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    Steveson workout video

    MMA seems like a good fit eventually, but fi he reaches his potential in wrestling, he will make a lot of money in wrestling. Our best guys are starting to make real money. Endorsements will increase as the sport grows. Instagram followers is an indicator of that growth. Our biggest stars have a few hundred thousands followers. The top mma guys have a few million (excluding mcgregor - he has transcended the sport). Guys like Spencer Lee, Gable, Fix, etc are in the 40-50k range. Steveson will have half a million at least before college is over if he starts making world teams and keeps his antics up. He is going to be a star.
  2. This will make duals more exciting. For as much as the “duals don’t matter” rhetoric has been used, that phrase is inaccurate. Teams prioritize NCAAs over duals for sure, but teams do care about winning and losing. The phrase needs a bunch of caveats to be accurate. We are breaking attendance records all over the place. Rutgers has been averaging over 5,000 fans per dual this year. Fresno State broke a bunch of records last year. PSU and Iowa sell out every single home dual. The teams care about duals because of $ for the program, awareness/internal politics at the school, recruiting, boosters, and because it’s fun for the wrestlers and coaches!
  3. Housebuye

    Missouri vs. UNI

    Solid dual. Highly competitive. Missouri has won 31 duals in a row. Starts at 8pm est tonight I have UNI winning 4 matches, including an upset at hvwt and being upset at 149. Could very well come down to hvwt if they start at 125 and bonus matters. Expected lineup 125 Pounds – Dack Punke (6-4) vs. Jay Schwarm 133 Pounds – #10 John Erneste (11-3) vs. Jack Skudlarczyk 141 Pounds – #3 Jaydin Eierman (15-1) vs. #9 Josh Alber 149 Pounds – #11 Brock Mauller (20-1) vs. #8 Max Thomsen 157 Pounds – #16 Jarrett Jacques (18-5) vs. Paden Moore or Patrick Schoenfelder 165 Pounds – #13 Connor Flynn (13-3) vs. #11 Bryce Steiert 174 Pounds – #4 Daniel Lewis (16-1) vs. #8 Taylor Lujan 184 Pounds – TBA vs. #9 Drew Foster 197 Pounds – #16 Wyatt Koelling (13-7) vs. Tyrell Gordon 285 Pounds – #16 Zach Elam (16-5) vs. Carter Isley or Izaak Shedenhelm
  4. Housebuye


    OSU is in real trouble. They have wrestlers shoving other wrestlers after matches. John Smith has lost control of his team. After last year’s performance, it is clear something bad is happening. See? I can make unreasonable assumptions and come to silly conclusions too!
  5. I believe this is finalized in advance of the dual, so this wouldn’t be an issue
  6. Housebuye

    Who are the biggest starting HWTs?

    Gable is 250 white is in the 240s
  7. Housebuye

    Nebraska at Penn State

    All listed by tBar above. I expect Nebraska to win 125, but that’s it unless Joseph is out
  8. Housebuye

    Nebraska at Penn State

    Bunch of great matches. PSU will won all of them though.
  9. Housebuye

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    No. He said Ashnault had a lot of respect for OSU and he was heavily recruited by them
  10. Housebuye

    New Rules

    Problem is, the table gets riding time wrong constantly as it stands. Adding additional stops and starts to riding time will make it worse. Maybe the ref could have a clicker to start/stop riding time?
  11. Housebuye

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    coach Goodale thinks differently. Could be coach speak but I think he is feeling the truth.
  12. Housebuye

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    Doubt it. Ashnault has a lot of respect for OSU. They recruited him heavily and he almost went there.
  13. Housebuye

    If Nolf wins again this year...

  14. Housebuye

    Missouri - '18/'19

    Solid dual. Missouri wins by a lot but the matches are mostly close
  15. Housebuye

    Ryan Deakin

    Deakin got silver at junior worlds. More impressive than U23.
  16. Housebuye

    Ryan Deakin

    He does his Nolf Danger Roll in like half his matches Not mad about it
  17. Housebuye


    He seems genuine. He has some quirks that people don't like, and any level of fame gets you haters, but I think a lot of the animosity in the wrestling community towards him comes from PSU fans who are understandably bitter. If I was a die hard PSU fan, I would also be a bit bitter about the whole situation. I'm actually glad he left because the 17/18 team race was amazing. With Nick, it would've been a blowout. Anyways, Nick seems like a good guy who is confident in himself but humble, respects his opponents and is an incredibly hard worker. He is going to do well in life, whether that is in MMA, wrestling, or real estate. I would hire someone like Nick in a heartbeat because I know he will work incredibly hard.
  18. Housebuye

    Howmany more matches does hands to the face have to ruin?

    Wasn't the call unnecessary roughness, not hands to the face?
  19. Housebuye


    Rutgers May very well place top 10 this year. They have 2 guys in title contention. Why do you think they can “only” be a too 20 team consistently? What is holding them back?
  20. Housebuye


    Looking for reasons to bash them. Come on. Warm ups - seriously? You don’t think Rutgers knows how to warm the team up well? You want Rutgers recruiting more in Oklahoma? Comparing Oklahoma recruiting to NJ is silly. Every team aggressively recruits in NJ. It is arguably the best state right now for recruits. Stop being the fun police. The younger generation (I’m a millennial, so us plus people even younger) are different than the guys some of the older fans grew up watching. It is a different culture. What ashnault did is totally fine. Suriano showboating after Wisconsin? You call that bad? i don’t get it. Wrestling fans love bashing our own athletes for the worst reasons.
  21. Housebuye

    Suriano vs DeSanto Friday night

    Yes he has. If DeSanto comes forward like that he is going to get smashed. Nick has excellent counter shots.
  22. Housebuye

    Inside Trip Podcast

    Yup it’s solid. I listen to all of them. Glad they are becoming a bit more consistent again.
  23. Housebuye

    Indiana vs Maryland - Wow, just wow

    Not sure if any of those guys would take it
  24. Housebuye

    Indiana vs Maryland - Wow, just wow

    They have enough talent to jump levels. I’d say they have 4 guys who are legit AA threats this year. If they can put 2 or 3 on the podium, it will be a game changer for them. They are right there. Mom very impressed with Foley