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  1. for someone with JB's class - the constant eye poking and slapping was very dirty
  2. also JB thinks wrestling is a boxing match apparently, ref should grow a pair and call that
  3. now both feeds down, just me or r u guys having the same problem?
  4. In what way is folkstyle even remotely close to being as entertaining as freestyle? This is a serious question because I can't think of any. Unless those who prefer folk just don't understand the rules. In which case I would say before u say no, learn them. Give it a shot. I bet 9/10 would then agree freestyle is far better.
  5. My money is on Vito and yianni to Win
  6. Yes we badly need to move to freestyle. At the very very least we need a push out rule and freestyle par terre rules. Would strongly prefer exposure and 4 point throws but ill take what I can get if it's possible
  7. if howe competes he should be the third seed
  8. Dean likely has finals, which at cornell will be no walk in the park
  9. mat wrestling needs to be capped at 30 seconds.
  10. I think they should increase the weight to 60
  11. hopefully he recovers soon and is back to his winning self
  12. I think graff is also the best medal contender at the weight we have, although still by a longshot
  13. kudukhov did not lose his silver or bronze medal. When the IOC learned of tragic passing they dropped the case.
  14. he was injured for most of 2016 right?
  15. just because of his wife, I imagine he needs the income and insurance. family has enough going on, needing a new job would on top of that would be rough
  16. Yianni will win nationals, I have no doubt
  17. would love to see him and Ramonov in the world finals.
  18. We need back exposure points from neutral
  19. football and hockey pads are used for protecting from serious injury. Cauliflower is not really an injury. If headgear prevented concussions your argument would make sense.
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