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  1. Headgear is very uncomfortable to wear, it's also very uncomfortable to wrestle someone who is using it. if I was JB I would have done the same thing. So would 90% of wrestlers aware of that rule. As for aesthetics obviously cauliflower is ugly, but by this logic we should ban tattoos and anything else bad for you becuase you might regret it when you're older. that's not what personal choice is about.
  2. NCAA accomplishments should not be counted, if anything it should be tsibilisi/yarigin and maybe World Cup
  3. I'm thinking graff but have little confidence in this
  4. Headgear is so stupid, thank god it may go away.
  5. Changes are great as long as refs can be better policed, which doesn't seem to be true
  6. when you are being recruited and you're trying to pick between a few schools you like, things like a quality room do make a difference.
  7. nick cut an absurd amount of weight in college. I was shocked when he told me how big his cut was. he had to avoid dake and nevinger. His dad said he was making a freestyle cut in folkstyle. As a result he did not reach his true potential. He also had a few issues with concussions. He def had the skillset to be an AA. becuase of nicks experience, Vito doesn't cut any weight (maybe a pound or 2) and instead, solely relies on technique and conditioning. This is partially why he is bulking up for a year as he is undersized for college right now if he continues to avoid any real cut. Watching vito and Yianni practice together is something special for sure.
  8. Hahn is the best associate HC in the country, would be the best non-HC hire a team could make
  9. I like the double bronze, but would like to see repechage eliminated
  10. I would guess each of them gets 3 titles
  11. Protective headgear for concussions in wrestling/mma might not be a bad idea.
  12. he is an insanely hard worker, he will have a lot of success.
  13. heard the meeting was a waste of time.
  14. 65 is the toughest weight in the world right now, winning multiple world titles let alone one at that weight would be quite the accomplishment. A few guys have done it in the last 20 years Taghavi got 2 in 2009 and 2011, Ramonov 2 in 2014 and olympic in 2016. Sahin 2007 and and olympic 2008. Serafim Barzakov has 2 in 98 and 2001. Elbrus tedeyev has the most with 3 world titiles in 95, 99, 02 and a gold in 2004
  15. hearing rumors kyle snyder will be hired as the first head coach/ active player in history.
  16. 3 hardcore Iowa guys? Real diverse group of coaches lol. That's not a good sign for Iowa state
  17. 1. I don't think your solution will work as kids will just cut hard for the first weigh in as they do now for certifications. There will always be a way around this and the dedicated will cut no matter what. but by making it illegal with heavy penalties, all but the truly dedicated will stop, those who are truly dedicated will cut less weight out of fear of being caught, it would be very hard to hide the fact you are sucking 20 pounds. 2. from personal experience a lot of kids I tried to recruit mentioned the singlet as a point of contention, many even made fun of it, you can imagine the politically incorrect insults levied. Even some kids making this suggestion made those on the cusp question joining. I think the singlet is a self-inflicted wound we do not need. Not to mention the fact that a lot of wrestlers don't even like wearing them. For those who are self-conscious or shy about their body, this is a hard aspect to overcome. Personally, I didn't join a team until 7th grade because before hand I was too self-conscious about the singlet 3. the tournament issue is a little more abstract. I suggested 6 hours but anywhere from 4-8 I think is acceptable. I remember waking up before 5 am and getting home at 10 pm, sometimes later. Of course, i was dedicated, so it didn't bother me as much, but all of my teammates found it miserable. Many even would try and come up with excuses to get out of going. At the time I thought of them as mentally weak, but I now realize that was foolish. Most were doing wrestling as s second sport or just to get in shape, or because they only kind of liked it. They didn't have the same passion for it as me. Had I played another sport like baseball or lacrosse just for fun and the tournaments had been as long as wrestling ones, I would have quit immediately. No Hs kid or parent should be forced to do this. Of course, those kids going to nationals don't have an issue with this, but the kids who are just going to some small hs tournament shouldn't be there from sunrise to sunset and later. 4. 1 - 2x a month is fine. More emphasis on dual meets. fans like them much better, sports are about the fans too. 5. 2.5 is way too long. I think ideally 90 minutes is good, sometimes going 2 hours. Wrestling is hard most kids don;t want to go live for over an hour and then do conditioning. Hs sports are about having fun before they are about winning and getting a college scholarship 6. I stand by two days off. Six days a week is a lot when you have things like homework, SAT prep, clubs, family responsibilities, part-time jobs, and maintaining a social life. For those that think my suggestions are all about making wrestling easier when it should be about toughness and hard work, I hear you. But I think you should reevaluate whether the goal is to produce national champs or about growing the sport to include all kinds of kids and creating a fun, positive environment for 13-18-year-old kids to learn and grow, and making lasting friendships.
  18. I've heard Flynn withdrew his app too. Seems like they lost there chances with a big name HC. Maybe they should look to people like spates, Nickerson, kolat, azcevedo, ayers, bono. Or maybe go for a big time associate head coach if any would take it
  19. There are a few very simple thigs that can be done to fix wrestling at a HS level: 1. ban all weight cutting, not even a pound. if someone is found to have cut weight, end their season, fire coaches who enable it. 2. change singlet to a more flattering less revealing uniform. Flo's uniforms are perfect or close enough IMO 3. put a cap on tournament runtime, say 6 hours. That's more than enough. Smaller tournaments, less waiting, more wrestling 4. allow 3 tournaments per season not including post season. only one 2 day tournament per season as well. 5. limit HS practice time (including lifts) to 120 minutes. Too often it is 3 hours long... 6. mandate 2 off days per week.
  20. I would not be surprised if he eventually became the AD with Hahn taking over. Perhaps Dake would then become the associate HC. I don't think this will happen anytime soon.
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