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  1. agree completely. This would be a huge mistake.
  2. I don't think taylor beats yazdani again.
  3. he'll be lucky to score on either of them.
  4. If true I think the move makes the most sense for Russia's lineup
  5. graff stieber oliver green dake cox snyder gwiz
  6. Olympic games/world championships yarygin World Cup WTT/OTT Euro Games Asia Games Russian nationals pan am games US open junior worlds cadet worlds other tournaments depending on the field (medved, Dogu, world clubs cup)
  7. Oliver looked good. Was surprised it was a 1 point match and that 2 call was garbage. However, with ramonov moving up I'm taking chamizo for his 2nd world title
  8. He most definitely does not look like a new yorker
  9. I'm picking the world champ and Olympic medalist here with room to spare.
  10. 55 is not higu enough. 60 should be the first. 60, 68, 75, 82, 90, 130? something like this
  11. Why would graff want to give up the opportunity to have a spot in the finals to go to pan ams?
  12. anyone know why graff did not wrestle in the open?
  13. I think with the influx of a more talented field at 61, Stieber will have a hard time making the podium in Paris.
  14. I think 4 is very possible. Steiber, JB/dake, cox/Taylor, Snyder. though I also would not be shocked if we only got 2
  15. Well if you look at the most popular individual, tournament sports they are golf and tennis. I think it would make sense for a lot of reasons to use the models those sports have.
  16. U.S. open, Russian open, Iranian open, and maybe Japanse open?. Have four open majors championship tournaments like golf/tennis. Award points for athletes who place say 1-20. The top 32 athletes in each weight based on points qualify for the worlds. This would allow true world championships of the best guys, not just one per country. It would also take some power away from the IOC and possibly allow the sport to grow. Each open could have large cash prizes.
  17. Dake should be forced to keep his knees off the mat and penalized for doing so ( which he sort of was for having 2 cautions) and JB should have been penalized for the slaps and the finger grabs.
  18. short of a Henry Cejudo full-time return to freestyle, no one in the America's can beat bonne at 57. I think we would win every other weight class though. If Oliver is the guy I'm not really sure - I think he has the ability but has so little experience with foreigners I think its a toss up.
  19. I have no issue with cautions. If someone is doing something illegal, you need to penalize them or they will continue to do so. Issue is consistency. It seems our refs do not all understand and interpret the rules the same way. The correct throw on the other hand, I think is way too ambiguous to be a rule.
  20. The first step is changing NCAA to freestyle, and then following a golf/tennis model for a professional league
  21. Unless someone footed the bill this would not work sadly
  22. if you don't like the rules, it's probably because you are not used to them. However, i will concede that correct throw is a poor rule and that criteria trumping offensive points make no sense. What is indisputable is that freestyle offers a much more exciting product, with much more action. There is not a reasonable case against this.
  23. no dake lost all of the others fair, this was one wasn't a total screw job - but fair and square it was not
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