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  1. Greetings all I found this gem of a match between Sukhbat and a Turkish wrestler Turan. Sukhbat is a legend in Mongolian traditional wrestling, his speed and technics were unmatched in his prime, especially being smaller than his opponents. He tried his hand in freestyle in the early 90s as did many successful wrestlers of the time. I couldn't really see the score at the end, but in interviews Sukhbat said the match was decided by one point. I don't the old scoring system. He claimed that he had a 3 point move at 5:33. I would like to see how you guys would score this match. I see his leg grab and take down 1 point. Then the takedown by the Turan and gut wrench 2 points. Then Sukhbat had a throw at the end 1 point or more? I would appreciate any feedback Thanks a lot,
  2. Mongolia was banned from this JR WC CONFIRMED
  3. Wrestlingnerd You are absolutely right. The Mongolian wrestling federation is trying to lessen the years of the ban. Even the Mongolian referree who participated in the Olympics is saying the point awarded for fleeing the hold is correct. It is confirmed the Mongolian team was banned fr Junior Worlds. You wont see us in Freestyle or any other UWW event in the future. Also UWW forbid the releasing the of the letter sent to Mongolian wrestling fed. "until further decision" People wanted to official notice. People start believing this when we dont see our wrestlers in UWW events.
  4. I was wondering the same thing. The 2 coaches will be release from duty by the Mongolian wrestling federation. I see we have participant entries in FS, they are not drawn yet. I will see what happens to our Jr wrestlers.
  5. Katie It is true. The Mongolian Wrestling Federation President says that he will have to apologize in the next UWW Congress. Since he took office he really supported the team and Battsetseg won couple World Championships and a historic team performance in 2015. He also held successful tournaments in Mongolia, especially the Olympic qualifier. So he wont let all the progress go to waste. However if you dont see our wrestlers in future tournaments, I guess young athletes will start flocking to Judo
  6. He said "It looks like the decision has arrived that Mongolian team will be banned indefinitely from UWW's Calendar of International tournaments" UWW kalendarchiliin olon ulsiin temtseend mgliin bag bureldehuunuudiig hizgaargyi hugtsaagaar hasah shiidver irsen bh shig bn......
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/Asashoryu/status/769012679285538816 MGL wrestling federation president says he received letter informing this Is this out of proportion?
  8. The president of Mongolian wrestling federation announced his resignation. He said there is bad new, let's wait. Maybe there will be disciplinary action from UWW. We'll wait and see
  9. This. He also thought he'd won at the last second
  10. All Mongolians who were watching felt the pain. Mandakhnaran Ganzorig is a genuinely nice human being. All the Mongolian Twitter feeds are talking about his good deeds outside of the mat and his hard work. He wrestled his heart out there and gave his all today He donated his whole house and made it a daycare center for poor children in his town. He pays 5 people's salaries out his pocket. He was in the military and has rank of Captain Here are some links with photos https://twitter.com/DambaaG/status/767537810060357632 http://www.mod.gov.mn/index.php?com=news&id=884 His prize money for a medal would have helped him; but most of all, it hurts to see his last Olympics go down like this
  11. You forgot about Sharif Sharifov at 86kg defending Olympic champ from Azerbaijan. Can he beat Sadulaev though?
  12. With our 2015 World medalist losing their first matches today, our wrestling federation head apologized to the fans/nation. 86kg and 125kg is our weak weights and we got Agkul in the first round, Chuluunbat may hope for a bronze medal since the upper half is not brutal. He is good on his on days. 86kg we got Ganev, he cannot lose this or it's over for him. If he gets to Karimi, he may have a chance to stay alive. Our last hope is at 65kg with M.Ganzorig in his last Olympics
  13. This year's final was eerily similar to London 55kg final, where the aggressor lost. Maybe UWW owed one to Khinchegashvili. Higuchi san was the bronze medalist at Mongolia Open in 2015 and he upped his game by light years.
  14. My take on 57kg, Erdenebat is a tough wrestler and young. He will beat Rodriguez by 1-2 points and likely face Yang. If he can beat Yang, he is known to beat North Koreans in Asian tournaments, he can win anyone that comes in the quarters. He will probably face Rahimi in the semis. It will be a tough match. The only wrestler he cannot beat is Khinchesgashvili 74kg - Unurbat faces the Turk out the gate. He has been our best wrestler so far this year. He will face the Iranian. How good is the Iranian? If he beats him, anything is possible
  15. I heard she injured her shoulder in training few days ago. She was not herself on the mat
  16. Wrestling is our only hope for a Gold medal in Rio. Orkhon has the talent to go for it. Orkhon will face the Russian in the 1/8. How good is the Russian? Then she will cruise in the quarterfinals Semifinals opponent will be Kgz or FIN. She lost to Kgz in the Asian qualifier finals, only because she already qualified. Other semifinals will be Icho vs Herhel. Orkhon/Icho finals will be awesome! The whole country will be watching
  17. Beslan Mudranov is a Circassian, no need for steroids. He beat the current world champ in the Olympic finals by pure technique https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY4KfvbM9-U On the other hand, the Italian who won gold today in Judo 66kg, he needs to be tested. He was a man among kids today.
  18. Orkhon was the 58kh National Champ in 2016!
  19. I have not seen the Nationals but their performance at the Yaryigin's spoke for their potentials. Orkhon also qualified the weight 58kg at the Asian qualifiers in her first try. Orkhon's personal coach is very experience and respected in Mongolia. I think she will medal and even beat Icho again.
  20. Hi all Here is my take on Mongolian team at the Olympics. Our World medalists Nomin 60kg and Tserenchimed 58kg are staying at home. It would have been unheard of 4 years ago, but our wrestling has come a long way in terms of depth. 57kg - Bekhbayar - 2015 Bronze medallist - He will get at least a bronze medal, even make the finals if his draw does not include Khinchigeshvili. 65kg - Mandakhnaran - In probably his last Olympics, the veteran will give his all. Hope he will do enough to medal. Nomin would have been a more threat but he is young and can wrestle for 2020. 74kg - Unurbat - 2015 Silver medalist will be in form to get his first Olympic medal. Barring a draw on the side of JB or Geduev (Russian rep), he will medal for sure. 86kg - Uitumen - He burned through the Asian qualifier, hope he wins couple of matches 97kg - Khuderbulga - He finally qualified in the final Asian qualifiers. Hope he wins a match 125kg - Chuluunbat - Chuka will win couple of matches, barring any lingering injuries. He is unlucky in Olympics, he almost pinned Makhov in London, but did not get the fall. Female Wrestling 53kg - Sumiya - She was disqualified due to Meldonium, but reinstated by WADA. Hope she wins couple of matches 58kg - Orkhon - She got the nod over Sukhee because she could beat Icho. She will medal if not in the final. She lost the final in Asian qualifiers but she will be quality 63kg - Battsetseg - All She Sees is Gold. She will settle for nothing less than a Gold. She will tech every opponent to the finals 69kg - Nasanburmaa - The veteran will win couple of matches for sure and may medal at the end of the day Wishing everyone a great Olympic wrestling show!
  21. Thanks a lot, Mongolian traditional wrestling is all about throws and staying on your feet, without your knees or elbows touching the grass. On another note, Reece Humphrey beat the Kazakh wrestler who was a beast at the Asian Championship. I found this semifinal match of Nomin Batbold vs Kazakh wrestler here:
  22. I'm very grateful that our freestyle wrestling has returned to the world stage (Top 5 team after years of single medal performances). Nomin Batbold came to wrestle and dominate with all kinds of throws. He really entertained the fans
  23. Mongolian TV showed back stage interview of Nomin Batbold (61KG Silver). He thanked his parents, trainers/coaches and said that "he wanted to turn his coach's World silver medals into gold by winning the Title. However in the final against Haji Aliyev, he had fallen to 2 similar techniques and could not get into his rhythm." I hope he moves up 65kg in Rio otherwise he has to beat out Bekhbayar who won Bronze this year at 57KG. Our wrestler at 65KG seemed to be missing the drive to win at times. He lost against Navruzov in the semis by tech fall and he had no business losing to Ramonov in the Bronze medal match.
  24. He teched 1 opponent, no bout is easy at the Worlds. Hope to see a great final from Unurbat
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