi. It’s like 10 minutes.
  17. He still plans to go to Ohio State. He is traveling around training with multiple places while they figure out how to get him enrolled
  18. Glad we agree Sadulaev is weak mentally. Maybe one day he can win 4 in a row, like John Smith and Jordan Burroughs
  19. Iowa and PSU are clearly top 2. Ohio State has been top 4 for most of the season in every ranking service. who is the other team that makes the podium? There are far more than usual vying for the spot.
  20. Yes. He attended classes at Ohio State. I believe he is enrolled at PSU, not not certain
  21. Guys calm down. Americans constantly poke fun at russian wrestlers for juicing, cheating, running in the mat with guns, and having a smaller economy than multiple US states. It’s ok to talk a little ****. Sadulaev should maybe stop giving up points like a middle schooler. He isn’t tough enough to turn in when someone spins behind. This isn’t a technique issue. He just doesn’t have much heart. Maybe he should train with Americans and learn how to wrestle
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