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  1. Gadisov is prob the best. I would say Akgul, Ramonov, sadullaev, Asgarov, and Khinchegashvili are all up there too
  2. I believe he has a 6 figure coaching gig now, he is prob done, maybe he shows up just for the hell of it.
  3. if JB wrestles he wins. If he doesn't and Dake comes down he wins. if JB doesn't, and Dake stays up, Dieringer wins.
  4. nico gives up elbow control constantly and has no idea what to do on bottom, that was a shellacking.
  5. I would rather go to tashkent than Iowa city.
  6. india has some good vacation spots, only kashmir is dangerous.
  7. no, they cut a lot of weight. The difference is they compete less usually, so they have to make it less often. Less wear on their bodies.
  8. The difference with the world cup is that if theres even a hint of a corrupt official, there will be world wide outrage.
  9. no its not lol. He is going to wrestle college at 141 as of now but may end up at 149, and Vito will be at 133 in the Cornell lineup. Yianni will likely wrestle the bulk of his junior/senior career at 65kg. He will only be 20 years old at the 2020 games I beleive (might be 21) dealing with the rigor of Cornel academics, the NCAA season, and College personal life, I think 2024 will be his time.
  10. ganzorig needs a damn medal, this still pisses me off
  11. takes some guys 2 years after college to adjust and learn freestyle enough to become competitive, it sucks but we do it to ourselves. Give him time he's hungry and athletic.
  12. I imagine not so well for helen if it did happen recently
  13. I don't like the UFC and think it will probably lead to brain damage similar to how football and boxing does, but he could very well win a title after a couple years of practice. That will bring about a lot of money, fame, and women. I certainly understand the appeal. At the least i hope he sticks around for one more cycle and sees if he can hang with the tank. Unless sadullaev also decides to dominate the UFC...
  14. because they probably are. was told the the russian yianni beat at cadet worlds last year was 21.
  15. this won't happen till after 2020, unless he decides to quit college/stop doing the ncaa season. snyder will be full time freestyle thru 2020, even if sadullaev techs him at worlds.
  16. he won a gold medal, he can do what he whatever he wants.
  17. he teched a multi time AA in practice 10-0 at the OTC during a camp
  18. He was too sick to wrestle, would have mad the team, dude has teched d1 all Americans in practice
  19. he's going to iowa, he won't medal at senior events. but will make teams.
  20. cox v snyder 2020 97kg olympic trials? or does he pull a sharifov and try 97 until 2020
  21. hypothetically, shouldn't asgarov's failed test resulted in him getting a four year ban? resulting in chamizo being given 2016 silver and molinaro given bronze?
  22. it makes the most sense to award double gold, and double bronze. all parties would be pleased that way... except Russia and azerbaijan.
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