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  1. Zain was so dominant. It’s easy to forget now that we don’t see him in folkstyle. He will always be p4p one of the best
  2. Very possible. Could also be why PSU is not allowing it
  3. Let’s not make this a political thread please. Happy to talk about it elsewhere.
  4. They care, but it’s tough mentally to be 100% after losing your dream. Similar to Burroughs in 2016.
  5. Based on people arguing about it in this thread and how fired up you are about it, clearly it is controversial.
  6. You dare to publicly disagree with me?!
  7. Jordan is an interesting prospect. He was a top 10 recruit in the class of 2022, but ran into some issues (got in trouble at school), stopped wrestling, admitted he lost the love for the sport, etc. he was committed to OSU, but changed his mind. Now at a new high school, he has been going to elite camps to train with the best the US has. He seems to have really turned things around. He always had the ability and work ethic, so now with his renewed focus he could end up being very good. I think he will fit in well at Mizzou and the young team they have will help him adjust and continue to commit to wrestling. Excited to see how he progresses. Edit:looks like he didn’t commit?
  8. I like the Michigan pick, but every year recently they were supposed to be amazing and something always happened s to their lineup before NCAAs. They have the right folks if they show up healthy at NCAAs. Half of their lineup has already AAd
  9. Yeah honestly that is how it came across, but also there are specific people he seems to be pissed at, including other wrestlers who mocked him (probably behind the scenes). it is a bit silly imo, without knowing more details. Even on a high school team, if you miss weigh ins for States you are going to get roasted by everyone.
  10. You should listen/watch it. It wasn’t Askren’s fault. Askren can be an instigator, but he doesn’t do it like this. He didn’t expect Dake and JB to go at it like that
  11. I have no idea. It was very confusing. Sometimes guys thrive off of that stuff, but Jden seemed more offended than fired up. no judgement. I just want him to be at his best (and happy)
  12. I assume you also called out Dake for his attitude over the last decade prior to making the team?
  13. Agreed. I hope he gets an easy R1 matchup. I will say, the field at 65kg is super weak compared to any in the past cycle. Yianni is probably the favorite in every match.
  14. Why are you ok with this? Iowa’s RTC is having worse results than Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Oregon State, and that’s only the O schools
  15. I think JB in 2, but I’m not confident at all.great matchup
  16. So Iowa doesn’t have anyone who should be there? That’s a problem…
  17. Yup. That’s the highlight of Iowa’s freestyle in an Olympic year with a wtt, the same year they won NCAAs. How Iowa fans can try to defend that is beyond me
  18. So Iowa is just unlucky to have no rep at WTT and trials, no contenders, etc? But PSU, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Michigan, Ohio State, etc can somehow consistently show up?
  19. And not on the junior team Bc he didn’t show up to trials. I’m sure there is a good reason, but Iowa does this consistently with their guys. It is either a crazy string of terrible luck or just not really caring about freestyle…
  20. If PSU or Iowa wins, Cornell doesn’t win. I know that is a tough concept to grasp. the question is if PSU and Iowa falter, who can beat them?
  21. it’s ok to admit when your team makes decisions you disagree with. Iowa is not doing a good job of supporting their team’s freestyle aspirations, no matter what the excuse. The fact is, Spencer, Eierman, Warner, Cassioppi, etc all had serious freestyle aspirations coming in, and most have hardly competed in freestyle since coming to Iowa. Cass not showing up to junior trials is just not something most teams would do, given the situation he was in. Lee wrestling 1 senior tournament but 80 folkstyle matches since coming to Iowa, when he was arguably our best freestyle prospect in decades, is not what other teams would do generally.
  22. Nope. Different calculation. Essentially everyone acknowledges that PSU or Iowa will win. For anyone else to, those teams have to falter. For example, who benefits the most if Spencer Lee is injured/can’t perform up to his abilities? That probably helps Cornell a bunch. I don’t think anyone can touch Vito besides Spencer (unless Suriano comes back).
  23. Which team is best poised for a team race upset to take the title? I think Cornell and ASU with their best possible performance could do it, if things fall their way. Cornell has 2 title contenders and 3 extremely likely AAs, which itself isn’t that rare. But, all 7 other weights have guys who could AA. Most are ranked going into the season. With a good performance from a few borderline top 8 guys, and maybe a Greg D breaking through, they could take it. ASU is in a position to take it too. They have 6 AAs, Norfleet, and solid prospects at 2/3 other weights. They will qualify at least 8.
  24. Yeah I agree that it’s deep. I just think Davison is one of the guys who breaks through. I expect he will lose to a top 8 seed in the 2nd round of NCAAs or so, and then come back through and beat one of the guys you left ruined in R12 (I don’t like the Hilger or Laird matchups, but I think he beats the rest). also pumped about Hendrickson. He proved me wrong and now I’m a fan
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