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  1. Was told stieber and khinchegashvili did some workouts together over the summer and it was pretty one sided in favor of khin.
  2. realistically, many of our cadet and junior stars will fade out durign there 4/5 years of collegiate folkstyle while there international counterparts are coming of age in the freestyle system and competing agaisnt the worlds best. Yes, I know this did not happen with kyle Snyder but he is not the norm.
  3. Very unfortunate but perhaps a break will be of benefit
  4. I still think a tournament system modeled after Golf/Tennis is the best way to go. It makes sense to me to mimic the two most popular individual sports in the world.
  5. They should prob seed guys in the weight classes they are competing in no? and maybe not include guys that aren't going.
  6. it is a woman from the US, Ivanka
  7. If we didn't do best 2/3 our world team would be dake and Taylor
  8. A chance to beat the #1 ranked guy in the world
  9. That documentary has completely disappeared correct? Harder to find than The Rolling Stones movie cocksucker blues
  10. if Rahimi is healthy he has to be the overwhelming favorite to win worlds.
  11. a lot of guys are out of the weight so he could get several wins but I don't see him scoring a point against someone like bekbulatov.
  12. He better find the money to start doing so this year if he ever wants to beat JB. Those matches come down to experience. They're pretty much evenly skilled it seems.
  13. they have been at 61 since Rio. Just saw Khin recently - doesn't look like he is making 57 again
  14. I don't think stieber places either. I don't see him doing well against guys like khinghegashvili, higuchi, rashidov etc JB gold Cox bronze Snyder silver
  15. philly or Pittsburgh would fill up I imagine
  16. how is punching someone and eye poking defensible? if he hadn't done all that he prob would have still won but he did it and its strong grounds for disqualification
  17. I don't think the wrestler who hits a sucker punch to the jaw and several eye pokes deserves to win
  18. He punched Kyle dake in the face and hit several eye pokes.
  19. Needs to go back to cornell
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