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  1. where does he train? hard to believe he would train full time in Italy
  2. which are u talking about, I havent been able to find a good one
  3. saeid morad abdevali from Iran, 2011 world champ at 66kg
  4. For North Korea Jong is listed not Yang and for Russia Ramonov and Gatsalov are listed not bekbulatov or mahkov, Altough i don't know if this is final
  5. that was a silly mistake on my part regarding sharifov, I apologize
  6. 57: 1st- Lebedev 2nd- Bonne 3rd- yang 3rd- Rahimi 5th-Bekhbayar 5th- Khin 61 1st- Bogomoev 2nd- aliev 3rd- ehsanpoor 3rd- Nyam Ochir 5th- niyazbekov 5th- lomtadze 65: 1st- Mohammadi 2nd- asgarov 3rd- Ramonov/bekbulatov 3rd- Chamizo 5th- metcalf 5th- novachkov 70 1st- Gazimagomedov 2nd- yazdani 3rd- gadzhiev 3rd- abdurakhmanov 5th- dibirgadzhiyev 5th- gor 74 1st- Burroughs 2nd- geduev 3rd- ghasemi 3rd- takatani 5th- azcuy 5th- demirtas 86 1st- Sadullaev 2nd- perez 3rd- karimi 3rd- herbert 5th- ianulov 5th- hushtyn 97 1st- Gadisov 2nd- gazumov 3rd- sharifov 3rd- andritsev 5th- lacera 5th- odikadze 125 1st- Makhov 2nd- Akgul 3rd- magomedov 3rd- hadi 5th- shemarov 5th- petriashvili
  7. Ramos - DNP Hump - DNP Metcalf- 5th green - DNP burroughs - Gold herbert - bronze snyder - 6th rey - DNP
  8. abdullahgadzhi, This may be a difficult question to answer, but I am curious if you know which are the most successful clubs people train out of in North Ossetia and Dagestan and Possibly Moscow. Additionally I am also curious if you know who coaches these clubs and which successful wrestlers train out of them, Thanks.
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